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Mr Puppy UK 2020 Handover

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Mar 062020

Hot on the heels of the last blog post about the Mr Puppy UK 2020 Contest, the turn of the year came around and the handover from Pup Trumpet to ThatPuppyHunter was scheduled for early January, at The Dog House in Stoke.

This was also the first time that I’d ever been to The Dog House and the first time at a puppy event since the contest in December. The day was fun, catching up with people and having some fun as a puppy but there was also the handover from Trumpet to Hunter to deal with.

As well as the handover, and the speeches from both Trumpet and Hunter there was also a chance for some photos and to have some fun! During the photoshoot, I think I might have given Puppai Buumi a bit of a fright when I lifted him up on my shoulders!

There are some pictures below… and I’m very shortly about to go off for another “Pup on Tour” so expect more photos sooon!

Mr Puppy UK 2020

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Mar 062020

Wow, was the last thing I wrote really about Birmingham Pride back in May last year???? That just goes to show that I’m incredibly busy and I’m not getting much chance to pup out as I used to… I mean, even this post is nearly 4 months late!

November 9th 2019 saw the annual contest being held to award the title of Mr Puppy UK for the 5th year in a row; taking over from Pup Trumpet who has held the title throughout 2019. I was tasked with looking after the band of judges and keeping them in check.

Thankfully, they were all quite well behaved and did as they were told… even if I did turn out to be a bit of a trouble maker later on in the day!

The main part of the day saw me supervising the interviews with all the puppy candidates, watching the stage performances and speeches, and making sure that I had enough paws to add up the scores at the end of the day!

When we were all on stage at the end of the contest, and I was asked by Brock if the scores had been tallied up correctly and verified, instead of answering ‘Yes’, I thought it would be fun to say ‘No’… so I did. Cue some amusement for a few seconds before I actually said ‘Yes’!

The resulting outcome of this was that Pup Hunter was awarded the title of Mr Puppy UK 2020, with Pup Rogue coming in First Runner Up and Pup Parker being Second Runner Up. Pup Dex won Pup Congeniality.

However, as I’ve always said, everyone is a winner because it takes guts to get up there on stage and perform and talk to people about what makes you passionate!

Some pictures of the event are below.

Birminghan Pride 2019

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May 312019

The late May Bank Holiday once again saw me travelling up to Birmingham for the annual pride event. With excellent weather, it was great to see so many pups out and about … and so many other people too. It’s a bit strange being asked by the Chief Constable of the police for a selfie though! With thanks to Wolfy and Halvor for organising the walk, I think the pictures of the day say more than I could in words!

There’s a selection of pictures of me… and a few of the rest of the pups too!

Visit to @aquailafterdark – Feb 2019

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May 092019

Way back in February, Colin and I went to pay a visit to the charming Bun in Manchester; known on Twitter as @aquailafterdark and as a host who provides much Lycra fun times and very nice roast dinners. (Honestly, I didn’t just go for the Yorkshire Puddings!).

We travelled up by train, with a couple of bags full of a random selection of Lycra and a selection of bondage toys as well, looking forward to a weekend away and also, potentially, a chance to visit KennelKlub while in Manchester.

After a pleasant journey up to Manchester, 3 days of fun started… but I’m afraid, I can’t remember the order everything came in so I may need to just mention these as they come to mind!

As I’m a puppy, I’m not that well known for doing the housework *paws over eyes* but for some reason, Colin and the Bun managed to make me do some of the housework while I was away! Not only did they make me do it naked, I was also subjected to Ball Weights while I was doing it!

The first night started with me being dressed in Spiderman… and then Bun dressed in Venom… unfortunately, it seemed as if Venom is stronger than Spiderman and I might have ended up tied to the bed… and begging to go home with blue balls – against my will! What’s worse, is there was still another 2 days to go!

During the day on Saturday, I decided to visit Kennel Klub to see what it was like and to meet up with some friends. This was a good chance to catch up with some people, and meet some people (although, ironically – mostly outside!) and also to just have some puppy time – well, apart from when Colin decided to spill his drink on me :-p

After getting back from KennelKlub, I was kidnapped as a puppy by that evil Venom again, at the request of PupGizmo!

Bun and I also ended up camouflaged… can you see us in these photos?

Colin wanted a bit of peace and quiet so also spent time tying Bun and I together 🙂

As I had a variety of different lycra with me, I was also tied down in some Singlets while listening to some “white noise” through headphones.

It was arranged that I was going to get messy at some point during the weekend, so Question Master Bun secured me in the bath and started asking me questions. I don’t think I managed to answer a single one correctly… good for him, and you – not so good for me!

Visitors to Bun often end up in a cupboard… I was put in there while Bun was tied to the bed and teased.

At the end of the visit, I was left in a leotard with E-Stim attached, and Bun was given the controls – well, I think it was Bun; he and Colin kept switching and I couldn’t see!

Sadly, like all good things … it has to come to an end eventually … but I had a pleasant journey home in some nice blue and yellow lycra tights, with a blue lycra leotard on under the t-shirt 😉 *waggles*

A very enjoyable and fun weekend away … hope to do it again some day soon!

