Heros and FetishBound Jan 2013

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Jan 172013


Despite having a cold which prevented me getting out and about as Spot to a New Years Party on New Years Eve, I had recovered sufficiently that I was raring to go to Heros on the first Sunday of the month.

As it happened, Gizmo was free to also go, and invited my owner and I to join him in London for some shopping and food before we headed off to Heros.

We decided we’d visit Regulation and also the shops in Soho during the day, so we met Gizmo at Angel so that we could head off to Regulation to see what bargains they had in the shop. A few things caught my eye, but I was generally a good puppy and kept my wallet in my pocket. The one thing I did end up buying was a second set of Suction Cuffs for playing in the shower, meaning that both hands and feet can be cuffed up. *whimpers* – that means I can’t run away from “Bath Time”

We headed from Regulation down to Soho, where we stopped to have a coffee before heading in to the other shops we wanted to go and have a look at. In Prowler, I was again taken with some of the clothing items they had, but decided I couldn’t really justify the cost of things. However, as we were walking back along, Clone Zone had a sale on in one of their shops, and this time, I saw a set of Blue N2N Lycra tights straight away as we walked in. After a quick browse round the shop, and with my owners encouragement (not that I needed it this time), I duly purchased them… and on heading to a cafe for a coffee and a chat, I decided it was worth changing in to them, all be it underneath my street clothes. I was impressed!! They were very comfy and I really really liked them *wags tail frantically* – though the one sad downside, is they’re probably not quite ‘public friendly’ enough to wear on their own.

The 3 of us then headed off for some proper dinner, then on to Heros, where we met LycraSteve and Mortice outside waiting on it to open as we were all slightly early. When it came to opening time, we headed inside to get changed for the evening. After having consumed my drink and showing of pictures from recent photoshoots, I settled down on the floor to become a puppy for the evening. Slowly, more and more people arrived, including a couple of friends of mine that I haven’t seen in ages, so in between being a puppy on the floor and chatting to them, I had a good evening.

One of the few things I do remember doing during the course of the evening was pulling Scamp around as he was holding on to my lead as I was being mischievous… although I did get ‘punished’ for this as I banged my head on one of the hanging cages again πŸ™ I was also up to my usual tricks of untying shoe laces and wanting belly rubs etc. We left, just after the 10pm ‘finish time’ of Heros, to get the tube back home (as it takes about an hour, and we don’t want to wait on last trains) and gave Gizmo a lift back to his car in a different station car park.

During the course of the evening, discussion was made about whether we were going to the FetishBound event on the following Friday, but we said we were not really sure if we would be or not. After we got home, and over the next couple of days, we spent some time discussing whether it was practical and feasible to go … as it happened, we were free on the Friday night, and quite a few people we knew of were going to be going, so we decided that we’d probably be heading along on the night.

Minor whoops injury on the Thursday before Fetishbound … I attempted to cut the tip of my index finger off on my right hand, and probably should have gone to hospital to have it looked at. Though the Friday morning, although throbbing slightly, the cut was beginning to heal – PHEW!!!!

We set off on the Friday night to head in to London and arrived outside Central Station about 6.45 – but as we’re not pass holders (and can’t really make it often enough to justify being ones) we had to wait outside until 7pm when the event opens to the ‘general public’ … so just before 7pm, we set off down the stairs to pay and get changed (which more meant dropping our street clothes as we both had our gear on underneath), and putting the finishing touches on me – the hood, paws and knee pads and harness.

After getting changed, I spent most of the night in the area most appropriate to me – the KennelBound area of the club primarily for pups. During the course of the night, quite a few people came up to me and spoke to me while I was there, one of which was Scamp – who spent the night trying to be dominant rather than sub/pup – but it failed, as everyone kept giving him scratches behind the ear πŸ˜€ It also didn’t take that long before he dropped on the floor to say hello to me at our usual level. Part of the reason for always giving him scratches was because it is what both my owner and I are used to – he’s a pup πŸ™‚

About an hour into the night, I had to take my paws off since my finger was starting to hurt – but it didn’t stop me being a pup, I still stayed on the floor!

