Mr Puppy 2019 – Title Handover

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Feb 182019

Having been the first Mr Puppy UK back in 2015/2016, I’ve always enjoyed watching the title go from strength to strength… and that goes without saying as the title passes from Buumi to Trumpet for 2019.

The handover was planned, quite rightly, to be at Club Scritches, an event that Buumi has set up during his title year that runs in the Eden Bar in Birmingham. This was in January, and since I was free, it would be rude to not go along. This also marked my first visit to Scritches in the time that it has been running. *paws over eyes*

With the event happening in a large enclosed area of the pub, it was a really enjoyable event – plenty of good music (which lots of pups – including me – ended up “dancing” too!), lots of play space and lots of pups!

It was also nice to have a few puppies come up to me and want pictures with me or to talk to me as being part of the reason why they’d got involved in the pup scene.

With speeches by Buumi and Trumpet, the formal handover was completed, and the pups continued to play and party. Then, it is onwards to the rest of 2019.

With Thanks to Pup Snap for the photos 🙂

Mr Puppy Europe – 2017

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Mar 222017

Sorry this took a while to put paws to keyboard, but when you read on, you will see why I found it hard to write … … … Anyway … … … :

The weekend of the 18th and 19th February saw the Mr Puppy Europe Competition held at Darklands, as part of; unlike last year where I was competing at the competition (whilst being filmed!), this time I was helping with some of the organisation. Additionally, I had also volunteered to help at a couple of other things along the way for the organisers of leatherpride, Camp K9 and the X-Awards!!!.

We set off from home, to fly out from Luton Airport to Amsterdam, (where we were planning a break at the end of the event) and then jumped on the train to Antwerp. This set the tone of the weekend where I travelled from the Airport Car Park with my blue neoprene dog collar on. The flight there was generally uneventful, and we arrived at our hotel in good time.

At this point, I got changed in to my puppy outfit, repacked the bag slightly and we headed off down to Darklands for the remaining aspects of the Friday, and the opening VIP drinks reception. This gave us the opportunity to see the layout of the venue, catch up with those we know and meet up with various friends. The drinks reception was quite nice, and after it finished, we headed off for food to the Italian we found last year, still in the Zentai (although with clothes over the top) and then retired back to bed for the night.

The Saturday saw Day 1 of Mr Puppy Europe, and also the first of my various other activities I was helping with. As part of the opening introduction on the Main Stage, the Mr Puppy EU Host RipperMoff was doing a sketch where I was involved and had to act with him as a puppy on stage – it was the spoof “Barbera Woodhouse” ‘Sit!’ sketch.

This was great fun *wags* and then it was on to helping the 5 contestants – Pup Bentley: Mr Puppy NL, Pup Farex: Mr Puppy CH, Pup Makke, Pup Barka & Pup Piglet: Mr Puppy UK (or Pup Piglets Blog) and making sure they were OK having been through it myself last year.

On my return to Camp K9 it was time to relax for a bit with a chance to pay in the wonderful Ball Pit.

Then it was on to helping out with the Mr Puppy EU competition again … this time I was helping with the obstacle course as a “safety pup” and also as a bit of a distraction. I was like being a House Robot from the Robot Wars TV series – but in this sense the “House Puppy”… sitting in wait and then pouncing at the end.

My final bit of activity on the Saturday was to be involved in charity wrestling matches of “Pup v Superhero” wrestling matches – with two pups and two superheroes. I’m pleased to report that not only did I win all 5 of my rounds, but the other pup also won all 5 of his – so if you’re ever in trouble you need to call a pup not a superhero! *wags* This event also saw the debut of a new outfit for Spot – a twitter contact has turned one of my spare Dalmatian print zentai in to 2 Dalmatian print thongs – meaning that I can now be a puppy in even less clothes 😉 !

The evening saw us going to the same restaurant as the night before, although this time I’d changed back into normal clothes, having been in the thong rather than the Zentai before hand. However, on the wander back from the restaurant we must have taken a wrong turning somewhere and we ended up wandering around the Red Light District of Antwerp which was an interesting experience!

