Puppy Walk – London Mar 2016

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Apr 242016

On the Sunday following Fetishbound & Collared, I was taking part in a puppy walk in London – a chance to wander around dressed as a pup in the heart of London… and when ever possible I’m not one to turn down a chance to be a puppy *bounds round excited* 🙂

After checking the arrangements for the meeting location, it was time to set off on our journey. The weather in the morning wasn’t very practical for travelling in Lycra though – it was a fairly cool day and so I had to travel in domestic attire 🙁 On arriving at the venue, we met up with the organiser of the walk and waited for other pups to turn up before heading off on the route… as the set off time approached, the pups went off to get changed, and then it was time to set off on our walk *tugs on lead*

Our walking route took us from the meeting location via New Scotland Yard, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square and eventually ending up in Victoria Palace Gardens. On route round we also found a cycle shop …. ohhhh so much lycra to look at … unfortunately through the window as it was shut!!! Due to being out in the public we were stopping along the route at many places to pose for photos or to talk to members of the public. The ending of the walk in a park meant that there was also time to play some fetch 🙂

I ended up doing a fair bit of the walk on all 4s which was great fun… unfortunately, by the end my knees slightly hurt, and this was my fault since I knew there would be loads of pictures I wore my softer knee pads – which was a mistake … I should have realised we were outside and so should have worn my hard wearing pads. However, it was great to do the walk and barking at passing members of the public was great fun as was the interaction with them in general.

Oh, and one other memorable moment on-route was when we met a small bio-dog, who at first wasn’t sure of us as we looked dog, but didn’t smell dog … We were happy to keep walking by, so as not to cause any trouble, but the owner was persistent saying that it’s fine, and eventually the little dog was happy to be with us – so much so that it wanted to follow us on more of the walk. After a short while, we were stopped for more photos, and so the lady and her dog carried on and left us to it.

Here’s a handful of images from the walk for you to enjoy



August Bank Holiday – part 3

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Oct 172015

To fill in some time on the Sunday, we ended up finding another location to take photos, or rather 3 or 4 different locations in the same general vicinity. This gave me the opportunity to go out in my Latex 101 Silver Surf suit.

The location gave us the opportunity to make use of many locations, which offered different concepts for photos.

Of course, if you’ve been out wearing Latex, you’ve got to somehow make sure it’s clean when you’ve finished using it, so when we got back to our hotel, it was in to the shower!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these photos from the Bank Holiday


August Bank Holiday – part 2

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Oct 172015

The next part of the day saw us still down on the beach taking some photos, but this time the puppy had to come out to play. Spot, in Zentai, has been to the beach before, but this was the first time that Spot in Rubber had ever been to the beach, and had the chance to go in the sea.

Considering it was August, it wasn’t the warmest or the sunniest of days, so I did end up getting a bit chilly, but it was a fantastic time to play around and go wading in the sea!

After playing in the sea, this pup wanted to go for walkies, so I went back to the car as a full pup, taking pictures along the way and causing some merryment to the other people out for a walk 🙂 *wags*

Stay tuned for the third and final part 🙂

August Bank Holiday – part 1

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Oct 172015

This is the first in a series of three mainly pictorial blog posts documenting what the puppy got up to around the Bank Holiday weekend in August; due to my visit to the vets, I was not able to do what I would usually do… so had to come up with some alternative plans. *paws over eyes for it taking so long* – there were lots and lots of photos taken and choosing them for the blog took longer than planned!

As it happens, these involved a beach, a camera (phone, mainly!) and some interesting clothing choices!

We started off by luckily finding a rocky outcrop on the beach, which was secluded enough to do some photos… but very quickly it was going to be cut off by the tide so we had to spend less time there than we had particularly wanted to, especially as we were just beginning to get into the swing of photos – both clothed (in running tights) and nude.

However, after heading back to the car to get some more interesting items of clothing ( 😉 ) we soon moved around the beach a bit and did some more photos with some white lycra… hoping it would go see through, but it didn’t go as transparent as we thought it might… this also gave a chance for a few more nude shots.

Finally (for part one) we thought we’d try out some other latex shots on the beach, so I changed into some of Latex 101’s Marble outfits …

(Oh and back at the hotel, we tried to see if the white N2N shorts might go more see-through if they were drenched in water from the shower, so I’ve included some ‘back at the hotel’ shots just for fun)

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for Part Two.

London Pride – 2015

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Jul 212015

Sorry this has been delayed, it’s been a hectic few weeks doing lots!

Saturday 27th June saw the London Pride parade taking place, and this puppy was out walking. Unlike last year, the weather was a little nicer – with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures compared to the rain of last year.

We set off from home, with the intention of getting the train and that I’d travel in as a pup… which meant I had to change in the station car park and then board the train *wags*. I’d decided that, as much as I wanted to do full hood and paws, this was probably not a sensible idea due to the heat.

The puppy assembly point was near the o2 “Be More Dog” bus which meant the opportunity for a photo was just too tempting.


After the picture wast taken and before the walk, I went off to find a tree – 25 minutes later standing in a queue, I hadn’t had the chance to use one so I had to come back to assemble for the parade, and get fully kitted up. Then we waited… and waited… and waited.

During the waiting period, someone threw me a bag of chocolate buttons, which I tore my way in to, but unfortunately, the heat had got the better of them and they’d just turned in to a big chocolatey puddle 🙁 *whine*

Eventually we got a chance to set off, but progress down Baker Street was quite slow – with lots of stops and starts, so I was alternating from 4 legs to 2 legs, and due to the heat, I curled up lying down on the road, as it was too hot to be on all-4’s

We then turned on to Oxford Street and everything started moving that little bit quicker, and again, I was alternating from 4 to 2 legs – barking all the way.


Somewhere down Oxford Street, we gained a blow up football which a few of the pups started playing with at various slow points during the route – for some reason, it seemed to keep re-appearing with us even if we ended up throwing it in to the crowd! *wags*. I also found a cardboard tube, which I was using as a big stick, chewing my way through it … but after a while, I gave it to another pup, who put it down 🙁 … A different blow up beachball got thrown at me, which I went to pick up with my mouth, as all good pups should do, but it went flat … *puppy eyes* it wasn’t me … … honest!

The rest of the walk was uneventful, to one extent – with a lot of walking and barking – with the heat making it slightly unbearable at times! This also meant that I had to keep alternating between being on all 4s or walking on 2 legs. A fun but hot parade making myself known to the crowds 🙂

After the parade, we did a few photos then went to join the rest of the pups in a nearby park for a quick lunch. After a quick bite to eat, I got re-pupped up to head for Nandos with my hood and paws, when a small ball arrived at my front paws. It came from a small child who was shouting happily ‘dog’ at their mum. i bopped the ball bck, whereupon it got thrown back to me with a happy ‘dog’ from the child. A photo with mum and the tot followed, before heading off for Nandos. Both Marbles and I rode the tube as pups, sitting in front of the door much to the amusement of other passengers.

After the Nandos, I headed home, on the train, fully dressed up as Spot… we took a stopping service so that there’d be quite a few people getting on and off the train, but it actually turned out to be remarkably quiet 🙁

Yet again, another fantastic day out – and with more pups than previous years as well.

And here’s a pic of all the pups that attended from @lonchastitysub 🙂