May 272013

From chatting to some of the various pups that I know (primarily Pup Gizmo) I was told about the plans to be walking around the Birmingham Pride site dressed up as Rubber Puppies. As I was invited along, and I had the time off work, my owner and I decided it was a worthwhile idea to go and join in the fun 🙂

We had originally intended to join them to watch the pride parade, but unfortunately, things got in the way of being able to leave the house on time, so we left late. We were then further delayed when we tried to find a parking space in Birmingham… but we eventually got lucky when exiting the car park that someone else decided it was time to go too! We got parked up, and my owner went to pay the fees while I got changed in to the Zentai outfit… we then hit another snag – the car park closed at 9PM so we wouldn’t be able to stay the whole night 🙁

We went off to find the entrance to the pride village, where we could exchange our e-tickets for wrist bands… and we hit another snag! With the paws on, I couldn’t wear the wrist band, as I wouldn’t be able to get the paws off if I needed the toilet or anything 🙁 Resourcefulness struck though, and I attached the wrist band to my harness, meaning it was on display *wags*. After getting in to the village, we set about trying to find the other puppies, who had managed to get a head start on us.

Thankfully, a group of pups in rubber are quite easy to spot, and I went bounding after them as we found them. It turned out the group of pups was: Gizmo, Fuga, Statik, Cosmo, Tyler and Kass (apologies if I’ve forgotten someone!). We then spent the next hour or so wandering around pride, and being stopped and asked for photos.

After wandering around, those in rubber started getting warm, so we headed back to their hotel and then those of us not getting changed, or staying at the hotel, ended up heading back to the pride village for a drink.

As we wandered around the village, I found a poster which I just had to take a picture next to – advertising a dog show. Unfortunately, it was taking place on the Sunday, so I wasn’t able to go along, or be entered in to it.


After wandering around, we headed back to a pub which was outside the pride village to meet up with Gizmo and the others to have a drink and a chat. At the end of this, my owner and I decided we best make a move to the car park… but first, we had to go to the Fairground so that Spot could go on the rides fully! There’s a video of this embedded at the bottom of this post, beyond the gallery.

In the end, although we couldn’t stay the full time, my owner and I were happy and enjoyed a fantastic day out and fantastic company 🙂