Sunday saw the main part of Mr Puppy EU, with the Interviews and Stage Presentations. Again, RipperMoff had asked me to help with this part and so I came to be rehearsing on stage while also helping with making sure that some of the contestants got to their interviews.

As the final rehearsals were completed, and it approached time to go on stage, the scene was set. The Master of Ceromnies / main presenter for the Darklands stage event led me on to the stage, and I went and sat like a good puppy in the corner.

He introduced Ripper, and he then left the stage … off we went in to a Cruella De Ville sketch.
RipperMoff did a short ‘phone call’ – wanting the “puppies to be kidnapped tonight”

and then Ripper left the stage for a quick change into a spotty dress. This pup then gets cat-napped by KittyRony to the theme tune of Mission Impossible

(I did well … I got to the safety railings at the front of the stage before my lead was clipped onto my back) and I was dragged off stage to be turned in to a fur coat 🙁 … BTW: From what the pups backstage said “it was quite funny to watch Ripper do a quick change to the theme tune of mission impossible” …
Anyway, RipperMoff re-enters on stage to do a song from 101 Dalmatians in the spotty dress …

meanwhile I remove everything except my hood, collar, paws and knee pads.
At the end of the scene, I was lead back on by ‘Cruella’ to prove that no pups were harmed in the making of the dress … and at this point I re-enter stage with nothing on except my puppy hood, collar, paw and knee pads – I had nothing else on! Much to everyone’s enjoyment – wolf whistles and a round of applause 🙂 *wags*

This was fine, but due to the quick changeovers between this and the next section for RipperMoff, I was left backstage in just the hood and paws (completely nude otherwise) for a few minutes before I could be allowed to change!

I was then there to offer comforting words to the pups that had to go on stage for their acts – a nervous experience as I know only too well!

The afternoon of the Sunday event also saw me presiding over a film screening of the C4 Documentary as the first Mr Puppy UK Title Holder, and the main feature of the documentary, with a Q&A session afterwards. I was also involved at this point with being a pup on-stage for helping present one of the X-Awards. After this I was then backstage to support pups before they went on stage for the results. This was probably the hardest part of the weekend for me mentally, due to my experience last year; that and by the time everyone was either onstage or out front taking photos for the official twitter feed I was all alone 🙁 I was quiet, but OK until the point at which the results were going to be announced, at his moment I had to wander off to give my head a chance to clear (pup hoods do well at hiding tears! 🙁 ) – last year for me was hard in a number of ways: I still have a deep sadness I didn’t succeed for the UK, I feel I let the team down for not being the 2016 title holder for Europe, I had a very awkward experience at the competition last year – and so in all, I just had to wander off to clear my mind from these sad thoughts…. [as a serious point to those that took part this year, I wasn’t in the right place in my mind to listen to the results – sorry]. It was while I was away I met someone that I have known domestically for a number of years! Talk about shock… but it also helped me come back to the happy side of pup life and such like – so in many ways it was bizarre, but a blessing to meet this friend 🙂 … I headed back to Camp K9 in happy spirits to give all the contestants a congratulations and hugs etc … They all did well – I’ve been there and it’s not an easy place to be – you are constantly on the go, with no time to relax, you’re there impressing the judges, being interviewed and just being the best you can be … so in my eyes, everyone deserves a medal for taking part, it takes courage!! FYI, Piglet (UK) came third, Bentley (NL) came 2nd and Farax (BE) was crowned the title holder for 2017.

As the end of the event wound down, the group of us from the Europe Competition went out on mass to the same Pizza Restaurant

– we had mentioned the night before to the waiters that we would be back – but I don’t think they were expecting the party of 2 to turn in to a party of 18 overnight! A fantastic meal was had by all – with me still in my pup gear, many others still displaying tails clipped on belts etc. and the majority, if not all, of the customers being from Darklands! “Cheers!!!” to all those that organised or took part in this years competition, and if any one (pups included) want support from me, then just *bark* at me and I will do what I can to help *wags*

After the meal we all went our separate ways, and said our congratulations and goodbyes … gave hugs to all, and then we wandered back to the hotel for a good nights sleep before setting off on the second part of our adventure.

