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Favorite kind of dog food
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bonios as 'real' dog-food ...
Stewed beef from a tin ... it looks like real dog food, but is far more palatable.

Would you ever do a spot party or a meet / greet for those who adore you? A day when everyone could get together and celebrate spot and what he has done?
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It'd be a lovely thing to do in theory ... but it'd come across bigheaded, so not the best idea to do.

I'd rather come along to events across the UK and people can meet me there if they would like to chat to me.

Do you live with your owner 24/7?
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I do have my owner around me 24/7 ... he's my housemate

This is a real question, I\\\'m a Doggie too: If it were possible to be an actual Dalmatian and on four legs and retain the personality and memories you have now, would you consider doing it?
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It's a wonderful dream to be permanent pup - but like a lot of things, it's probably fun for a bit - but then you dream to be human again ... that said, I'd love to be pup permanent for a few days / a week to see how it is πŸ™‚

How did you get into pup-play?
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my pup life started years ago with a simple collar and lead - but at the time I didn't quite know why it felt right.
A few years later I bought a Dalmatian print Zentai, as my other half at the time didn't understand my lycra fetish, but they could sort of comprehend the dressing up like a dog idea as it's not too dissimilar to small people playing cowboys/indians or cops and robbers in the garden when your younger... so the Zentai was bought, and it just felt right being dressed as a puppy Dalmatian - from there more toys were bought along with the cage and bedding etc and my pup life became what you see these days

Do you have a favourite puppy toy? ^^
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this probably has to be my blue chew ring that I've had from my early years of being a pup... it's beginning to loose a lot of its spiky bits, but that's because I chew them off... it's done me proud and still going - so I guess that has to be the favourite
... oh, unless you count squeaky toys (until the squeak breaks)

Where\\\'s the best place to get a Zentai from in the UK?
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I mainly get mine through e-bay. The downside is the wait whilst they get shipped from China or such like abroad ... I don't know of any direct true un-branded Zentai places in the UK, unless you're happy with the branded ones of Morphsuits etc.

what made you choose dalmatian as your breed , i chose dalmy after seeing how cool you looked
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My Dalmatian breed came about as it all stemmed from a fetish of lycra, and my other half at the time didn't fully understand ... but they saw the Dalmatian zentai and could correlate that to fancy dress, so thats it's initial start... since then it has grown into the pup that you see these days, and having read the genuine 'traits' or a real Dalmatian I fit into that category rather nicely πŸ™‚ *wags*
Blushes, thank you for following me in my paw-steps and becoming a Dalmatian, and I'm proud to hear that its due to how cool I look *licks*

Have you ever been in a relationship with a female? Would you ever do it again?
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I have been in a relationship with a female, and I would happily go back into a female-male relationship ... My ex and I are still very close friends and soulmates, and we both know we have feelings for each other. However we are both happy with this as our relationship, and my current male owner understands the situation too, which is really nice.

Are you gay?
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I wouldn't put myself whole-heartedly into saying yes ... but I'm not afraid of male-on-male play. In a summary I'm bi-sexual

How often do you wash you zentai suits?
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Nearly always after I've worn them ... as they get mucky quickly when running round as a puppy!

How often do you do anal play?
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As mentioned in the other answer - I have to be in the right mind set to enjoy anal play ... Sometimes I can be lucky, and do something simple and small once or twice a week ... If I want to try something bigger, then it may be as rare as once a month!

How did you initially come to find you enjoyed anal play?
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I first tryed Anal Play with my ex-girlfriend .... and didn't dis-like it

It's something that I still find slightly odd to do, and I have to be in the right frame of mind to relax and enjoy it. If I feel uncomfortable at any point, I seem to panic, and then want the toy out and there is very little that actually allows me to relax and continue on with it ....

Lots of puppies seem to use nappies and diapers. Do you?
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I have on very rare occasions, however, for prolonged periods in my puppy cage, I much prefer puppy training pads as I became very adapt at managing to fold them back up in to a carrier bag and posting the carried bag out the cage such that I could then go back to sleep safe, warm and dry. *wags*

Have you ever masturbated, or had a hand-job in public? Could you be seen? Did you cum? Did you enjoy it?
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Depending on the definition of public, then I suppose I could answer this by saying yes: twice that I can think of.

Memory 1: At a play party, but not in a private room. So, could I be seen... yes. Did I cum... yes. Did I enjoy it... yes, but there was a slight feeling of awkwardness since I was blindfolded so didn't know who was watching. However, this also gave it an added sense of excitement.

Memory 2: In a public changing room, however it was in a private changing cubicle. Could I be seen... no (but if I'd made a noise, I'd have been heard). Did I cum... yes. Did I enjoy it... yes but I was somewhat scared of making a noise so the excitement was short-lived.

Hi, have you had time to do the photographs of you peeing yet?
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Apologies, not yet. I have not had the peace at home to be able to do so. However, as soon as the opportunity arises, I will see what I can do.

Would you take requests for things to do in your next play session or wank session?
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I can't promise that I would be able to complete everything that may be asked/requested for this idea ... but it might be quite fun to have some suggestions put forward for play / wank sessions.

