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Aug 152021

Understandably, over the last year, there’s been very little opportunity for me to get a chance to partake in any fun stuff to write about on the blog… However, as things have started to change and places are starting to open, I’ve been looking forward to getting the chance to do things.

During the lockdowns, I managed to reconnect with one of my very good pup friends, PupGizmo; and we’d been chatting. When my owner and I were on holiday recently, we took our opportunity to play with many of our toys – including our Milking Machine and our Vac Cube. Taking the opportunity to tease Gizmo with pictures, got us chatting about potentially meeting up after things got a bit calmer.

Well, that happened recently; with all of us having had double vaccinations, and nice kinky venues opening back up again, we managed to find a date and time that was convenient to everyone and local enough that it meant we could take all the fun toys with us… although, as ever too much was taken and time too short for everything we wanted to do.

After meeting up and having a quick catch-up chat to begin with we got down to the serious play business… no, actually, we didn’t. I stripped down to a nice thong, went outside to get some fresh air and discovered the hot tub outside was quite warm – and ended up in it with no thong! While this was happening, it turns out Gizmo had been stripped down to his rather nice rubber jock and chastity cage.

Now… the serious play started 🙂

First things first – assembling the vac cube and getting a chance to play in it; this was a new cube sleeve which meant I was hoping it would seal a bit better than the previous version which was a bit old and worn. The new one… was a vast improvement! Obviously, though, having a horny friend with us, means that when I was restrained in the vac cube – I was completely exposed for merciless teasing!

However, after my turn in the Vac Cube, it was time for me to get my own back as Gizmo got a chance to go in it too!

The look on Gizmo’s face as he was in the cube though, definitely showed he was enjoying it!

Next up came a bit of suspension… Being up-side down and completely unable to see means that I had no idea what was being done to me; who was touching me or what they were using!

Again, after my chance to be upside down, Gizmo got his chance as well. Again, not being able to see meant that we got a chance to do things to him… so a little bit of torture for gizmo with a couple of hitty things meant that it was definitely obvious that Gizmo was enjoying himself 😉

After a bit of upside down suspension, we both donned some CBT weights for playing with while we were going to be suspended the correct way up.

The weights make it an interesting sensation, and some of the texture gloves that we’d bought meant that I would feel things but not know where they were coming from.

Unknown to me, Gizmo was forced on his knees in front of me and started enjoying the puppy’s bone as well!

Of course, turn about is fair play… Gizmo was soon hanging in mid air while this not-a-dom-or-alpha pup decided that his nipples looked too good… so while Colin was hitting Gizmo’s arse and teasing him with spiked gloves… I was attaching nipple suckers to Gizmo!

I didn’t stop there though… I got a pin wheel out and started running it along Gizmo’s very erect cock… his reactions can be seen in the video below!

Following the suspension, we went for something a bit more sedate and both, separately, ended up chained to a wall.

We ended up deciding that the Vac Cube would be the ideal way to finish the day;

Towards the end of the session, everyone wandered off and left me in the Vac Cube… I was unaware of what was going on, but I gather Gizmo was having a good time 😉

It felt really good to meet up with Gizmo again after a long time (we think about 5 years for a social meeting, and even more for play time) but it was a good day and a nice meal out afterwards meant a good day.

Oh, you might be thinking that Gizmo got a good time, but I didn’t? Nope… I got my good time at home that evening:

April LAM and Heros

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Apr 172014

The first Sunday of this month saw this puppy attending two events, and having a fantastic time at both… but it was the last time I’ll be attending one of them in it’s current format – but more on that later.

The first event I attended was the London Alternative Market (LAM), which is an event that I don’t often get the chance to attend for various reasons… however, this month I made a special effort as the theme of one of the talks was on Pet Play. Additionally, there was also a “Best Dressed Pet” competition, which was also part of the reason for turning up.

Due to tube engineering works, and not feeling particularly well, we took the opportunity to travel in to London from our local National Rail station rather than driving, which meant it was a more relaxed journey in. Had I been feeling well, this would have been an opportunity to travel in Lycra but as it was, it didn’t present the opportunity. We made our way to the LAM, and after arriving the format of the competition was explained – you had to collect vouchers from the other visitors and the one with the most won the competition – but we had limited time, because voting for collecting the vouchers closed about 45 minutes after we arrived!

To maximise collection opportunities, I went straight off to get changed in to full puppy mode then came back out and started wandering around. Very quickly, I started to collect the odd vote and by the time I moved back towards the entrance, I decided it might be better to wait (and beg?) there. *wags*

I continued to collect more votes, and towards the end of voting time, there was a parade of the pets around the venue, and an opportunity to collect last minute votes, at which I managed to collect a few more… We moved to just outside The Dog’s Bolloxx stand where the count was to take place, along with the announcement of the prizes. First prize went to a latex cat with 76 votes… and second place went to….. me 🙂 *wags tail rapidly* with 30 votes. Ironically, on arrival, and seeing the prizes I’d wanted 2nd place anyway, as the prize was blue 🙂

After having a quick break to cool down, and a chance to actually look at the stalls with my hood off, it was time to go to the Pet Play demonstration, given by Leo from The Dog’s Bolloxx, which was quite interesting and a good introduction to Pet Play for those that haven’t experienced it and want to, or who are intrigued as to what it is. After this, we had to make a quick exit as we were meeting PupGizmo for dinner before going on to Heros. I changed back to domestic clothes, although I did put on my prize of my new blue collar 😀

This was to be the last time I’d ever be attending Heros on it’s regular Sunday night because as of May, the event will now be held on the First Saturday of the Month at the same times. Please follow @clubHeros for more information and updates on the event.

