Spot Goes For a Walkabout

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Jan 132019

I’ve been quite busy recently at work, and combined with having had a horrid cold before that, life has been a little slow. I thought, since it was a new year, it would be a time to reflect on some of the things that I’ve done in the past.

Over the years, Spot has participated in some walks for The Zentai Project around London. These pictures are a selection of some of the walks I’ve done. These started way back in 2008 and most of these photos are from 2008 – 2010. These may not always be the best photographs, but they are memories of a great time!

Brighton Pride, August 2016

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Dec 242016

Way back in August, I joined the “Pups of the South” group for a visit to Brighton Pride. We weren’t walking in the parade, but we did watch a bit of it and have a wander around – as well as some time on the beach and on Brighton Pier.

It was a good day out and the weather was excellent, but there’s not that many photos from it unfortunately, but I’ve shared the few I do have here.

Thanks to everyone that organised the pup group and hope we can do it again!


Birmingham Pride – May 2016

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Dec 242016

The late May Bank Holiday weekend saw the annual pride festival in Birmingham, and unlike last year, I didn’t need to leave quickly this year which meant I could enjoy more of the day. Birmingham Pride was also the first event after the TV Documentary was shown… which meant it was going to be an interesting day!

Unusually, this time, I joined the Midlands Pups Walking Group and actually walked in the parade this year. While the parade is not as long as London, I was not able to complete as much of it on all 4s as I’d have liked due to the weather being particularly hot. However, it was a good time and people definitely recognised me from the documentary – with people from the crowds recognising me and shouting at me. I did my best to see as many of them as possible.

After the parade, and a quick bit of food and drink we did our usual walk around the actual Event Village… if we’d thought it was hectic and chaotic in the past, that was nothing compared to this year – given people were recognising me from the TV. I could barely walk 20 metres without someone wanting a photo 🙂

As has become semi-traditional, I found the fun fair in the village and had to go on that – fully dressed up of course!

Greenwich – Puppy Walk – April 2016

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Dec 182016

Way back in April, we set off from home to head towards Greenwich to go for a wander around with the group from PuppyPride – deciding to travel by train, and perhaps surprisingly for me, I was travelling completely unchanged. Thankfully, there was a hotel to change in so we made our way there to meet up with the others and get off on the walk.

We set off on the walk towards the Cutty Sark, and then headed through the Old Navy College grounds towards Greenwich park – stopping on multiple occasions to take photographs and to chat to members of the public. One key moment for me was playing with a chap blowing bubbles on the way in to the park – pups just love chasing bubbles but then they go pop *paws over eyes*.

As we wandered through the park, we meandered up to the Royal Observatory and ended up in their cafe for a drink and two slices of chocolate cake – I’m a greedy pup! We started to head back down, stopping for photographs and chats – all the time enjoying just being out in puppy gear.

Then, it was soon time to head home – and I travelled home as Spot on the Docklands Light Railway (in the drivers seat), then the tube and also towards the mainline train to home…

The only thing that can really show off a puppy walk is some pictures 🙂

Puppy Walk – London Mar 2016

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Apr 242016

On the Sunday following Fetishbound & Collared, I was taking part in a puppy walk in London – a chance to wander around dressed as a pup in the heart of London… and when ever possible I’m not one to turn down a chance to be a puppy *bounds round excited* 🙂

After checking the arrangements for the meeting location, it was time to set off on our journey. The weather in the morning wasn’t very practical for travelling in Lycra though – it was a fairly cool day and so I had to travel in domestic attire 🙁 On arriving at the venue, we met up with the organiser of the walk and waited for other pups to turn up before heading off on the route… as the set off time approached, the pups went off to get changed, and then it was time to set off on our walk *tugs on lead*

Our walking route took us from the meeting location via New Scotland Yard, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square and eventually ending up in Victoria Palace Gardens. On route round we also found a cycle shop …. ohhhh so much lycra to look at … unfortunately through the window as it was shut!!! Due to being out in the public we were stopping along the route at many places to pose for photos or to talk to members of the public. The ending of the walk in a park meant that there was also time to play some fetch 🙂

I ended up doing a fair bit of the walk on all 4s which was great fun… unfortunately, by the end my knees slightly hurt, and this was my fault since I knew there would be loads of pictures I wore my softer knee pads – which was a mistake … I should have realised we were outside and so should have worn my hard wearing pads. However, it was great to do the walk and barking at passing members of the public was great fun as was the interaction with them in general.

Oh, and one other memorable moment on-route was when we met a small bio-dog, who at first wasn’t sure of us as we looked dog, but didn’t smell dog … We were happy to keep walking by, so as not to cause any trouble, but the owner was persistent saying that it’s fine, and eventually the little dog was happy to be with us – so much so that it wanted to follow us on more of the walk. After a short while, we were stopped for more photos, and so the lady and her dog carried on and left us to it.

Here’s a handful of images from the walk for you to enjoy