August Bank Holiday – part 1

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Oct 172015

This is the first in a series of three mainly pictorial blog posts documenting what the puppy got up to around the Bank Holiday weekend in August; due to my visit to the vets, I was not able to do what I would usually do… so had to come up with some alternative plans. *paws over eyes for it taking so long* – there were lots and lots of photos taken and choosing them for the blog took longer than planned!

As it happens, these involved a beach, a camera (phone, mainly!) and some interesting clothing choices!

We started off by luckily finding a rocky outcrop on the beach, which was secluded enough to do some photos… but very quickly it was going to be cut off by the tide so we had to spend less time there than we had particularly wanted to, especially as we were just beginning to get into the swing of photos – both clothed (in running tights) and nude.

However, after heading back to the car to get some more interesting items of clothing ( πŸ˜‰ ) we soon moved around the beach a bit and did some more photos with some white lycra… hoping it would go see through, but it didn’t go as transparent as we thought it might… this also gave a chance for a few more nude shots.

Finally (for part one) we thought we’d try out some other latex shots on the beach, so I changed into some of Latex 101’s Marble outfits …

(Oh and back at the hotel, we tried to see if the white N2N shorts might go more see-through if they were drenched in water from the shower, so I’ve included some ‘back at the hotel’ shots just for fun)

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for Part Two.

London Pride – 2015

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Jul 212015

Sorry this has been delayed, it’s been a hectic few weeks doing lots!

Saturday 27th June saw the London Pride parade taking place, and this puppy was out walking. Unlike last year, the weather was a little nicer – with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures compared to the rain of last year.

We set off from home, with the intention of getting the train and that I’d travel in as a pup… which meant I had to change in the station car park and then board the train *wags*. I’d decided that, as much as I wanted to do full hood and paws, this was probably not a sensible idea due to the heat.

The puppy assembly point was near the o2 β€œBe More Dog” bus which meant the opportunity for a photo was just too tempting.


After the picture wast taken and before the walk, I went off to find a tree – 25 minutes later standing in a queue, I hadn’t had the chance to use one so I had to come back to assemble for the parade, and get fully kitted up. Then we waited… and waited… and waited.

During the waiting period, someone threw me a bag of chocolate buttons, which I tore my way in to, but unfortunately, the heat had got the better of them and they’d just turned in to a big chocolatey puddle πŸ™ *whine*

Eventually we got a chance to set off, but progress down Baker Street was quite slow – with lots of stops and starts, so I was alternating from 4 legs to 2 legs, and due to the heat, I curled up lying down on the road, as it was too hot to be on all-4’s

We then turned on to Oxford Street and everything started moving that little bit quicker, and again, I was alternating from 4 to 2 legs – barking all the way.


Somewhere down Oxford Street, we gained a blow up football which a few of the pups started playing with at various slow points during the route – for some reason, it seemed to keep re-appearing with us even if we ended up throwing it in to the crowd! *wags*. I also found a cardboard tube, which I was using as a big stick, chewing my way through it … but after a while, I gave it to another pup, who put it down πŸ™ … A different blow up beachball got thrown at me, which I went to pick up with my mouth, as all good pups should do, but it went flat … *puppy eyes* it wasn’t me … … honest!

The rest of the walk was uneventful, to one extent – with a lot of walking and barking – with the heat making it slightly unbearable at times! This also meant that I had to keep alternating between being on all 4s or walking on 2 legs. A fun but hot parade making myself known to the crowds πŸ™‚

After the parade, we did a few photos then went to join the rest of the pups in a nearby park for a quick lunch. After a quick bite to eat, I got re-pupped up to head for Nandos with my hood and paws, when a small ball arrived at my front paws. It came from a small child who was shouting happily ‘dog’ at their mum. i bopped the ball bck, whereupon it got thrown back to me with a happy ‘dog’ from the child. A photo with mum and the tot followed, before heading off for Nandos. Both Marbles and I rode the tube as pups, sitting in front of the door much to the amusement of other passengers.

After the Nandos, I headed home, on the train, fully dressed up as Spot… we took a stopping service so that there’d be quite a few people getting on and off the train, but it actually turned out to be remarkably quiet πŸ™

Yet again, another fantastic day out – and with more pups than previous years as well.

