Visit to @aquailafterdark – Feb 2019

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May 092019

Way back in February, Colin and I went to pay a visit to the charming Bun in Manchester; known on Twitter as @aquailafterdark and as a host who provides much Lycra fun times and very nice roast dinners. (Honestly, I didn’t just go for the Yorkshire Puddings!).

We travelled up by train, with a couple of bags full of a random selection of Lycra and a selection of bondage toys as well, looking forward to a weekend away and also, potentially, a chance to visit KennelKlub while in Manchester.

After a pleasant journey up to Manchester, 3 days of fun started… but I’m afraid, I can’t remember the order everything came in so I may need to just mention these as they come to mind!

As I’m a puppy, I’m not that well known for doing the housework *paws over eyes* but for some reason, Colin and the Bun managed to make me do some of the housework while I was away! Not only did they make me do it naked, I was also subjected to Ball Weights while I was doing it!

The first night started with me being dressed in Spiderman… and then Bun dressed in Venom… unfortunately, it seemed as if Venom is stronger than Spiderman and I might have ended up tied to the bed… and begging to go home with blue balls – against my will! What’s worse, is there was still another 2 days to go!

During the day on Saturday, I decided to visit Kennel Klub to see what it was like and to meet up with some friends. This was a good chance to catch up with some people, and meet some people (although, ironically – mostly outside!) and also to just have some puppy time – well, apart from when Colin decided to spill his drink on me :-p

After getting back from KennelKlub, I was kidnapped as a puppy by that evil Venom again, at the request of PupGizmo!

Bun and I also ended up camouflaged… can you see us in these photos?

Colin wanted a bit of peace and quiet so also spent time tying Bun and I together πŸ™‚

As I had a variety of different lycra with me, I was also tied down in some Singlets while listening to some “white noise” through headphones.

It was arranged that I was going to get messy at some point during the weekend, so Question Master Bun secured me in the bath and started asking me questions. I don’t think I managed to answer a single one correctly… good for him, and you – not so good for me!

Visitors to Bun often end up in a cupboard… I was put in there while Bun was tied to the bed and teased.

At the end of the visit, I was left in a leotard with E-Stim attached, and Bun was given the controls – well, I think it was Bun; he and Colin kept switching and I couldn’t see!

Sadly, like all good things … it has to come to an end eventually … but I had a pleasant journey home in some nice blue and yellow lycra tights, with a blue lycra leotard on under the t-shirt πŸ˜‰ *waggles*

A very enjoyable and fun weekend away … hope to do it again some day soon!

SLOSH – Live Show and Gunge Tank

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Jun 302017

Those who follow me on Twitter have probably already seen the details of this, but I thought I’d also write a Blog Post as well.

Over the last year or so, a club I’m a member of, SLOSH – for guys in to Wet and Messy play, have been planning a live show and as part of this I was tasked with building a Gunge Tank as part of it. I took this challenge head on, and did quite a bit of research online about them – and even took to drawing the designs for the tank in a CAD program before starting building it. Others in the group were involved in the game aspects of the show, while I got on with the tank.

With the day of the show rapidly approaching … it was time to test it – OK, actually this happened the day before the show!

Suffice to say, it worked – which meant it could be packed away in the car with the rest of the equipment for the show.

Everyone from the club was impressed with the tank, and members of the audience seemed equally impressed – especially those that ended up in it as part of the evening! I’ve been really appreciative of all the nice comments from people following the show and I’m glad everyone had a good time.

*woofs* and *wags*


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Dec 132015

I recently attended the latest SLOSH event at Barnet, where I was “rewarded” for being Mr Puppy UK with a packet of chocolate buttons… and some blue gunge. This was an unexpected gunging at the event – I was only expecting to be taking photographs πŸ™‚

Oct 122014
Higher or Lower–Forester V Spot
“The classic card game, given a messy twist!”

The traditional game of Higher or Lower takes on a messy twist in this game. With both contestants clad only in speedos, what will the results be?

Two participants start off clean, wearing speedos… after deciding who goes first, they get down to the game.

The rules of the game are simple: If you guess incorrectly, you got gunged… but if you find a pair, you lose your speedos to a bucket of gunge until your next correct answer.

Who will win the game?

Starring the following models:




Β  Β 
Sep 102014

Back at the beginning of March, I alluded to something involving Lycra, Wrestling and Gunge in a blog post about a Weekend Away. The good news is that Forester has now completed the editing he was doing on the video and it has been released, which I extend enormous thanks to him for πŸ™‚

I’ve included the teaser images on this blog post, and the description from the sale page is below:

Amateur messy submission wrestling. With blue and green gunge and sports kit.

Spot and Forester start out wearing three layers of clothes.

1. Speedos

2. Lycra singlets

3. Football kits

The first round is a warm up. Once that’s over with the gunge starts flowing.

The loser of each round is the first to submit to their opponent. A submission is achieved by putting a hold on the opponent causing pain such that they tap out.

The loser of a round loses a layer of clothing and is gunged.

Once both are down to their speedos it becomes a first to cum loses match. The forfeit for losing is to give the winner a blowjob and receive a face full.

Both guys end become aroused as the fight for dominance continues.

To buy the video, you’ll need to use a messy website known as UMD – you can find the video at Messy Wrestling – Spot Vs Forester where it’s available for sale for $25.

I had a fantastic time making the video, as did Forester, and we hope you enjoy the video πŸ™‚