Excluding e-stim, as I asked that separately, what is the favourite toy you own, and why? How do you like it being used on you?
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I think one of the favourite non e-stim toys has to be our Rechargable Massager... as long as it's charged up before play starts, it does not relent or give in - and is equally effective held captive or used through Lycra or Latex.

Though as a puppy, frisbees, tennis balls and chew rings are all favourite toys. *wags*

You seem to own lots of e-stim products. What is your favourite, and why?
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My favourite e-stim product has to be the 2Bβ„’ Control Box from E-Stim Systems. The box has many different modes and settings, which means it's very versatile, and also offers two independent outputs. Almost, the only thing to limit you is your imagination.

Although the 2B is my favourite product, it does go without saying that you will also need to buy some electrodes to go with it, as the 2B is literally just the control box. However, there are numerous electrodes available to purchase from E-Stim Systems depending on your particular pleasures and desires.

Although I think the 2B is my favourite product, I have actually got or used most of their control boxes - and they are all pleasurable and sometimes some of their simpler boxes can be more fun as it is easier for spontaneous play.

What did you get for Christmas? If any of it was kinky, are we going to see pictures?
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Christmas for me I got domestic stuff from family - a couple of constriction/model type of kits, a couple of magazines, t-shirts etc.
From my owner I got a few kinky lycra items and 5 MASSIVE bags of Chocloate buttons πŸ™‚
The kinky stuff, I was indending on doing some pictures of for the website - so keep checking back (I'll try and do them soon though).

When was your last orgasm and how did it happen?
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The most recent one was last night ...

It was a simple one this time, and involved with wearing kinky underwear all day of Christmas, then once home and sorted out a couple of things for the next day, we went up-stairs. One of my christmas presents included the connector to repair the penis pump we have, so as it's now working I was allowed to use it.... After a short while of this I had become fairly horney and so on removing the cylinder my owner played until I orgasmed.
Ok, it was a simple one this time, but just a plesent as it was spontanious and didn't involve a complicated setup.

Although you are not in to Watersports, will you post pictures of you peeing as a dog and as a human?
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I can't make any promises on this since (as you may have gathered from various comments on the blog) I live with my dad ... but If he goes out and time is available, then I will consider doing this request for you.

Thanks for the pictures I asked for (the festive ones) - would you take any other picture requests?
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I would be willing to do more picture requests ... if there becomes more of a demand for it, then I might make it have it's own section on the website.

What would your ideal Christmas Present be?
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My ideal Christmas Present would be a home of my own, with space to play as a pup in the garden, with a kennel etc, as and when I wanted - without being over looked or having to worry about parents etc. Although many people know about my pup side to life, I still don't get the chance to be as much of a pup as I'd like when at home, since I still live with dad.
On a domestic side to Christmas Presents - that I don't know ... I don't have much of a want for anything specific, I buy what I like for myself, and if I can't afford it, then I save up. I would feel bad asking someone else to buy something for me that I know I couldn't really afford myself.

Can we have some festive pictures of you as a treat for regular readers of your blog? - naked, with some kink on and a santa hat - full zentai outfit with paws and hood and a santa hat with a tinsel harness
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Please see my blog πŸ™‚ these have been done as requested.

Love the video of the puppy getting a shower but I can't find you on xtube? πŸ™
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Unfortunately my account on xtube got removed by their admin team ... sorry about that πŸ™

You say you've appeared in online porn, was this professional? Can we see the video?
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The on-line porn wasn't seriously professional.
Yes it's on a pay to view site,

How much of your time would you say you spend as spot?
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on average, it's a good hour or more per day

Do you sleep in your cage?
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I used to a lot, but recently due to various reasons, the cage has been put to one side to make space in the bedroom ..... hopefully one day soon it'll be re-assembled so that I can have 'my space' πŸ™‚

you said you haven't had sex with a main, is there a reason why?
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Not 100% sure what my reasons are - something in me just doesn't quite understand it ... nothing says it's wrong, but in me I don't get any feelings or urges to want to have sex with a man.

Can we have a blog post for each of your kinky playtimes, describing what happened? It could be someting as simple as 'wrapped in Cling Film' like one of your recent photos showed?
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I'm sure something could be done - also keep an eye on my twitter feed too, as that often has random musings of what went on in kinky playtime

How often do you have kinky playtime?
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It varies - it all comes down to what my work schedule is like ... but I guess a full kinky playtime session happens about on average twice a week....

Can we have more pictures of you posted on your blog from your kinky playtime?
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I'll twist my owners arm to take more pics πŸ˜‰

There is a picture of you on page 2 where you are sitting on a train and holding a digital camera. Are you wearing a chastity device? Your puppy bulge looks smooth and rounded.
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I'm not wearing a chastity device in the photograph. I'm just a well behaved puppy πŸ™‚ I do have a white Hom thong on underneath though, just to keep things in check.