This was a pleasant night catching up with Gizmo, Scamp and Mark and others that were there, and a good chance to relax and unwind. I did debate going home still changed, but decided against it just in case I ran in to someone…

It was a fantastic Sunday out, and below are a couple of pictures of me at the LAM by Scratch and Co.

Puppy Begging for votes *wags*

Puppy Begging for votes *wags*

Puppy near the front door

Puppy near the front door

Puppy with 2nd Prize

Puppy with 2nd Prize

Erotica 2013

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Dec 062013

Better late than never – so here’s the post about Erotica 2013

After a one-year break, Erotica returned to London this year but with a change of venue. Instead of being held in Olympia (Earls Court), it was now being held at Tobacco Dock; and another change for me this year is that I was helping out E-Stim Systems on their stand this year as Bound 4 Bondage were not exhibiting. This also meant getting involved in a stage demonstration with them. It turned out that we also knew that Gizmo was going to be there as well helping on another stand.

We arrived on the Friday morning, and collected our passes and headed off so that I could get changed straight away. We found the changing rooms (with no working light – which made getting changed awkward), and happened to bump in to Gizmo and another pup – Shadow – in there, who were also getting changed. I started by putting Blue contact lenses in, and then changed in to the Zentai – making sure to put the two sets of sticky pads in the locations we determined the night before in preparation for the Demos I’d be involved with. We then headed up to the E-Stim Systems stand, and said hello, and made my space for the pup bed *wags*.

It turned out that the stage demo was not really practical to do on the Friday as the organisers had scheduled 2 demos to run side-by-side at the same time; so partially due to that, and also no tech from the organisers showed up, we returned to the stand… I was also relieved to hear that the Car Jump Lead clips were not the latest E-Stim Systems product; but were just to demonstrate with so the audience could see! Once back on the stand, it turned out that I was still going to be doing demonstrations – just on the stand as any time someone came up enquiring about the remote box, it was promptly demonstrated on me – I think I ended up with 3 remotes paired to it on the Friday, and 5 by the end of the weekend. However, Friday was actually very quiet, with very few members of the public wandering around. So apart from being used for the on-stand demos, I had the chance to curl up and doze, or to be the source of amusement to others – seeing how I reacted to all the other various control boxes that E-Stim Systems do!

The main areas of Saturday and Sunday basically followed the same as Friday, but in addition to the remote box, I was having other things demonstrated on me too now. I ended up, at one point, with a Series 1 box connected to the pads on my thighs, and another one connected to the pads on my ass cheeks, with both being turned up! I think at some point I had a 2B attached as well! Later on during the Saturday afternoon, I was taken for a wander around the venue in full pup mode, and even managed to negotiate the stone stairs down to the lower level on all 4s (not sure if Caz has forgiven me yet for this).

On the Sunday afternoon, Caz from E-Stim Systems took all 3 of the puppies on site out for a walk – Me, Gizmo and Shadow. The walkies was fairly leisure-able as we stopped fairly frequently to allow pictures to be taken – All pictures were taken with the permission of all 3 pups and Caz. The stone stair case was then negotiated again, and I think I scared not only Caz, but also surprised a few members of the public coming up the stairs! We then stopped down in the stand which Gizmo and Shadow were helping “The Dogs Bolloxx” / “Puppy Pride” , where a member of the public was asking “Why do they (the pups) do it? What do they get from it? How much like real puppies do they act?” – It’s lovely having these sorts of questions being asked …
– because normal life is constantly on the go / etc etc – pup life is simple and calm
“What do we get from it?” – a break where we can just be ourselves with little of no worry about the world around us
“How much do we act like real puppies?” – as much as possible – simple things please us, we do like to eat from dog bowls when possible, fetch is GREAT fun to play, etc ………… think of how calming having a real bio pup is to a human, now look at it the other way round, we find it calming to be able to ‘disappear’ into our own world.

We stayed around at the end on Sunday and gave a hand to pack up the E-Stim Systems stand, and also roped in Gizmo and Shadow to help, as they were travelling back to the exact same station we were. With the stand packed up and the van loaded, that was the end of Erotica 2013. My owner and I were both good this year, and only bought a pair of underwear for me (if you can call it that!) – though we did see something we might consider buying one day, but perhaps £2000 on a bed is a bit extreme!