And here’s a pic of all the pups that attended from @lonchastitysub πŸ™‚



Pup Social, a Social Weekend and UV Photography

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May 032015

This post ought to have been posted a while back, but I’ve only just got round to editing the images!!!! … …

With my job, finding time to meet up with friends is often not as easy as it could be – with evening and weekend work a given. However, at the end of March, we had arranged to visit F0rester up in Leicestershire, along with Marbles and Acey. What we didn’t know when we arranged it though, was it would also be a chance to head off to Birmingham for the Pup Social.

The afore-mentioned work issue meant that we weren’t able to arrive at a normal time on the Friday night, instead arriving around 1AM in the morning – although everyone was still up, they were in the process of retiring to bed. Only the essentials were unloaded from the car – my dog cage and a bag with clothing in it! As we set this up, I had a need to go to the toilet and while I was up stairs, I went and jumped on the bed, as puppies do, with poor Acey – who insisted I had far too much energy for 1AM!

We retired to bed, and over a leisurely breakfast the next morning, we made arrangements for going to Birmingham. For ease of space, it was decided I’d drive as I have the largest car. We set off, and arrived in Birmingham, and while I put the contact lenses in which have become part of the Spot image, the others (Colin (my owner), Marbles, Acey and Frosty) went off to find a cash machine, and by chance, met up with Scamp and Rex while loitering on a street corner πŸ™‚

We all headed off to Boltz, and to the Pup Social, where we arrived and started getting changed and after that immediately joined in the fun playing with squeaky toys! Fuga joined us later on as well, and was enjoying playing with the toys. The great thing was, there were loads of pups there, but in the main, we were all playing together, batting toys around and generally making a lot of noise! A small paws (sorry, pause!) occurred while BossBear presented a pup with his collar, and we all sang “Happy Birthday”. After this, play continued, and with a few drinks consumed, the 5 hours of the main part of the afternoon was soon over!

We all headed out to a local “All You Can Eat” Chinese restaurant and had dinner, while my group debated whether we’d go back for the evening bit. We eventually decided we would, but only for an hour or so… 2.5hrs (nearly 3 hours!) later, we were still there getting ready to leave! Although there were less pups in the evening, the same good natured atmosphere continued with pups playing and having fun. At one point, we changed one pup in to a game of “Puparoo” as we loaded all the squeaky toys on his back!

Marbles also encouraged us all to do some dancing, so a group of pups ended up doing The Timewarp, YMCA and generally dancing to other songs… on all 4s!

All in all, the pup social was a fantastic event, and given it’s all organised free of charge, I think it is a credit to the organising team… as circumstances permit, we will definitely be going back again.

Again, Sunday started as a lazy day (getting home at 2AM and having the clocks change to 3AM, due to British Daylight Saving time, wasn’t quite part of the plan!) where we enjoyed some breakfast… then we got started on the other aspects that we wanted to do, with Forester wanting to do some experiments with gunge, and some UV plans. As we got the room set up and others started mixing up gunge, I took the opportunity to “test” the UV (nearly 1kW of UV lights in a small room!) and the camera by doing some test shots in some Lycra, which have come out really well. You can see the pictures of this at the end of this post.

We then carried out the gunge experiment, but didn’t have time for the artistic UV that was originally planned – so I guess we’ll just need to arrange another time to go back πŸ˜€

As we cleaned up, a nice social discussion around the table with Pizza meant that the weekend drifted to a nice, comfortable conclusion – and we had to set off home again.

Theres a few more UV images from the day, but they are worthy of a separate post of their own!

Sep 102014

Back at the beginning of March, I alluded to something involving Lycra, Wrestling and Gunge in a blog post about a Weekend Away. The good news is that Forester has now completed the editing he was doing on the video and it has been released, which I extend enormous thanks to him for πŸ™‚

I’ve included the teaser images on this blog post, and the description from the sale page is below:

Amateur messy submission wrestling. With blue and green gunge and sports kit.

Spot and Forester start out wearing three layers of clothes.

1. Speedos

2. Lycra singlets

3. Football kits

The first round is a warm up. Once that’s over with the gunge starts flowing.

The loser of each round is the first to submit to their opponent. A submission is achieved by putting a hold on the opponent causing pain such that they tap out.

The loser of a round loses a layer of clothing and is gunged.

Once both are down to their speedos it becomes a first to cum loses match. The forfeit for losing is to give the winner a blowjob and receive a face full.

Both guys end become aroused as the fight for dominance continues.

To buy the video, you’ll need to use a messy website known as UMD – you can find the video at Messy Wrestling – Spot Vs Forester where it’s available for sale for $25.