How many men & women have brought you off: 1) By hand 2) By mouth 3) By other means
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1) Male = 2, Female = 2
2) Male = 1, Female = 1
3) Male = 1, Female = 1

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Have you ever cheated on someone? (Why?)
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I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: If you could give yourself head, would you?
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Not really.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Do you feel comfortable going Ò€œcommandoÒ€?
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Not overly... have been known to on a few occasions but have become very self concious.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Would you switch phones with your significant other for a day?
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No - privacy is important from both perspectives... things get misinterprted if you don't understand the full context and assumptions and allegations could be made which could cause arguments which are unnecessary.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Have you ever been called a freak? Why?
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Yes, when I've been wandering around London wearing a Dalmatian Zentai.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: What is something nonsexual that makes you horny?
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Lycra is non-sexual, as it's high street purchasable as running gear etc. so I guess this would count.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Have/would you ever masturbate at work/school?
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I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Have/would you ever had a threesome?
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As yet, I have not had a threesome, but I am unlikely to say no depending on circumstances.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Have/would you ever have sex in public?
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Doubt it - I haven't yet and I doubt I ever will.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself?
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Quite a few pictures of me nude exist, most of which are on this blog or on Tumblr.

I tend to not masturbate very often, so very few of those pictures or videos exist.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: What do you wear to bed?
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It is either nothing, or Lycra. Occasionally, it might be rubber or a wetsuit,

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Favorite foreplay activities:
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Lycra, bondage and sense dep would probably be my favourite ones... ideally all at the same time.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: What your favorite part of your body?
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I don't really have a speciic favouirte part of my body... so I'll have to answer all of it.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: How much fapping is too much fapping:
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As an owned puppy, any fapping without permission is too much.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Worst possible time to get horny:
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When I'm modelling...

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Biggest turn on:
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Lycra and bondage have to be my biggest turn on.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: One sexual thing you would never do:
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Watersports would definitely be a strong no.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: A food that you would like to use during a sexual experience:
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It has to be chocolate buttons!

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]
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Yes, and didn't really overly enjoy the experience.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Something that you have hidden in your room that you donÒ€ℒt want anyone to find:
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Depending on who anyone is, I suspect most of the kink gear is hidden, and I wouldn't want anyone to find it unless specifically invited to.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Is one orgasm enough? Are multiple orgasms necessary?
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One orgasm is normally enough, however there has been occasions when it has been possible to achieve multiple orgasms.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Top or bottom?
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Bottom... I am very much the submissive when it comes to matters of a sexual nature.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: What is the fastest way to make you horny:
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Generally, the act of putting Lycra or Bondage Cuffs on me is enough to make me horny quite quickly.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: The most awkward moment during a sexual experience was when:
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A friend called around unexpectedly... my partner at the time made excuses for me and whilst the friend was having their coffee, came and released me from the bed.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Weirdest thing that ever made you horny:
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I can't really think of anything weird that would have made me horny, to be honest...

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Where is one place you would never have sex:
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I think the one place would have to be my work! It would just seem wrong.

I found a collection of questions on tumblr, where I follow your picture posts... and I'm asking some of them to you here: Something that never fails to make you horny:
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The wearing of Lycra never fails to make me horny or going in to full puppy mode.

What do you usually cum in to?
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Generally, my tummy button as the vast majority of the time I shoot on to my chest. If it's something else, it is generally Lycra.

Please post two pictures - one showing you as soft as you ever are and one showing you as hard as you can be.
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Watch this space...

Have you ever done anything sexual to another man?
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Apart from probably turning them on in the sense of them liking what they see of me, as I'm built physically right.

Describe your first time having sex with a man and a woman
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I haven't had sex with a man, and the first time with a woman was probably best described as a "bit clunky and clumsy" - which I'm sure is most people's first time and the start of a learning curve.

Ever wanked / been wanked / shot your load in public?
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I think the honest answer to this is no... not yet.

Ever wanked with someone else in the room?
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Yes. Both close personal friends and on the odd occasion, people who I've only met a few hours earlier.

How much cum do you shoot?
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Depends on the duration of the play session and when it last happened... I don't think I could easily put a measurable amount down, though.

What porn interests you?
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I suppose the porn that interests me most is things relating to my fetishes - bondage would be more extreme sites like or

It would also be things like Lycra clad athletes etc. - the wonderful world of Google Image Search

When did you have your first wank?
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Again, I was probably around 15...

What was the first time you ever shot cum like, and how old were you?
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I was probably about 15, and it was so long ago, it's very difficult to describe it to remember what the sensation was like.

What was the first porn you ever saw and how old were you?
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I can't honestly remember the first porn I ever saw, but I was probably around about 21 at the time.

Have you ever bought any printed porn?
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I certainly have never had to hide any magazines etc. so I guess the answer is no.

Have you ever bought any online porn?
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I've never purchased any online porn, but have appeared in some.

Out of all the kinky activities you are involved in, excluding pup play, is the one that you prefer the best?
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Sensory Deprivation (usually when tied up with headphones and blindfold on) as it means, like Pup Play, that I can escape to my own little world, and can just relax and unwind.

Of the numerous toys your owner and you appear to have, which is your favourite one for playing with? This excludes your pup ones...
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There's not really one 'favourite' one, as each activity requires different equipment / toys, however my top few favourites (not including pup toys) would be:

E-Stim Kits
Mitts, Headphones, Muzzle and Blindfold (Sensory Deprivation)
Vac Bed - mainly because it can't be used often and is therefor a treat.
Suspension Cuffs - again, mainly because it can't be used at home, so when they can be used, it's a special occasion.