All in all, a good weekend – and I’ve been invited back next year *wags*

May 272013

From chatting to some of the various pups that I know (primarily Pup Gizmo) I was told about the plans to be walking around the Birmingham Pride site dressed up as Rubber Puppies. As I was invited along, and I had the time off work, my owner and I decided it was a worthwhile idea to go and join in the fun 🙂

We had originally intended to join them to watch the pride parade, but unfortunately, things got in the way of being able to leave the house on time, so we left late. We were then further delayed when we tried to find a parking space in Birmingham… but we eventually got lucky when exiting the car park that someone else decided it was time to go too! We got parked up, and my owner went to pay the fees while I got changed in to the Zentai outfit… we then hit another snag – the car park closed at 9PM so we wouldn’t be able to stay the whole night 🙁

We went off to find the entrance to the pride village, where we could exchange our e-tickets for wrist bands… and we hit another snag! With the paws on, I couldn’t wear the wrist band, as I wouldn’t be able to get the paws off if I needed the toilet or anything 🙁 Resourcefulness struck though, and I attached the wrist band to my harness, meaning it was on display *wags*. After getting in to the village, we set about trying to find the other puppies, who had managed to get a head start on us.

Thankfully, a group of pups in rubber are quite easy to spot, and I went bounding after them as we found them. It turned out the group of pups was: Gizmo, Fuga, Statik, Cosmo, Tyler and Kass (apologies if I’ve forgotten someone!). We then spent the next hour or so wandering around pride, and being stopped and asked for photos.

After wandering around, those in rubber started getting warm, so we headed back to their hotel and then those of us not getting changed, or staying at the hotel, ended up heading back to the pride village for a drink.

As we wandered around the village, I found a poster which I just had to take a picture next to – advertising a dog show. Unfortunately, it was taking place on the Sunday, so I wasn’t able to go along, or be entered in to it.


After wandering around, we headed back to a pub which was outside the pride village to meet up with Gizmo and the others to have a drink and a chat. At the end of this, my owner and I decided we best make a move to the car park… but first, we had to go to the Fairground so that Spot could go on the rides fully! There’s a video of this embedded at the bottom of this post, beyond the gallery.

In the end, although we couldn’t stay the full time, my owner and I were happy and enjoyed a fantastic day out and fantastic company 🙂

Mar 242013

During March I’ve been up to a few things but haven’t had time to write them up until now due. So:

The first weekend of March saw in Heros at the Backstreet club in Mile End. Some of the usual visitors couldn’t make it for differing reasons, but Spot was there… All-be-it a bit shattered from an event that lasted 26 hours so very little sleep was grabbed prior to Heros, but I survived!
I wasn’t as playful as I would normally be, but that was not the end of the world. I took along my pictures from some recent photoshoots and actually had a good time chilling and relaxing.
It was quite a quiet month for numbers, but if you’ve ever been wondering if you should be visiting Hero’, then why are you waiting? It is a very calm atmosphere of like minded skintight wearing people. Have a drink in your favourite lycra / rubber / skin tight clothing and have a chat… Or if you want to, wander further into the darker corners 😉 ….
Entry is still very reasonable, as are the drink prices… So come down, say “hi”, enjoy the night… Even this puppy doesn’t bite. I may be playful, but I’m well trained (or I think I am anyway)

The second Friday of the month then saw a visit to FetishBound. 3 times in 3 months! Unfortunately I can’t always attend due to work and various other commitments, but this has got to be a record for the beginning of this year!
FetishBound had it’s usual playful atmosphere and everyone was having fun. I also got to meet RexPup (Scamps owner) in person.
A sad point here to make, and a bit of a serious one! The March FetishBound saw a mark of respect towards Romper who sadly took his play a bit too far and so is no longer with us. It was really nice to see all at the club show their respect and I thank you for that. Be good when you play, and make sure it’s safe, and don’t make the same mistake as Romper… It can go wrong too easily, so please be sensible.
Play time resumed after this, and I turned Scamp into a squeaky play toy with the squeaker I’d extracted from a dead puppy toy (sorry Kye).
Max and Gizmo were there too, and it was really nice to catch up with them.
The evening went fairly quickly, and due to many reasons we left slightly before the end. Max And Gizmo left at the same time as us.
Not sure when I’ll next be at FetishBound, but soon I hope.

Mid March, I headed up to the Birmingham Bizzar Bazzar to say hi to a few people, as I haven’t been for months.
The other reason for heading there was to go see Latex101 to give them the Latex Spot back so that his zip can be repaired, since I had popped the zip last time I used him 🙁 *whine*
I also went to see Art on Leather as they had just finished a painting that featured my hands 😉 … I’m sure that over the next few months there may be more of these paintings appearing.
A quick catch up with Nick on the E-Stim Systems stand where I was allowed chocolate buttons as I’m a good puppy. I was also lucky since I’d gone wearing my E-Stim Systems remote box, but Nick’s remote had gone flat, so I wasn’t shocked too often that day.
We didn’t stay long there, and went wandering into Birmingham where in TK-Maxx I found some nice running capri (shin length) tights… So as you may have guessed, I bought them, though they will be primarily be used for their proper purpose.
When we left Birmingham, we texted Gizmo to see if he wanted to go out for a meal. He said yes with a bit of persuasion… So a nice relaxed meal rounded the day off nicely.

Another March event occurred, but I’ll write that up in the next few days.