I had a fantastic time making the video, as did Forester, and we hope you enjoy the video πŸ™‚

Sep 052014

As per usual, for the August Bank Holiday, I was taking part in a race up in the Hartlepool area, which meant my owner and I ended up making a weekend of the trip there as we usually do… this is one weekend where I take the opportunity to just wear Lycra – avoiding domestic clothing entirely πŸ™‚

We arrived on the Friday night and checked in to the hotel – which was concerning, as the receptionist on duty recognised us from our previous visits! This does mean we have to be very careful about what we sneak in to the hotel room – so I can’t bring my dog cage for example! It turned out that all the reception staff remembered us during the course of the weekend… Hopefully it wasn’t from a previous visit where I was enjoying myself in the room above reception πŸ™‚

I’d travelled up in a sprint suit and thankfully the hotel staff don’t seem to mind too much. We ended up relaxing in the hotel for a bit, I changed in to something a bit warmer (black tights and, unusually for me, a yellow top) and then went to meet ZentaiSkeleton for pizza – we were going to walk there but instinct meant both of us got straight in to the car!

After dinner, we returned back to the hotel room and while Colin was off filling ZentaiSkeleton’s nappy with custard and fruit, I pupped up in to my hood and paws and my puppy tail to greet them when they came out the bathroom. I was treated like a puppy for a bit, getting head scratches and tummy rubs – but no chocolate buttons as Colin forgot to bring them or buy them!

As it came time for our friend to leave, Colin swapped the room key for one of his cards out his wallet so that the lights would be on for me – but so he could get back in when he came back up the stairs. He made an idle comment on the way out, as the lights didn’t go off immediately. Pup became inquisitive… and Colin came back to a sheepish looking puppy, the room in darkness, and the card on the floor! How as I to know the lights WOULD go out… and I wouldn’t be able to pick the card up again with my paws. *paws over eyes* Thankfully, this pup didn’t get too badly told off, and the night cumulated in a bit more puppy play time and then a nice finish before we retired to bed πŸ˜‰

On the Saturday, we got up somewhat later than we intended to and we went off to meet ZentaiSkeleton at the local outlet village which has a few stores selling Lycra, before we headed to his house. I went out in my SprintSuit again, but the weather took a turn for the worse and a rain shower dropped the temperature by about 6 degrees. We had a wander round there, but this time I was good – the only thing we bought was chocolate and popcorn! After finishing the shopping trip, I helped mix up some gunge with Colin as it was decided that ZentaiSkeleton needed to experience this… After we had finished, we got cleaned up and went out for a meal – again, still dressed in Lycra.

Sunday was the day of the race, so I was wandering around in just a sprint suit before the race, ran the race in it and hung around in it afterwards as well… After the race, we ended up going to look in a TK Maxx, but didn’t find any decent Lycra there to buy (it is always a bit hit and miss!), although I did end up getting a tights and shorts combo in SportsDirect in the end. We headed back to the hotel where this puppy ended up relaxing and being both adult and childish – a bath, followed by some popcorn (childish) and cider (adult) before dressing in a nice Lycra combination for dinner. Although, having sticky BBQ Ribs might not have been a bright idea, I did manage to keep myself clean!

White Lycra Combo

After dinner, I ended up strapped to the bed in the hotel and being tormented and teased on E-Stim for a bit, which resulted in another happy, smiley pup!


On the Monday, we packed up and left, and drove down to the Steam Complex in Leeds to spend a few hours in the Sauna on the way home. This was nice and relaxing, and helped work off some of the muscle tension I’d had from the run. What’s worse, is that someone who we met last year for the first time remembered us πŸ™‚ I spent a lot of time there wearing a rubber cock toy as well which was fun πŸ™‚ I had to take it off while driving though as it was a bit uncomfortable πŸ™

After leaving Leeds we went to visit Forester and Jon on the way home for some dinner and a social chat – and Forester was showing off a video he had been editing (more on that later!) to us. We left there with enough time to get home… and I was told to stop in a Service Station and put the cock toy back on for the rest of the journey home… When we got home, I found myself strapped to the bed being milked by our Venus 2000 – and being driven to distraction and tormented after cumming! Pup was again smiling when he went to bed πŸ™‚

Another fun weekend came to an end, and unfortunately for the time being, it’s possibly the last fun Spot will be having for the next few weeks as I need to go to the vet to be repaired – people keep threatening that I will be walking out the hospital with a plastic lampshade on!