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Aug 152021

Understandably, over the last year, there’s been very little opportunity for me to get a chance to partake in any fun stuff to write about on the blog… However, as things have started to change and places are starting to open, I’ve been looking forward to getting the chance to do things.

During the lockdowns, I managed to reconnect with one of my very good pup friends, PupGizmo; and we’d been chatting. When my owner and I were on holiday recently, we took our opportunity to play with many of our toys – including our Milking Machine and our Vac Cube. Taking the opportunity to tease Gizmo with pictures, got us chatting about potentially meeting up after things got a bit calmer.

Well, that happened recently; with all of us having had double vaccinations, and nice kinky venues opening back up again, we managed to find a date and time that was convenient to everyone and local enough that it meant we could take all the fun toys with us… although, as ever too much was taken and time too short for everything we wanted to do.

After meeting up and having a quick catch-up chat to begin with we got down to the serious play business… no, actually, we didn’t. I stripped down to a nice thong, went outside to get some fresh air and discovered the hot tub outside was quite warm – and ended up in it with no thong! While this was happening, it turns out Gizmo had been stripped down to his rather nice rubber jock and chastity cage.

Now… the serious play started 🙂

First things first – assembling the vac cube and getting a chance to play in it; this was a new cube sleeve which meant I was hoping it would seal a bit better than the previous version which was a bit old and worn. The new one… was a vast improvement! Obviously, though, having a horny friend with us, means that when I was restrained in the vac cube – I was completely exposed for merciless teasing!

However, after my turn in the Vac Cube, it was time for me to get my own back as Gizmo got a chance to go in it too!

The look on Gizmo’s face as he was in the cube though, definitely showed he was enjoying it!

Next up came a bit of suspension… Being up-side down and completely unable to see means that I had no idea what was being done to me; who was touching me or what they were using!

Again, after my chance to be upside down, Gizmo got his chance as well. Again, not being able to see meant that we got a chance to do things to him… so a little bit of torture for gizmo with a couple of hitty things meant that it was definitely obvious that Gizmo was enjoying himself 😉

After a bit of upside down suspension, we both donned some CBT weights for playing with while we were going to be suspended the correct way up.

The weights make it an interesting sensation, and some of the texture gloves that we’d bought meant that I would feel things but not know where they were coming from.

Unknown to me, Gizmo was forced on his knees in front of me and started enjoying the puppy’s bone as well!

Of course, turn about is fair play… Gizmo was soon hanging in mid air while this not-a-dom-or-alpha pup decided that his nipples looked too good… so while Colin was hitting Gizmo’s arse and teasing him with spiked gloves… I was attaching nipple suckers to Gizmo!

I didn’t stop there though… I got a pin wheel out and started running it along Gizmo’s very erect cock… his reactions can be seen in the video below!

Following the suspension, we went for something a bit more sedate and both, separately, ended up chained to a wall.

We ended up deciding that the Vac Cube would be the ideal way to finish the day;

Towards the end of the session, everyone wandered off and left me in the Vac Cube… I was unaware of what was going on, but I gather Gizmo was having a good time 😉

It felt really good to meet up with Gizmo again after a long time (we think about 5 years for a social meeting, and even more for play time) but it was a good day and a nice meal out afterwards meant a good day.

Oh, you might be thinking that Gizmo got a good time, but I didn’t? Nope… I got my good time at home that evening:

Dungeon Visit with a Friend

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Apr 032012

*paws over eyes* It’s taken me a long while to get round to writing this blog post I’m afraid, as it’s been rather manic recently.

March actually ended up being a busy month for Spot, as on March 10th, my owner (Colin) and I went with a friend of his to The Secret Dungeon in High Wycombe for a play session – with my owner doming over 2 people.

We met up with David outside the dungeon, and then the owners of Dungeon spotted us and came to let us in. We offloaded our equipment from the car, including the Vac Bed, and went in – at which point the owners updated us on a couple of things that we might have not known about, and made sure we were happy, and then we paid them our money and were left to our own devices.

We started off by showing David around, and explaining how my owner and I usually play – we tend to have breaks for a drink or a pee – or if I’m feeling naughty, a chance for me to have a cigarette.

At this point, both David and I were ordered to strip as far as we were comfortable with, while Colin sorted out the toys and things we’d need. Unfortunately, due to the time between the events and writing this post, my exact memories of the day are a little hazy.

However, I do know that during the course of the play session, both David and I experienced almost the same things… These included: Upside Down Suspension, E-Stim, Sleep Sack, Vac Bed and various other small toys as part of the other sessions.