Mr Puppy Europe & Amsterdam 2019

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Mar 252019

This last week has saw me taking my annual holiday to Antwerp for LeatherPride and also Mr Puppy Europe 2019. This time, though, it was coupled with a holiday in Amsterdam afterwards. Additionally (and surprisingly) for the end of February, we had really good weather too.

We flew out to Amsterdam on the Friday morning, and unfortunately (unlike the rest of the trip) I had to travel domestically… but I did discover that Bacon and Maple Syrup pancakes are quite pleasant! After an uneventful train trip down to Antwerp, we proceeded to our accommodation for the weekend, which turned out to be quite a nice apartment rather than a hotel as usual.

We repacked our stuff and I got changed into pup, so that it was easier to travel down to Darklands for the Mr Puppy Event. Whilst waiting in the queue to enter the event, a boat came up alongside the dockyard, and it happened to have a Dalmatian on-board … who merrily and happily barked at us pups in the queue *waggles*. It was a pleasant evening looking around briefly and catching up with friends and learning the layout of the venue, even if I didn’t necessarily recognise everyone I met! *paws over eyes*

Saturday saw some lovely weather so between my owner and Pup Snap, I was involved in a couple of photoshoots outside…

The photos above are from my owner, and the photos from PupSnap will appear later – as they were taken with the other Mr Puppy UKs… though here’s a ‘behind the scenes shot’:

Saturday afternoon I was involved with all the other title holders that were at the event with a group visit to the stage during a presentation., and there was a good amount of puppy title-holders on-site!!!!! *waggles*

The main part of the weekend was on Sunday; when the Mr Puppy Europe contest was publicly happening (Saturday had the interview rounds) – and I was also involved in something else…

Sunday had me involved as ‘naughty Spot’ on stage delivering notes during the presentation of the X Awards with Oakleigh, getting to have fun and be mischievous with Ripper Moff and Jürgen, the host.

The X-Awards was presented in 2 halves, and so in the ‘interval’ between them, it seemed a shame not to take advantage of the nice weather outside….

The last part of the X-Awards presentation, they invited EVERY title-holder in the building onto the stage … so I made a stupendously quick change!!! (to be honest, I never managed to properly change, I just did what I could in the time frame available!!) – this last award was a special award! so here’s how many titleholders were onsite on the Sunday afternoon:

ALL titleholders on stage at once on Sunday afternoon

The culmination of events on the Sunday was the awarding of Mr Puppy Europe 2019 to the winning pup, and that was Buumi from the UK, after his moving presentation with Tooklin for his #LendAPaw campaign which I’ll be happy to support.

After the competition, we all headed out for a group dinner at a fantastic local Italian that can quite easily cope with 20+ pups and handlers descending on it (OK… I did give them advance notice *wags*) for an enjoyable evening.

On the Monday, my owner and I travelled back to Amsterdam for a holiday – with a nice hotel with on site Sauna and Spa facility. This journey was definitely conducted as Spot (although without the hood on). And on arrival – after puppy has checked the hotel room – we went to make use of the onsite spa facilities and enjoy a nice dinner.

Tuesday saw pup go on tour… dressed in the Zentai and with other bits and pieces in the bag, we set out early afternoon for an afternoon and evening in the city.

After visiting a few fetish shops, we decided it was time to do something touristy so we went to take a canal boat tour of Amsterdam. However, the first boat we attempted to go on refused us because “they don’t accept stag parties”, so we went to a different tour boat company. This was a lucky decision as the staff of the company and the crew of the boat were fantastic. Through this, we also found an advertised tour of the Red Light District that evening.

Although we wandered through the Red Light District on previous visits to Amsterdam, we hadn’t done a conducted tour of it… and apart from a bit of confusion at the beginning (there were three separate people with Red Umbrellas and neither of them had any indication they were our tour) we enjoyed a fantastic time with our tour guide – who was also providing information extra on the tour and who I enjoyed a conversation with on all things puppy too. Unfortunately after the tour it was starting to get a bit chilly so we headed off back to the hotel for the night.

Pup out on the Red Light District walking tour

Wednesday saw another gorgeous day, so again we headed out in the afternoon with the intention of going to do a couple more shops (including Mister B in their new location) and also having a chance to take puppy out on tour.

This saw us taking a visit up the A’Dam Tower, enjoying superb views of the city in the lovely weather. Of course, puppy couldn’t exist visiting too!

We also managed to take some time to #PupAllTheStations too at a couple of train stations as we went around.

Thursday was our last day, and the weather was definitely not as nice, so we didn’t have as much chance to do things outdoors. After leaving the bags in secure lockers at the station – it was decided to fill the time with a different Canal Boat tour, which took a different route.

Pup listening to the audio guide on the canal boat tour

One of the things that I think I realised is that to see all of Amsterdam, you need to do lots of tours!

Pup did manage to travel all the way home as puppy though; so after picking up the bags, saying goodbye to Amsterdam…

… getting the train to Schiphol, with a quick couple of photos outside by the big “I AMsterdam” sign …

… it was time to head into the airport …

… fairly soon after it was time to head to check-in and security were very complimentary about me as a pup *waggles* … and it was time to board the plane and head home …

Sadly #pupontour had to eventually come to an end 🙁 *whimpers*