I spent much of the night observing what was going on, mainly as I didn’t want to bang my poorly paw on anything, and chatting to a few people we knew – some from FetishBound, some from Heros and some just in general. We had planned to leave at about 10:30 but as I had ventured away from the KennelBound area and was being stroked and having ear scritches which in turn made me so relaxed, we decided to stay a bit longer.

I became a bit more mischievous was told by to sit, as I was attacking shoelaces. I didn’t react to “SIT” straight away, and so was corrected by someone in the club (sorry I didn’t know who, but in pup mode I don’t pay much attention to names etc). This correction of my behaviour was a bit of a surprise, but deep inside me I felt amazing. This led to me being petted, stroked and I became so relaxed and peaceful I really deeply dropped in to pup-space; to the extent I was showing even more pup qualities than I have in the past. For an example, I was semi-aware that I was nuzzling into the crotch area of the person stroking me, which isn’t one of my more usual traits, though in this instance it just came naturally and I didn’t feel threatened or worried by doing it.
(Sorry – this paragraph may not read easily, but I can’t work out how to write down how I felt, since I was so calm and relaxed and amazed and happy all at the same time, and all-in-all I can’t describe it in words)

Hmmm – there’s a thought: is it worrying that some people now wear velcro shoes just so I can’t undo their shoe laces??? I think I might have a reputation *paws over eyes*

At 11:30 when the club finished we finally left, but it was definitely worth staying for the extra time. I decided it was best to take my Zentai off as it was dirty, and my poorly paw was probably best out in the open to heal – so I had to change back in to full civvies for the journey home. It was a good night, and one that we would quite happily go back to when everything aligns and I can get the chance to go!

FetishBound 1

Visit to Statik’s on 12th September

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Oct 082012

A couple of weeks ago, my owner and I received an invite to go and visit Statik for the evening for some pizza, kink and a chance to meet MikePaws and PVCPup – who we’d met briefly at our last visit to the BBB, but had wanted to meet Spot even more. An extra surprise was that Gizmo was also invited along and would be heading there after he’d got his car.

It was requested that I come in full pup gear, ideally with my rubber puppy outfit on, rather than my normal Lycra one, which I’d agreed to assuming the temperature was OK. After the pizza had been ordered, I made the decision to change in to the full latex puppy outfit so that I’d be ready when the Pizza Man came to the door to greet him… I was changed in time, and this prompted PVCPup to go off and get changed in to his new rubber outfit as well.

Pizza had arrived, and I didn’t fully greet the pizza man at the door (Statik would like to use that particular pizza company again!) but I then started lounging around on the floor until PVCPup reappeared – at which point, we met as puppys do πŸ˜€

I was starting to get slightly stiff on the floor, so I eventually moved up on to the couch, at which point we started making a “Pup Sandwich” with Gizmo (who was dressed as a human *whines*) myself and PVCPup. This then involved more of a carry-on including me trying to grab Gizmo’s shirt sleeve, but instead biting his arm instead *paws over eyes*

All in all, it was a good fun night and I enjoyed myself getting a chance to just relax and unwind for the evening πŸ™‚



Weekend Play Session with Gizmo and Max

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Jun 272012

My owner and I were invited to join Max and Gizmo for a weekend in Bristol, and we decided that we would accept the invitation.

On Saturday morning, we packed a variety of toys and clothing to take with us, including the Vac Bed – as I don’t often get the chance to be a vacuum packed puppy at home *whine* and after loading the car, and getting some provisions, we set off for the 2hr drive to Bristol.

We arrived with them in the late afternoon, and we spent the rest of Saturday evening just relaxing and chilling out, for Sunday was when the real fun was to come *wags tail*. My owner put me to bed wearing my puppy hood, mitts and a ball weight, but I just couldn’t convince my brain to accept wearing the kinky stuff in an outfit that I generally wear for domestic purposes (my dalmatian print baby grow), so unfortunately these had to be removed before I went to sleep.

I stirred about quarter past nine on the Sunday morning, and was put back in to a similar outfit by my owner (before I was fully awake, that’s not fair!) – except instead of a ball weight, I had a leather cock and ball strap attached, which has two rings on it, and some ankle cuffs. My mitts are then attached to one-another, but also through a ring – and likewise, the ankle cuffs – meaning that this pup has to stay on all 4s.