The Monday saw us returning to Antwerp train station to depart for Amsterdam – but I wanted to travel as a pup, so bags packed, me in pup-gear, we set off (though I did keep the hood and paws in the bag, and only got them out for an odd photo or 2 on the journey). We ran in to RipperMoff at the train station before departing but other than that we enjoyed a nice train journey to Amsterdam, with me constantly as puppy. This did gather a few interesting looks from people on the way but I had fantastic fun doing it!

Amsterdam & our short holiday there is a separate blog post to follow 😀

Oh, and if you want to, you can read Pup Piglets interview with me before the Europe Competition on his blog
Also here is a link to Piglets account of the Mr Puppy Europe Competition


Sep 282016

Congratulations to @PupPiglet on being crowned as “Mr Puppy UK 2017″… Why 2017, I here you ask? Well, because of timings, it has been decided that the title will run for a calendar year, so the election on Saturday 24th September was to find the pup who will hold the title from 01/01/2o17 until 31/12/2017; and I’ll be Mr Puppy UK until 31/12/2016.

I know I’ve been quiet on the blog recently but this has been a combination of various reasons; work, domestic and also been a fairly busy year on the puppy front too… if anyone noticed! My time to put paws to paper has been lacking but I will catch up soon… and you’ll see a flood of posts coming, in no particular order. However, this post is about the most recent event – Mr Puppy UK… so let’s get on with it. *wags*

Saturday 24th September 2016 saw the election of the forthcoming 2017 Mr Puppy UK at the Pup Social. However, this meant it was a very different social for me as my commitments as a judge to find my successor meant that I couldn’t be much of a puppy.

Before I go too far though, I’d like to extend a paw of congratulations to the 7 competitors:
Pup Piglet
Pup Nox
Elektra pup
Pup Dash
who entered the contest and on having the courage to enter and participate – you are all absolutely wonderful!!!

The afternoon started with a welcome from Boss Bear and PupBrock before control of the proceedings was passed over to Sister Jacqui (@SisterJaqui on twitter) who then introduced the judges, the prizes, the sponsors and of course… the puppies competing, who also had the chance to talk to the audience for the first time. After a quick break and a quick demo by Scruff and Jacqui it was on to round 1 – the Puppy Agility course. My fellow judges and I were keeping an eye on the proceedings and scoring the pups as per the comprehensive scoresheet.

After a refreshment break (to also allow the agility course to be tidied away), it was on to the next round… the Puppy Mosh – and this was for all to join in on… and I couldn’t resist getting a better feel for the contestants by joining in and getting on the floor with them! This was a good chance to relax as the next aspect was by far the hardest one… interviewing each of the puppies with the other judges away from everyone else. Hopefully I wasn’t difficult with my questions though *paws over eyes*.

Next up was the performance round but Sister Jacqui thought that it was best to show another demo… this puppy ended up being pup-napped by Kitty and having my fur turned in to a dress! What the pups and handlers were not expecting was me to return in ONLY my pup hood and with just my paws covering my modesty! *blushes* However; it was brilliant fun to participate in this sketch and I gather it went down quite well with some of the people there 😉 😀

Jacqui’s performance obviously inspired the five pups who were moving forward to the next stage, as what followed was five excellent demonstrations from dancing through to some rope-work and even some juggling.

Unfortunately though, two pups had to leave the contest at this point. However, it wasn’t quite over for them as they had to decide on the “Dog Catcher” – a prize for the best handler in the room. After much deliberation, lots of treats and *tummy rubs*, both pups eventually agreed to a handler and the “Dog Catcher” was crowned.

A quick rest then occured while some of the admin work was done… the counting of the sticks for Pup Congeniality, and of course, the final tallying up of the scores from the judges.

As we reconvened, it was announced that Pup Dash was “Pup Congeniality”; Buster was 3rd (or 2nd Runner Up!); Elektra was 2nd (or 1st Runner Up) and then I had to do some more work. As my human personality, I hate standing up and doing public speaking, but somehow as Spot I can do so… which is just as well, as I had to make a speach! It was then announced by the honourable (dishonourable?) Sister Jacqui that Mr Puppy UK 2017 was… Pup Piglet.

