Lycra Choices


Hey all, thought I may as well list what Lycra options I have available 🙂

Comments on the items and pictures are appreciated. If you want to, please leave a comment on the relevant gallery pages. Please note that comments will initially be held for moderation. Ideas for specific photos in specific items, please leave a comment on the relevant item page too….

Recently added Lycra Choices
Toed Dalmatian Zentai
Adidas TechFit Powerweb Sprintsuit
White Toed Zentai Baselayer
Yellow (Adidas) Leotard
Hom Red Black Swimming Trunks
Primark Baselayer Tights
Primark Baselayer T-shirt
Primark Baselayer Shorts
Blue Adidas Techfit Powerweb T-shirt

Shorts :
• Running:
Blue/Black (Lidl) x 2
Blue short legged (Viga)
Black/Blue (Muzano)
Blue/Black + white strip (Adidas)
Black (Adidas Techfit)
2 x Adidas Techfit shorts yellow
• Swim Shorts:
Dark Blue (TYR)
Black (Speedo)
Red/Blue/Bright Blue(Speedo)

• Running Tights
Black/Red (Ronhill)
Blue/Black (Lidl)
Asics Navy Running Tights
Brooks Nightlife running tights

• Swimming Trunks
Speedo Endurance+ Black with  & Grey/Yellow Spots
Speedo Endurance+ Navy with Bright blue sides and red writing
Hom Club Cook Jean blue with white front
Speedo Navy Blue

• Thongs
Purple Swim
Black Swim
Black Swim (Hom)
Purple un-lined
Purple un-lined with front zip

• Running shorts/vest all-in-one (Sprint suits) and similar attire
Bright Blue (Adidas)
Black (Adidas)
Blue/White/Black (Adidas)
Asics Black/Orange/White Shorts/vest running suit
Asics Black/Orange/White Shorts/vest cycling suit (includes padding)
Crane Sports Red cycling shorts/t-shits suit

• Leotards
Red (Adidas)
Blue (Adidas)

• Zentai
Bright Blue
2 x Dalmatian with tail & ears
Dalmatian No Ears/Tail

• Tops
Adidas Blue Techfit powerweb vest
Adidas Black Techfit powerweb vest
Blue Black vest
Brooks Blue/Grey Lycra running vest

• Other
2 x Dive skins
White/Grey Rash vest (Speedo)
Swimming 3/4 swimming tights (Maru)
Purple crop top & Briefs (Adidas)
Briefs with padding for cycling (Nike)
Full arms and Legs Adidas equivalent of a Speedo Fastskin swim suit
Adidas Red/Blue Full suit
???? is it a speed suit but 3/4 length legs and fleece lined front chest … use unknown yet! … when the pics go up I’d love to know what it’s for!

… I think that is all … and I’ll add pictures soon so you can see them all 🙂