I must, at this point, have drifted back off to sleep for a bit though, as the next thing I remember was waking up to see a Rubber Pup Hood in front of my eyes when my blindfold on the hood was removed. My first thought was that this was Gizmo, but then I caught sight of him standing domestically to my side so realised that this must have been Max instead … I was one confused puppy at this point in time!

After a quick spot of breakfast, the rest of the day’s fun began. It started off with Max assembling his cage in the living room, along with a little help from Gizmo.Β  Just after this was completed, I was put in the cage, the door was locked and padlocked behind me. *whines* I was left in there for a bit, but was then eventually released… although only briefly, so that I could have some sticky pads attached to my bottoms and the e-stim remote box was added on motion mode. With a dog collar added, the E-stim box was hung at my neck – so I couldn’t avoid moving and getting zapped *whimpers*

After a bit of time, I was let out by Max so that he could use some rope that my owner and I had bought on a previous visit to the BBB to put me in a rope harness… this was so comfortable that I actually remained in it for the rest of the day until it was time to go home.

I was periodically put back in the cage, and let out… and usually when I was let out something else happened to me too. One such experience meant that I was restrained in more rope and with the E-Stim 2B unit connected to the sticky pads, my bottom cheeks were slowly given a working as the E-Stim box was slowly worked up to being at 100% (thankfully only on the low setting!) . My bottom had only just recovered today! While I was restrained in more rope, and unable to see what was going on, I ended up having one of our penis plugs inserted as well.

Throughout the afternoon, various play occurred along with more normal things like lunch and dinner… However, it was at this point that the Vac Bed came out to play and was set up in the living room floor – well, you can guess what happened at this point. Pup got locked back in his cage! The nice, shiny Vac Bed was all set up but I didn’t know if I was going to be allowed a go in it πŸ™

It was decided that Gizmo would be the first one in the Vac Bed, so he duly climbed in and the hoover was switched on… and Max started teasing him and tormenting him through the latex with a vibrating massager, and generally just teasing him.

After Gizmo was allowed out, Max suddenly ran off up stairs, mentioning something secretive on the way out, which intrigued this puppy greatly. When he returned down the stairs, though, he’d produced a sign to attach to the cage with the words “Spot’s Hotel” written on it πŸ˜€ I jokingly said I’d need to give the accommodation a ‘5 paw’ rating, which I’ll do later on in this post πŸ™‚

After taking a few pictures of ‘Spot’s Hotel’ and me, it was decided that Max would get his go in the Vac Bed, and Gizmo returned the favour – tormenting and teasing him through the latex. Eventually, the hoover needed a rest, and I was still sitting in the cage, wondering if I’d get a go!

When Max and Gizmo went to cook dinner, my owner decided that I could get a go in the Vac Bed… so I got out the cage. The chains that were attached to me were removed, but I slowly climbed in the Vac Bed with the E-Stim Pads, Cuffs, Mitts, Rope Harness and penis plug and waited on that moment when the air starts getting sucked out the bed. I’m told, and the pictures show, that everything looked really quite nice through the latex, which was good… I was also teased and tormented when in the bed, but I’d agreed with my owner that I didn’t want to finish there, preferring it when we got home.

After I got out the vac bed, we had a relaxed dinner, and a bit of a chin wag before, unfortunately, everything had to come to an end as it was time to head back to home πŸ™

I’d like to thank Gizmo and Max for inviting us around to play – I thoroughly enjoyed it. A few pics are included in this post too πŸ™‚

Spot’s Hotel, Bristol – A Review

Spot’s Hotel in Bristol is in a quiet and peaceful location which offers glorious views and is easy to find – and with the accommodation being particularly spacious. The rooms are particularly secure, and offer a great deal of comfort. There are friendly staff, that tend to a pup’s every need, and provide good food for the duration of your stay. The hotel offers excellent value for money, and has the added bonus of being Wi-Fi enabled. The treats on offer, shortbread dog bones, are of an excellent standard, and absolutely delicious.

There is, however, a minor drawback which prevents this hotel receiving 5 paws. One of the main ones is that room service is limited to just drinks and snacks. It is possible to have full room service, but for this, you have to have less comfortable conditions.

The staff can also be a little mischievous, tempting residents with buttons when they can’t get to them, so you have to keep them in check.

Paw Star Rating: