*Woofs* and *nuzzles*, Welcome to Spot’s Website … The tails of a doggy …

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To me, the Pup side of life is split in to three distinct areas… and hopefully this comes across in the blog. I’m going to describe each of the three areas on this page.

First up is the Fancy Dress side of things. This primarily comes about when out and about as Spot for Zentai Walkabouts, but also makes appearances at various other things – for example parties, fun runs, and other things where Zentai would be accepted. This is a completely safe and appropriate form of Zentai, and hopefully provides a smile to everyone that sees me – certainly, from the events I’ve been at kids and parents alike are fascinated and enjoy the fun. This aspect is usually done with either the full Zentai, or with the hood down and a painted face, depending on the circumstances and what’s actually happening.

Another side of life is where I take on more of a role of a dalmatian puppy. This is primarily where the concept of human life disappears to me, and I wander around, and act like an animal. I tend to usually be on all 4s, and want to be treated like a pup – and act like a pup.

The final side of life is classified more as being “behind closed doors” and is the more adult side of life… however, this does not ever make an appearance in public as it would be deemed inappropriate, and therefore spoil the fun that comes from entertaining people.

I am very adapt at making sure that the later two categories never creep in to the domestic, fun and socially acceptable form of the life of Spot, and hopefully this comes across in the posts on this blog.

I’ll keep my site as up to date as possible and hope you all enjoy reading it. You’re welcome to leave comments if you like too.