Sep 102014

Back at the beginning of March, I alluded to something involving Lycra, Wrestling and Gunge in a blog post about a Weekend Away. The good news is that Forester has now completed the editing he was doing on the video and it has been released, which I extend enormous thanks to him for 🙂

I’ve included the teaser images on this blog post, and the description from the sale page is below:

Amateur messy submission wrestling. With blue and green gunge and sports kit.

Spot and Forester start out wearing three layers of clothes.

1. Speedos

2. Lycra singlets

3. Football kits

The first round is a warm up. Once that’s over with the gunge starts flowing.

The loser of each round is the first to submit to their opponent. A submission is achieved by putting a hold on the opponent causing pain such that they tap out.

The loser of a round loses a layer of clothing and is gunged.

Once both are down to their speedos it becomes a first to cum loses match. The forfeit for losing is to give the winner a blowjob and receive a face full.

Both guys end become aroused as the fight for dominance continues.

To buy the video, you’ll need to use a messy website known as UMD – you can find the video at Messy Wrestling – Spot Vs Forester where it’s available for sale for $25.

I had a fantastic time making the video, as did Forester, and we hope you enjoy the video 🙂