Oct 172015

The next part of the day saw us still down on the beach taking some photos, but this time the puppy had to come out to play. Spot, in Zentai, has been to the beach before, but this was the first time that Spot in Rubber had ever been to the beach, and had the chance to go in the sea.

Considering it was August, it wasn’t the warmest or the sunniest of days, so I did end up getting a bit chilly, but it was a fantastic time to play around and go wading in the sea!

After playing in the sea, this pup wanted to go for walkies, so I went back to the car as a full pup, taking pictures along the way and causing some merryment to the other people out for a walk 🙂 *wags*

Stay tuned for the third and final part 🙂

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