Congratulations to all who entered … and the team behind Mr Puppy UK and Pup Social for an excellent event. … I have a few months more left of my Mr Puppy Title, and part of these will be used to hand over knowledge to the upcoming Mr Puppy UK 2017.



Darklands, LeatherPride, Antwerp

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Mar 202016

Following on from Mr Puppy EU


I thought I’d put paws to blog over some of the other aspects of the weekend in Antwerp…

In amongst Mr Puppy EU there were moments over the event where I had free time to visit some of the other stands – unfortunately due to the nature of the event, photos aren’t really permitted in general – but we were lucky enough to take some shots of me doing a couple of activities which don’t have anyone else in them…

For the first time ever, this puppy got a chance to play in a Vac Cube that was at the event, and what an experience it was. I had to first remove my hood and paws and harness so as not to tear the rubber. Then it was a case of climb inside through an edge, place my head through the neck hole and once comfy, they sealed me inside. … Then the vacuum was turned on and after a few seconds I started to get encased fully in latex. Once it had fully deflated around me, I had a bit of time on all-4’s which felt very natural for a pup… and then they turned me! I was now head facing up, and all of me was exposed, yet still on all-4’s! A bizarre but very comfy feeling. They they turned me again to face sideways, again fully exposed but now sort of lying on my side, but in a stance of being on all-4’s! … Having a try in a vac-cube is something that has always been on my wish-list to do … and now I’ve had the chance to do it, I want one for myself!

The pic are taken as snapshots, so aren’t the best quality they could be, but they give you the idea of what I was up to… though my tail looks rather ‘interestingly wrong!!!’ and almost looks rude!

A new purchase was also made when we visited a stall with some behind the back bondage cuffs meaning that there are now new ways to tie this puppy up… In due course I’m sure there will be pictures that will include these cuffs in service!

Once the event of Mr Puppy EU was over, and Leather Pride had finished, I was able to do something that had been tempting me all weekend whilst being a puppy – There was a frame over the Camp K9 area that was there with the specific purpose of suspension. I didn’t get a chance to do the suspension, but I did decide to jump up to it and then ‘hang around’ for a bit whilst up there – almost being semi gymnastic with it … Just wish I’d done it earlier and had more time to ‘pose’ whilst hanging there with my own paws 🙂 *wags*

Finally, on the Monday as we were leaving, we paid a visit to Mister B in Antwerp; having a browse around and a chat with the staff about various things; including that they recognised me as the E-Stim Systems puppy and that I was the UK winner of Mr Puppy UK (Though the jacket might have helped that as a clue). I also munched on their puppy treats they had, which were really nice and had a sweetness to them!

There was lots of things we could have bought, but we decided to be good and I only came away with some new white knee pads – which are discontinued, so I’ll need to take care of these ones! Reason for so little purchases was due to having only a small amount of limited luggage space left for the flight home.



Mr Puppy EU 2015

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Mar 202016

As part of winning Mr Puppy UK, I was automatically entitled to be entered in to Mr Puppy EU, held at LeatherPride in Antwerp, Belgium. This would be fine, but this puppy hasn’t been abroad in over 12 years, my passport was long since expired and lost… Thankfully, and to my surprise, between Christmas and New Year a new passport arrived for me. Pity I had to just be domestic in it though!

With my owner travelling abroad more often than I have, he was put in charge of flights and hotel bookings, and all I needed to do was drive to the appropriate airport, make sure I had all the pup gear with me and perform at the competition.

Thankfully, both sides came together quite well – we touched down in Brussels, and headed to find a train to Antwerp. Both my owner and I were initially disappointed, however, when we discovered we couldn’t go on a double decker train and had to make do with a normal train. However, due to the price differential, we did manage to book first class which was nice and comfy!

We arrived in Antwerp, duly booked in to our hotel and found our room was MASSIVE! We then got things sorted out ready for Saturday and then thought about heading out with two things in mind: finding the venue location so we knew where we were going on Saturday and also to go out to find food 🙂 It turns out that our “Double Room” was actually the suite though, so we were extremely happy. We wandered around, found some food and then after food we followed some people dressed in leather and headed up to the venue with them to see where it was and plan the route from the hotel… this was probably perhaps just as well, and thankfully an easy straight walk to and from the hotel.