I also know that while Colin was doing something to David, I was put in the large cage they have in the dungeon, and fell asleep for a bit… well, you know dogs – they’ll sleep quite regularly, and anywhere!

After the session came to an end, we ended up having to pack up and then decided we’d go out for a meal to round off the session – we’d played over lunch time, but hadn’t had any food.

I’m sure if David has any insights in to bits I’ve forgotten, he’ll let me know and comment on this post (or I’ll edit them in).


October 5th – My Birthday

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Oct 092011

Well, Wednesday just gone was my birthday, and I was told that before I got to my birthday that I was to transfer just over £100 to my owner, for the surprise birthday outing!!!

So on the Wednesday, a couple of bags were packed up, the vac-bed and hoover placed in the van, I was dressed in Lycra and we headed off to the Secret Dungeon in High Wycombe.

This didn’t quite go without a hitch though 🙁 *Tail between legs* … On the way to the Dungeon, we were chatting about the vac-bed and then my owner realised we may not have packed the breathing tube into the stuff we’d taken. … A quick stop and look later, we realised it’d been forgotten!!!! SO, back home we went … Gave a call to the Dungeon owners, but no answer straight away, so a message was left.

Back home, it seemed nigh on impossible to find the breathing tube!!! … Eventually, about 15 minutes later it was found, so back in the van and back to the Dungeon.

Upon arrival, the owners were very calm about our lateness, and equally they apologised about a minor problem with the dungeon, which with our visit plans, didn’t actually affect us, so we were not worried. So after a quick chat and moving the stuff in, we settled down to our 3 hour ish stay.

First thing to set up was the vac-bed, so that it was ready for later on, so to save me getting covered in talcum powder (as that’s what we use to stop the latex sticking together) I undressed, and then set up the vac-bed.

Next up was to put the ankle suspension cuffs on, where upon I was hoisted into the air upside down. Wrist/hand suspension cuffs were added and then lifted up some more, followed by sensory deprivation… A full blackout blindfold and headphones with dance type music playing.

Teasing, winding up and torment followed for an undetermined length of time … I guess I sort of zoned out and due to that I don’t ‘clock-watch’.

I was sort of disappointed but glad to be let down. Disappointed as I’d love it to go on for longer, but that said, my feet and ankles were just beginning to ache.

A quick drink to replenish fluid, and then the fun continued.

The vac-bed was dragged to a suitable location, whereby the hover could reach and equally access into the vac-bed was possible … The E-Stim small torpedo insertable now came out to play, followed by the E-Stim 2B box … this could only mean one thing … more torment!

I climbed into the vac bed, the earphones were added and the headphone wire and E-Stim wire were fed out the side zip of the vac-bed. The zip was closed, the breathing tube gag was in and I got comfy … Then the familiar feeling of the air cooling inside, followed by cool latex gently squashing you.

One thing I’ve noticed with the vac-bed, is the pressure is not intense, if feels like you should be able to move … but you can’t! … You can fidget-ish, but only to the limit of the stretch of the latex!

Anyway, now cocooned in latex, the music was introduced to my headphones, followed by a gentle, nice but unusual feeling from the insertable. I guessed that I was on the sound-to-stimulation type mode!

I have no idea to the duration, but again, the stimulation was intense! Both from inside the insertable, with full sensory deprivation. Added to all this there was the external stimulation … gentle caressing of warm hands on cool latex, vibrations that nearly sent me over the edge, gentle tapping and flogging … I was helpless, but loving every minute of it.

Apologies about the line halfway across the vac-bed, but we’d not realised that the talcum powder was going to be that visible in the picture. Also the grainy-ness is due to the picture being taken on a phone, rather than with a proper camera … sill it gives you the idea of what went on that lunchtime *wags*

Well time came to an end, a lot quicker than I had realised!!! Soon it was time to pack up, as we had other evening commitments to go to for the Birthday treats.

With everything packed back up and tidying the room, there was a random chew toy over by the bed… It seemed somewhat out of place – it wasn’t hung up, it wasn’t purposefully on a table … just on the floor, but with the tag still attached. … Well, Spot can pick out chew-toys from miles off, and curiosity soon got the better of me, and I started to fiddle with it, pick it up/put it down/pick it up … Something didn’t fit with the rest of the dungeon … Eventually, I decided that it has to have been bought specifically for me as this was my birthday, so it got put in the front of the van 🙂 *Wags*

A text to the owners of the dungeon to say we’d all finished and locked up as per instructions, and also added to the message was this random chew toy, that we’d got it as we’d assumed it was a birthday present for Spot. … a while later the text came back saying that the chew toy was for Spot *bound round excited* … *wags* … Thank you 🙂

The last part of my day out was to see the stage show of the Lion King … this to me is sort of a bus-mans holiday, as I rarely go to the theatre to watch the show … I’m a stage technician by trade, and so I spend most the time looking at the special effects, lights, sound etc etc.