Your recent pic shows you in a gas mask. 2 q's for u 1. How did u come about getting a gas mask? 2. What are the sensations like with the mask on?
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The answers to the questions are:

1. We found the mask when we were doing some tidying up around the house, and we were going to sell it on ebay. However, at a last minute thought, we realised it could be use for Sensory Deprivation play etc. and so decided to keep it.

2. Vulnerability as breathing is connected to the outside world by a tube. Due to using black tape over the front plastic, it now means that apart from shadowy figures, I can not see what is happening around me. Equally, it is also somewhat calming to be in the Gas Mask in the same way that I find other sensory deprivation play calming.

When will we next see a video of Spot?
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When the camera is remembered during a play session, we'll produce and upload a video.

Your pictures make me horny... are you a horny person?
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Short answer: YES - I am a horny person.

I enjoy play time and would like to play more often - but there is a fine balance between over-doing it and therefore loosing interest, and playing to the right amount to keep the fun fresh πŸ™‚

Have you ever tried Watersports?
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Not in the context which this question is probably asked as it is something that is definitely not interesting to me.

... However, I do Kayak and enjoy being in and around water - be it swimming, Kayaking, Scuba Diving etc.

Have you ever worn anything heavily kinky (for example not lycra) out in public? If so, was it on show or hidden?
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I've worn a few things when out and about, but generally they've always been hidden.

I've been out and about on numerous occasions with some Ball Weights on, but these aren't always practical in normal trousers.

I've travelled home from Heros before wearing my leather mitts padlocked on, but I generally kept my hands in my pockets.

I've also worn my wrist and ankle cuffs out before, but I can't remember the specifics of why.

Have you ever tried breath play?
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Not yet. It's not something that turns me on, but it might be something I'd consider if the circumstances, time, location, play partners and mindset were all correct. However, it would only be mild breath play.

Do you eat your own cum?
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No; it's not something that appeals to me and normally I'm so exhausted at the end of a session, I don't have the energy or mindset to do so.

Would you show pictures of your cum lying on your chest?
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I can't see any reason why I wouldn't... but usually I'm not in control so it would rely on my owner taking the pictures if he remembers at the end of the play session.

Where do you usually shoot your cum?
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The vast majority of the time, it's on to my stomach, as most of the time I'm lying on my back on the bed... There's the odd time when it's gone beyond my head, when I've been lying spread-eagle on the bed though!

If I'm not on my back, it generally stays within the Lycra I'm wearing when I cum.

How much do you cum each time you play?
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In truth, I've never measured it... but usually feels a lot. It also depends on how long since the last time, and how much foreplay and wind-up there has been before or during the session.

Hello puppy. Where do you have bought your main suit ? ( I have found a lot of dalmatians suits on internet, but never with the right ears and tail. Thanks !
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I get most of my suits from e-bay, however the ears and tails are sometimes a bit of a gamble - they seem to come with teddy bear type ears and lizard type tail.
What I do to resolve this is to make my own tail using an old suit - if your careful, you can get 4 tails from a pair of legs!
The ears however are normally transposed from an old suit. I'm yet to make my own 'pointy' ears, but when I do, I will document how I do it.

Do you work out? What sports are you into?
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I don't specifically work out. I guess it comes more from having an active manual job. I had joined a gym, but only ever managed to get there once in the entire year of the membership!
Sports that I am into: Running and Kayaking are the main ones.

The pictures that you reference as being posted to Twitter... Any chance they can be posted to your blog too?
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Definitely. My owner and I will look at gathering them all together and uploading them to this site. We'll aim to have this done by the middle of July, but hopefully a lot sooner.

Will you consider taping videos of your play sessions? And is your owner willing to show his face in future pics?
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I wouldn't object to the videoing of play sessions, and to be fair, small clips have been uploaded to XTube in the past. I guess this is something that we don't really think about during playtime... if we do video anything, it tends to be short clips more than full videos. However, this is something that we might explore further.

My owner doesn't tend to show his face in pictures, as 99.9% of the time, he's the one taking the pictures.

How much does your parent know about your kink lifestyle? Are they aware of this site, your relationship with your owner, or even your sexuality?
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My parents know the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Pup Play. They know of Spot, and they know of the fancy dress side of it - and a little bit more, but not a lot more. However, I think my sister knows a lot more than this, but I daren't ask her about it as it might embarrass both of us. I don't think my parents know anything about the other aspects of my kink lifestyle though.

I don't think my parents know of this site, but I think my siblings probably do...

Both parents know of the relationship with my owner, and my sexuality and both seem very calm about it.

I've had a look through your blog, and I was wondering... why are there not more pictures of you naked?
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There probably are not that many images of me naked in my blog, since most of the time when 'playing' the camera gets forgotten about ... It's not due to shyness - If I was shy, then this blog would never have developed πŸ™‚

There are a few that end up on Twitter at times - either on my profile @ZentaiSpot or my owner's profile @colin14092003 but they rarely get collated on to the blog, as it's not something I've thought about.

What is the most sexually adventurous thing you've done as part of a couple (or more)?
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This is slightly easier to answer than the solo one, as many adventurous things have been documented on the blog - that said, I'm sure there are also things that have been overlooked or forgotten about when writing blog posts ...

Probably one of the biggest adventures was the first visit to a 'dungeon' where there was so much to play with and do, time just raced by.

Following on from my previous question, would you post more pictures of you naked?
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I would post more naked pictures of me, If the camera gets remembered.

Did you have anything specific in mind?

What is the most sexually adventurous thing you have done solo (i.e to make masturbation more interesting)?
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Sorry for the delay in answering this, but it's actually quite a hard one to answer ... and to be honest I cannot think of one to write here ...

I must have done adventurous things in the past, otherwise my kinky side to life would never have come to light and this blog would never have been written.

Where did you get your paws from or are they custom made-they look really good
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*Wuff* ... The paws came from Rubber Dawg, which is an American based company.

Thank you for publishing your toy list. If it would be acceptable, can I request a picture of each item and you modeling it?
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I'm sure this can be done, but it is not something that will be done instantly, as I have a busy schedule at work and it will take some time to take the pictures etc.

Probably what I'll do is similar to the Lycra Choices page, and publish a few pictures at a time as and when time permits.

What kinks have you tried?
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Many and varied... Probably quickest way to answer is for you to take a look at

Do you wear underware under your zentai?
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Depending on the context, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. If out in public, e.g a zentai walkabout, fun run etc. then I will do for decency. However, "behind closed doors" e.g. at a zentai friendly club then normally I won't.

What fetishes have you tried?
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Over the years, I have tried a number of fetishes, some of which have stuck, and others which are less of a turn on.

The major fetish that I have tried which has stuck has to be the Pup Play one, which has now become far more than just a fetish.

The other major fetish I have is for skintight clothing, which has also stuck and remains a major part of me.

The only fetish that I can recall trying and not enjoying terribly much was Adult Baby play, which did not appeal to me and I did not enjoy. The only part of this which has stuck is baby-grows, but even they have paw-prints or spots on them *wags*

Previously, you were asked about toys you own, and you said you would consider a list of them. Did you?
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The list is almost there, just need to double check it, as we've bought some stuff since it was originally written. I hope to try and post it on Sunday 12th Feb.

Edit: This list has now been published at Toy List

What other sites do you have profiles on?
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I can be found on: Gearfetish, AyusZentai, Fetlife, Pupzone, XTube, Slaveboys, Recon, Informed Consent... all under the same username of Zentaispot. I can also be found on The Slave Register as 759-251-231

You've mentioned you live with parents. How does this affect your kink life, and how often do you see your owner in that case?
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I'll answer this question in reverse...

I see my owner regularly, as he lives with me as a housemate.

Kink life is affected by living with parents as it means that everything has to be carefully planned or late at night and spontaneous. The odd time when we have tried to do things spontaneously in the day, we've come close to being caught.

It also causes issues if we're going to a dungeon, or a friends as it's not necessarily easy to sneak out the toys we're taking when we're only going for a few hours and 2 bags (or a hoover and holey pipes) looks suspicious!

It also makes it awkward for people to come and visit us, because there is always someone else around.

How much do you do that doesn't get reported on your blog?
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Domestic life doesn't get reported on the blog, as it's fairly mundane and would be quite often the same.

From a kink perspective, only the major play sessions get reported... many of the bedroom activities don't due to their spontaneous nature. Additionally, I don't want to saturate the blog posts so prefer to keep the reports to the major sessions where lots may have happened. I do occasionally tweet about some of the smaller ones, over at @zentaispot.

Odd bedroom sessions do get reported, but only when something special has happened - e.g the vac bed has come out to play.

What other hobbies do you have?
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Aside from the pup play hobbies - frisbees etc. - I enjoy running, kayaking, upkeep of a 30 year old motor vehicle, DIY and other things which keep me active... I'm not one for sitting down and reading a book... paws make it hard to hold them!

What do you do as a day job?
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Day Job?!? I'm a theatre technician (lights and sound), so work in the evenings and weekends mostly - and at times - all day and evenings. This is the reason why getting playtime etc. is not always easy.

What's your favourite food?
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Chocolate Buttons *wags*

For a more serious meal, I think my favourite has to be BBQ Spare Ribs or Chicken Tikka Marsala.

What's your favourite type of music?
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My taste in music is very varied, however, when doing sensory deprivation type play, I prefer music with a strong beat to it similar to the sort of thing that you'd hear in a gym or whilst running.

You have previously said that you can't wank, and you get to cum as part of a play session... has anything ever caused you a wet dream? Either recently or in the past...
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There have been occasions where a wet dream has happened. Generally, this has happened where I've been teased and wound up, and put to bed in Lycra.

How often do you get playtime?
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Not as often as I'd like... it probably averages out to be 2-3 times a week, but a lot of it depends on circumstances and schedules.

Are there any fetishes you've tried, and haven't liked to the degree of not being willing to try them again?
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As yet, both my ex-girlfriend and my current master haven't put me outside my comfort zone whereby I've said never again to something we've tried. There's probably things out there which I'd say never again to, but as yet, that fetish and myself have never crossed path.

Do you have a puppy tail?
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I do have a pup tail, but unfortunately, I don't seem to get on with it, which does disappoint me. However, it doesn't detract from being a puppy.

What's your favourite toy when you're in pup mode?
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My favourite doggy toy is my blue chew ring, which I tend to play with me and tow around.

When in general pup mode, my favourite kink toy is my paws.

In a typical week, how often do you wear Lycra (and for what purposes)
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Definitely once a week as a minimum, when I go out for a run.

Usually, I'm in Lycra 2 or 3 times a week when going to bed, for other things πŸ™‚

I'd like to do it more often, but as readers of the blog have probably gathered, job and home life often get in the way.

Do you have any planned play sessions in dungeons coming up?
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We have a dungeon visit in the planning stages, but dates as yet are not finalised.

Would you and your owner be up for documenting a complete kinky play session on your blog one day, from beginning to end - including pictures?
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I don't think either of us would have any major issues with this... watch this space.

What kink events are you planning on attending soon?
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I'm planning on attending the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar in February, and Heros in March. Any other kink events will be decided on a spontaneous nature depending on work commitments, free time and other things.

How much do you think you spend on kink in an average month?
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Excluding travel costs, it's about Β£15 for a night out at Heros, which I do every month, regardless.. If my owner and I go to the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, then that's probably about Β£40 that I spend. About Β£50 goes on E-bay for various Lycra things etc.

Some months, more will be spent if we make a big purchase of something, or visit a dungeon, but the figures above are about the average consistently.

Of the people you see on a regular basis, what percentage of them know your kink side of life?
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Most of my friends (excluding work colleagues) probably know about my kink side, to one degree or another.

What fetish events have you attended?
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I attend Heros every month, which is a Lycra Fetish Club Night, held on the first Sunday of the month.

I try and attend the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar as often as work and free time permits.

I've also attended Fetishbound, but other commitments on a Friday means this is a rare treat.

Twice I went to SMGays, in London, but decided it wasn't really a night for me.

The only other thing that I regularly attend is Erotica, at Olympia in November, where i've bene helping out for 3 years with a stand.

What's the most sexually exciting thing you have ever done?
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I think the most exciting thing was when my owner and I had a trip to a local dungeon, for an overnight visit, and I was put to bed attached to two chain hoists, spreadeagle.

This was exciting because I did not know what was going to happen, or when I was going to be free from the situation.

In a similar way to being locked in my cage and not knowing when I would be let out or similarly when just spreadeagle on the bed, due to not being able to escape - it's the not knowing how long or what will happen next.... suppose the bottom line is the surprise element of not knowing.

In a BDSM scene, do you have any turn-offs?
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None that I've specifically come across as of yet... probably because I have an understanding owner, who knows me and therefor won't put me in that .

I think the biggest turn-off is the scene ending too early LOL πŸ˜‰

Do you have any limits - eg. things which you will not do?
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I think the main ones are probably fairly 'standard' - no scat, no watersports, no permanent markings and to an extent, no blood.

My previous question asked about owning bondage furniture... if you don't own any, what bit or bits would you like?
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If I wasn't living with parents, I would like a proper fetish dog cage, like the one I spend the time in at Erotica.

I would also like suspension hoists.

... because of current constraints, I've never really stopped to think about what I'd like to have as it becomes disappointing when you dream and know you can't have.. but definitely a proper fetish dog cage would be first on the list.

I see from your posts about Erotica that you help out with a furniture stall. Do you own any bondage furniture?
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Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I don't own any big pieces of Bondage Furniture. I do have a dog cage but that's a genuine dog cage as opposed to a true fetish / bondage furniture cage.

How easy is eating out a dog bowl?
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With the right sized doggy bowl, it's very easy. What is harder is not getting the food up your nose. Some foods are of course easier to eat than others... It also helps, if it's things like Chicken or similar, that the food is cut in to bite-size pieces to start with.

I do enjoy eating out of a dog bowl, as it enhances the experience, however, it is not always practical so when I get given the chance, I take it.

Since you started masturbating, what's the longest time you've gone without having a wank?
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I have to be honest, and say that I've got no idea... It's probably about a week at most.

You say you don't get on with chastity devices... Which have you tried, and what's the longest you've had one on?
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I've tried a CB2000, CB6000, a Bon 4 Silicone Chastity Device and a slightly cheaper steel one. Unfortunately, I have the same issues with all of them πŸ™

The longest I've had one on is probably 48 hours at the most.

What's your favourite way of getting off sexually (ie getting to cum)?
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This is actually a difficult question to answer, as I'm not overly sure of my favourite way... so I'll answer this slightly differently.

My most recent session resulted in my climax occurring whilst in sensory deprivation (listening to an album of music with pup hood on) while tied spread-eagle on the bed... with the eventual climax occurring with the last notes of the final song on the album.

Would you post pictures on your blog of the next kink session you have, regardless of what it is or where it is?
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I would have no objections to doing this, but it might not be possible for it to be the 'next' session, as it all depends on whether the camera is to hand - and if it's something spontaneous that we get the chance for, it may not be possible to get pictures.

Normally the bigger play sessions (ie dungeon visits) do result in pictures being taken and posted, it's usually the "at home" sessions that normally get overlooked for pictures.

Have you ever broadcast your kink sessions on a webcam anywhere?
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There have been occasions where by my owner has broadcast the kink sessions on webcam - not something I tend to have control over during them, or usually any knowledge of them happening. This is generally just to some of our select close friends.

I have just found the pictures of you in your vac bed. Do you enjoy using it? What does it feel like?
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I thoroughly enjoy using it, it's very much an extra-special treat due to the nature of it, and home life meaning it can't be used very often. Due to the infrequent use that it has, the sensations are heightened as they don't become 'normal' with every day use.

The sensations are very strange, but very very very nice. You'd have thought that it would have been noisy (as you have a hoover running during use) but realistically, it becomes very quiet and calm and peaceful once your are in the vacuum. Additionally, the slightest touch to your body through the latex is heightened, probably a combination of the vac bed and also the sensory deprivation that the vac bed gives.

Movement is limited, you can make very small gestures but not a lot else - this puts a lot of trust in your partner as they need to be able to interpret these small gestures to ensure your safety.

You make reference to having toys in your various blog posts, but do you have a list of the ones you have?
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As yet, I don't have a list of the toys that my owner and I have, but it's definitely worth considering doing. Leave it with me, and I'll see what I can sort out as a list.

In a previous question, you reported that you are not allowed to masturbate. If this is the case, how do you cum?
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Although I am not allowed to masturbate generally, I can be given permission to... or I am able to cum as part of a play session under the control of my owner.

In a previous question, you reported that you are not allowed to masturbate, but are not restricted by a chastity device. Is there a reason for this?
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There is, unfortunately.

I have attempted a number of devices, from the CBxk ranges to silicone ones, and have managed to escape from all of them. The problem then becomes if I adjust them so I can't escape, the blood supply gets cut off so much, that it becomes uncomfortable to wear them, even when completely flaccid.

As such, I have decided that, as much as I'd want to try them, it's just not going to be possible for me to wear them. Equally, they are too costly for us to keep buying them, just on the off-chance that one might eventually work... it's a shame you can't try before you buy (but I also understand the reasons you can't!),

Describe your penis in detail
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[This question was originally asked to me as a two part question about my physique as well. I decided it would be best to answer them separately and this is part two of two. I hope, if you asked the question, you don't mind.]

To be honest, the easiest way of describing it is by saying that it's "average" (approx 6in erect), uncut and that I have no piercings.

As I like the use of ball weights at times, it appears that my balls do seem to hang down a bit lower than average, especially after having used them for some time.

... not sure what else you want to know.

Describe your physique in detail
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[This question was originally asked to me as a two part question. I decided it would be best to answer them separately, and therefor this is part one of two. I hope, if you asked the question, you don't mind.]

Hmm, I'm not quite sure what to answer for this one...

Physically, I am told that I am quite muscular, although I do not go to the gym. I am about 1.75m tall, and when I'm in pup mode, I stand about the same height as a dalmatian (at least, according to Wikipedia). I weigh about 75kg as well. I don't really know what else to add to this... it's something that a picture would answer. For pictures at the moment, browse the Lycra Choices Page but one that springs to mind as showing my physique is the Red Leotard page.

Does your owner place any restrictions on you (for example, whether you are allowed to jerk off, or play with other masters)?
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As is fitting to being owned, my owner does place certain restrictions on me. Any play with other masters would have to be approved by him for example. I am also restricted in whether I am allowed to masturbate, but this is not restricted by a chastity device - I have to have the will power to behave (which, to a degree, shows more respect for his ownership).

Have you ever done anything kinky in public?
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I have, on a couple of occasions, played out and about... one of the first times was when my owner and I were out and about and decided to do some pictures at a stream we found by accident. You can view pictures of this on flickr.

Another time we were out and about resulted in me being tied up to a tree wearing nothing and teased and tormented.

Generally, however, we are quite reserved in public stuff, even if we're at Fetish clubs - as these actually give me a chance to be a pup rather than being bound up etc.

How do you fir being a pup in to your day to day life?
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From a day to day aspect, the most obvious ways of fitting pup play in to life are: I wear a dog tag with my pup name on it 24/7 as per a real dog. Also, when I want something I make puppy dog eyes and when circumstances permit, dinner is served to me in a dog bowl. I also bark at my owner to get attention, and pull his t-shirt at times.

I also have a habit of begging for and eating chocolate buttons πŸ™‚

How do you fit kink in to your day to day life?
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The easiest way I fit kink in to day to day life is that I wear a chain collar which I wear 24/7 which has my dog tag on it, displaying my pup name. Other, non-kink aspects of being a pup crop up from time to time too, for example making puppy dog eyes when I want something - even if it's as simple as a drink.

I also occasionally fit some kinky clothing in to daily life, if the situation and mood suits.

As you have an owner, do you wear anything to signify that ownership?
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Yes, I wear a jewellery chain collar around my neck, with my dog tag and my owner's phone number on it all the time.

I used to wear a padlocked chain collar all the time, but I became allergic to chrome and therefor can't wear it any more as I end up with a horrendous rash on my neck. After this came about, it was decided that buying a proper chain from a jewellers was the easiest way forward to ensure that I can always wear something to signify ownership.

Would you take requests either for things to happen to you, and for pictures people reading your blog would like to see?
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To a degree, yes, I would be quite happy to take requests for things to happen. These would be discussed between myself and my owner, and if they were within our limits, we were both happy and felt they were appropriate, then we would try and make it happen.

We wouldn't be able to guarantee all requests were fulfilled, but we would certainly have a go at it.