The Saturday duly arrived, and with the bags packed for the trip out, we headed off to the venue. As part of the Mr Puppy EU competition, I was having to stay for a dinner afterwards, but my owner was not able to. We started off with being introduced on stage in front of an audience, before heading back to Camp K9 for a playtime and a chance to meet and chat. Next on our agenda was a chance to play in the mosh pit in front of the judges with the other pups – which was great fun if a little tiring! Unfortunately due to schedule changes on the main stage, most of the competition was now to be held on the Sunday!

The Saturday also gave us a chance to wander around the venue and see what else was going on; chatting to people from Regulation, and spotting a Vac Cube that people were able to play in.

By the time Saturday evening came around, my owner left to go for his food and back to the hotel while I went to the meal… well, it was just as well I remembered the route home, as I was a very happy puppy at the end having consumed quite a fair bit of red wine… the only thing I remember is that I talked to lots of things on the way back to the hotel, and that every puddle seemed to come out and catch me! After rinsing Spot and hanging him up to dry, I sorted out Sunday’s attire and then curled up for the night.

The Sunday was the big day… I put Rubber Spot on in the hotel room due to it being light and spacious before we set off down the event. Due to the weather, had to pull on my combats and fleece over the top though, which was a bit of a shame. The reason for the rubber was that I was dressing to impress at the interview stage of the competition *wags*. The interviews were the first thing of the day, so after the nerves of that were over, it was time to get changed out my rubber in to the normal Lycra outfit.

A chance for a quick rest, then it was on to the obstacle course, set up around the Camp K9 area. I thought I did quite well at this fun and enjoyable task, but it was completely up to the judges who were watching. After the Obstacle course, it was on to lunch – porridge in a bowl with some Pain au Chocolat and Belgian Waffles as a side snack. To say I made a mess eating this was an understatement…. I had porridge everywhere as I ate like a puppy would! Though porridge sets like concrete on the end of my nose!

After a period wandering around selling raffle tickets, it was on to the next two items – the final two things on Main Stage before the voting – a “Howl Along” and a “Puppy’s Got Talent” contest.

First up was the “Howl Along” … this was to be done in a similar way to “The Voice” from UK TV … 4 judges face away from the contestant and if they like what they hear as a song then they turn around. … I had a mental block and forgot the second part to my song and so my owner rushed back to grab my phone so I could do some last moment listening to the track to try and memorise the second half to my song. 2 pups before me and then came my turn! I was scared and nervous – not helped by the fact I still couldn’t remember the second part to my track. Too late now! The track started…
“*screech of tyres* … It must be Cruella. Your dearly devoted old school mate. Cruella de vil – that’s it”
Then I started to howl Curella de Vil as a pup. I got through the first bit ok, and then came the bit I couldn’t remember – so I just howled Crulla de Vil over and over. Thankfully not for to long as moments later the compare said to stop the track as all 4 judges had turned round. I was so relieved that was over!

One pup had a second chance due to being unable to hear his track – and I rushed out to support them and help them along with the beat of the track as they deserved all the help that could be given. I know that once he’d completed his moment, all the other pups dashed on and gave him a hug too.

The “Puppy’s got talent” was more fun, but not as well executed as I’d have liked … I tried to do some drawing with my puppy mouth – which was fine without the pup hood on, but unfortunately once the hood was on I couldn’t see the pen. … I made do with the best I could, and presented my paw print and name on paper to the judges and then after a quick moment on stage I wandered off backstage having completed the Talent section.

Then it was on to the public voting … and just a chance to casually wander around encouraging people to vote for me 🙂

Finally…. we were on to the results section and it was time to gather in the “backstage area” for the results – all of us nervous but supporting each other. We were all dragged up on stage, introduced and then the results were announced. Due to the time it’s taken for me to put paws to blog, everyone knows I came 3rd 😀 *wags*

There was a great camaraderie amongst all the entrants, and my congratulations to Bjoyd de Woef for winning!

We then proceeded to head out to a meal with the team and Bjoyd and then it was time to head back to the hotel, pack up and get ready to head off on the Monday morning.

… but that wasn’t all that went on during the weekend. Part 2 to follow shortly 😉