A great birthday out (once my owner had calmed down about the slight morning oversight!) … Oh! and the chew toy from the dungeon, so-far had lived in the bed with Spot … being tugged on, chewed on and slept with *wags*

Secret Dungeon Visit

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Jun 032011

My owner and I recently became aware of a dungeon which had opened locally – The Secret Dungeon located in High Wycombe, not a million miles away from home. We went along the other week there to just check it out and see what equipment they had and what we might need to bring etc.

However, last night (Wednesday 1st June) we decided that we’d book it for 4 hours and go along and have a play. The dungeon is ideally located for us, on the way home from work – so we duly packed up our “extras” in the morning before we headed off, ready for the evening play session.

After leaving work and getting some food, we duly turned up for our 6pm appointment and after doing a few preliminaries, we got settled in to playing. The dungeon is 3 rooms… the main dungeon, a ‘kitchen’ area with tea/coffee, soft drinks complimentary with the hire and there are other things to buy, including lube and frozen dinners. The third room is a bathroom with a large shower, underfloor heating (perfect for the subs!) and the usual facilities.

With the hot and humid weather, and having done a 5k run at lunch time, it wasn’t entirely practical to be dressed in the Zentai, so apart from for a few pictures, I spent the time naked, and remained comfortably warm which is always a benefit – shivering does rather ruin the mood for playing 🙂

The biggest benefit of any dungeon is the chance to play with the things that it’s not entirely practical to have at home – suspension hoists and big furniture being the main things, and it also means that we can do other things which may be too noisy at home … the other benefit of visiting a venue of this nature is being away from normal life and being able to just relax, be ourselves with no external influences (the front door bell, telephone etc.)

We started off with some inverted suspension, something which I thoroughly enjoy but is definitely not doable at home – I don’t think the ceiling beams would survive in a fairly modern “cardboard” house 🙂 After a few pictures in Spot, I enjoyed a cool energy drink before the serious play started. I was back upside down, with my hands attached to thigh cuffs out the way and this gave my owner a chance to do something he’s wanted to try for a bit — having me connected to both E-Stim boxes AND both outputs of the Series 2B box. This produced an interesting sensation and was very enjoyable but left the puppy a little wound up… I had to be let down as my feet were going cold to the touch so it was deemed sensible to finish the activity and allow the blood back to my feet – as of course, safety and comfort is paramount in any of these types of activity.

After a quick break to cool down and once I could stand on my paws (which were still in the suspension cuffs which makes walking rather interesting) I ended up attached to a St Andrews Cross with my legs spread over a metre apart – STILL being teased with the main E-Stim electrode – only to have the sensations further compounded with being blindfolded, having a multi-wheel pin-wheel used on me, nipple clamps attached and being lightly paddled occasionally to further compound the sensations!

When my hands started going numb, it was time for another quick break, another can of juice and time to change activity again – this time I ended up locked to a “Mantis Chair”, with the pup hood on. I’d been given a break on the E-Stim by this point in time, but that didn’t change the fact that I was still experiencing different sensations – with no idea what was coming each time. All this leaves this pup very wound up – but for some reason my owner knows exactly when to pause or change the sensations I’m experiencing.

After a quick pause outside to get some fresh air, I experienced the final activity for the night – something my owner had wanted to try. We have a Darlex (very heavy duty Lycra type material) Straight Jacket on loan to us from a friend, which my owner wanted me to be in – while suspended upside down. After a few “misfires” we finally worked out the easiest way of suspending me with less risk of injury – put me in the straight jacket after I’m in the air – we managed to get me suspended and again I experienced sensations with no idea what was coming due to the jacket being hooded.

After that finished, we found our time was coming to an end, so puppy had to help get all our own toys packed up and also return the cuffs from the various equipment back to their usual homes (as we use our own cuffs as it saves taking them off each time we leave equipment) we packed up and got ready to leave after an enjoyable 4 hours (which flies by!).

Spot’s out and about on Sunday for the monthly visit to Heros, and also this month, a Walkabout in Hyde Park in the afternoon.