Do you do adult photographs of your sessions and post them online?
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There are photographs taken of the majority of the sessions I am involved in, varying in degrees of 'adult'ness, but they are mostly kept at home for records.

The pictures which tend to be posted online, as noted in another question, tend to be more tasteful in nature or carefully cropped to try and keep the blog as "friendly" as possible, meaning that people looking for the Zentai aspect of my life don't get confronted directly with adult images etc.

Are there pictures of you online where you are shown hard? Your pictures on here tend to be more tasteful or implied...
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There are a few pictures of me in various play sessions posted to other online profiles, but I suspect the majority of them are duplicated on here. Mostly, these images tend to be 'tasteful' as well as they are still clothed - e.g in Lycra or in the vac bed.

How kinky would you say you actually are?
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In truth, fairly kinky.

Unfortunately, the boundaries of normal life seem to get in the way and prevent some things happening, even though I'd want them to. Certain normalities of life unfortunately prevent spontaneous kinky activity, however, with all this in mind, I do manage to get quite a lot achieved.

Do you consider Pup Play a kink, or just part of your life?
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Pup Play started off as a bit of a kink, but has actually now become very much a part of my life... and so much of it comes to me naturally - e.g. carrying work keys in my mouth even with my hands empty or eating my breakfast cereal out a dog bowl.

I have also managed to hone my hearing to squeaky toys, such that I can hear them from the other end of a busy supermarket and react to them without really realising that I'm doing it.

Could you describe, as accurtely as you can, the last play session you had?
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The last play session that I had lasted over a series of nights to a degree. It started off with me being put to sleep wearing a Lycra Cycle Suit (T-Shirt and Shorts combined), with my puppy mitts and my puppy hood on, and experiencing some teasing like this.

The next night I was again put in the mitts and the puppy hood. This time I ended up being tied to the bed so I couldn't move and was subjected to more teasing and torment.

The third night, I was put in the same outfit, but was tied up in a spread-eagle fashion on the bed, and gently teased with a vibrating glove while also being tormented with the sensations of baby oil. After this, I was allowed relief but made to sleep in the mitts and hood. It now transpires that this was cut short due to the start of a developing cold though.

What is your biggest sexual turn-on?
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Dreaming of being a puppy 24/7 is probably my biggest turn-on. That said, truthfully, it is anything that gets me away from normal life such that I can not have a care in the world and just enjoying the experience.

When you are about to go in to a play session, regardles of whether you are out visiting a dungeon (as you blog about) or playing at home, could you describe the thoughts that go through your head and any reactions your body demonstrates?
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The main feelings are a mix of nervousness and excitement combined, as generally the first indications I get of what is about to happen is either being put in the situation or being given instructions of what to do. This could be as simple as having cuffs put on me or being asked to put them on, for example.

Another part of the feelings is reservation as I don't want to get my hopes too high in case of interruptions or things don't happen as I envisage they should do.

Body reactions are very varied depending on what situation I'm put in.

Would you your owner ever consider playing with others if you were to book a dungeon session? If so, would it have to be someone you know, or could it be a completely random stranger.
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Yes, we would consider booking playing with others if were to book a dungeon session, and probably also if the circumstances were correct outside a dungeon session.

Mainly, it would have to be someone that we know personally as we would be more likely to trust them. That said, I have met people after having short conversations via Email and Instant Messaging but this is something that I wouldn't be out to look for specifically, it would come about from conversations and relying on gut feeling.

Would you live the pup lifestyle 24/7 (giving up work etc.) if practical? If not, would you prefer to be able to devote more time to it?
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Something in me says that I'd still want to be able to do normal things to a degree so as much as I dream of being a pup 24/7, I think the answer is more that I'd love to be able to devote more time to it, but still maintaining a normal working life, and a normal social life.

I have seen you blog about visiting various dungeons in the past, from big ones to small ones... can you describe what makes you think a dungeon is good or bad?
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There's a number of things that all contribute to me deciding if a dungeon is good or bad... To varying degrees, the following all contribute to the overall decision:

- Location (Is it easy to find and get to from home, does it have reasonable parking and privacy for example)
- Customer Service (Are the owners and operators friendly, how easy and quick is communication with the owners, do they take the time to explain bits to you)
- Cost (Are the costs for the hire reasonable, is it good value for money)
- Equipment Available (What equipment do they have, do you need to provide any extras yourself, do they have something that I'd want to use, but don't or can't have at home)
- Notice Period (How much warning is needed for bookings)

I think the main thing to say is that I haven't actually found a bad dungeon, and that the visits my owner and I have made to all the dungeons we've visited have been good, but you can't make a full judgement until you've visited at least once.

Another thing to note is that most dungeons seem quite happy to offer you a tour of the facilities in advance, if you ask. It is worth noting that you may be required to pay for this, but I look at this as a way of the owners guaranteeing that you are not out to cause trouble.

What other zentai suits do you own?
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I own a collection of Zentai Suits... in addition to the Spot suits (I think there's 4-5 of them, in various configurations now!) I also own:

1 x Red Suit
1 x Blue Suit
1 x Cammo Suit
1 x Spiderman Suit
1 x Skeleton Suit
1 x White Suit
3 x Black Suits

You can see pictures of most of them on my Lycra Choices page.