January 2016 – The start of a fun year!

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Feb 142016

Forgive me for the delay in writing about January, a lot happened and I’ve been involved in quite a few things since then which has delayed me putting paws to keyboard.

I actually had quite a busy January, managing to attend quite a few events, including a new one – more details later on that though.

January started off with a visit to Heros, although due to work commitments I arrived quite late with just enough time to wish people a happy new year, have a drink and then to go back home on the train. However, it was a great chance to chill out as me at the start of the year.

I then managed to make a visit, for the first time in a long time, to Fetishbound where I met up with quite a few puppies that I know – Huskin, Marbles, Acey, Hexyc, Flint. I had a good time playing with all the pups there batting balls around etc.

Then it was time for my visit to a new place… As part of winning Mr Puppy UK, I won free admission to Kink in Liverpool, an event run by The Kinksters. It was something I’d wanted to visit for a number of years, but work very often got in the way. However, this time it didn’t. We’d booked our hotel and our train and on the Friday, my owner and I travelled up, with me wearing my dog collar all the way there.

We got to Liverpool, and as we were taking our bag down on the train, we discovered the end pouch with all the bondage cuffs etc. had been ripped – thankfully, nothing fell out and we could fit it elsewhere in the bag… but that could have been embarrassing.

After getting in to the hotel, showering and having a spot of dinner, we took off for the club. As it was our first time there, we were allowed in 30 minutes early to have a familiarisation tour around the venue. We enjoyed the tour then I set about getting changed, and my owner helped a friend we met there get in to the rubber.

After a spot of wandering around, experiencing the venue and meeting people I’d not seen in a long time, I had a bit of a play in the puppy room with the pups and we enjoyed some of Sister Jacquei’s bingo game. Unfortunately, the one facility in the venue that I wanted to play with, a bondage wheel, was broken on this visit ๐Ÿ™ but hopefully it will be fixed when we return again.

My owner ended up locking me in to the isolation cell in the downstairs basement, a padded, darkened room for a good period of time, then when I was out I was attached to a stretching rack and stretched for a bit. However, all too soon the evening came to an end and it was time to head back to the hotel.

We both had a fantastic time, and when events and no work commitments coincide I’ll definitely be going back!

On the Saturday after Kink I woke up still in full Spot outfit, as I’d been so tired once back at the hotel I must have sat on the bed and fallen straight to sleep … still with harness, knee pads on etc! In the morning – once re-dressed normally – for the journey home, I was wired up to the E-Stim Systems Remote Box with the sticky electrodes in a fun location ๐Ÿ˜‰ … and on the entire journey home from about 11:30 am I was tormented! nearly 2 batteries were flattened, and then once it was nearly bedtime I was then put onto the E-Stim Systems 2B power box and was eventually allowed to have a very happy ending to the weekend! *wags*

There has been other moments in January, mainly involving electro stimulation stuff from E-Stim Systems … It’s been a fun month! ๐Ÿ™‚

On top of this, there was the visit to the Pup Social, which I got heavily involved with playing with a laser pointer! I also had fun playing with other pups, batting a big tennis ball and puppy bowls between us! … There was also a Skype call with Bethany, which was fun too. … After the afternoon session, it was time for dinner …. then back for the evening. Time rattled past very quickly, and the next thing we know it had gone midnight, and it was time to leave! ๐Ÿ™ *whimpers* … Still, a great time was had, and looking forward to the next one.

*wags tail*

Now it’s February, and my main event this month is going to be going to Antwerp for Mr Puppy EU. Wish me luck!


SLOSH, Heros and a Party

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Apr 112015

The first Saturday in March saw me attending two events… a SLOSH meeting in Rochester, and then Club Heros after.

On the way to the SLOSH event, I travelled in the customary lycra, and gave Moogal (who we were meeting on the way) a bit of a surprise as he wasn’t expecting me to be wearing what I was ๐Ÿ™‚ This was the same outfit I wore to Birmingham recently, with a picture below from the Birmingham outing.


We eventually arrived at Rochester, and as the event got underway, I got involved in taking photographs for publishing on the club website and in the magazine… but somehow, my owner and Marbles and some others convinced me to get involved, being told there was only one bucket of gunge for me!


The evidence in the image shows 3 buckets, so I was quite clearly conned by my fellow pups *sulks* (sort of ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). However, the one benefit of attending these events is that I can go off and relax in the heat of the sauna and the steam room – something which I like doing.

At the end of the event, we left as we had to head off to Heros for the evening – unfortunately, not joined by my fellow lycra lovers in SLOSH, but a great time was had in the social atmosphere, and it was nice to also speak to a few newbies there for the first time.

A few weeks later, I actually had an outing as Spot, being invited to a party where I was welcome to be puppy due to the nature of the attendees at the event. As well as a great chance to relax and let my hair down as a pup, it also showed me that I am apparently quite proficient in the game of ‘Giant Jenga’ as a pup – oh, and being used as a drinks table at the same time!

Pupatpartywithdrink  ย    ย   pupatpartyplayingJenga

As the party descended in to more serious fun, it was a chance for my owner and I to demonstrate our E-Stim Systems kit on one of the guests who wanted to try it out… something which I think he was enjoying ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also managed to get to spend some time in the cage at the party, but it was far too big for me – too much room to spread out ๐Ÿ˜€

All in all, a great start to the month ๐Ÿ™‚ *wags*

May Heros

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May 152014

Saturday, 3rd May seemed to be a rather strange day… normally, we spend the first Sunday of the month getting ready to go to Heros, but in case anyone had missed it, May marked the first month that Heros would now be held on a Saturday.

After getting everything prepped and ready, my owner and Iย made our way there in two frames of mind wondering whether people would remember or how many new people we would see there. As it turns out, it ended up being quite a busy night.

It started off with the doorman making sure people were there for the right evening, and actually convincing those that were there for the wrong night to grab some Lycra out the bag and say for Heros … by the end of it there appeared to be a few converts ๐Ÿ™‚

The evening progressed much as a Sunday night would, but with different faces and many of the regulars who had remembered that the night had changed… it was actually quite a nice evening to enjoy, and with it being summer, it was a pleasant evening.

It did still feel incredibly strange to be going on a Saturday, but I guess I’ll get used to it.



April LAM and Heros

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Apr 172014

The first Sunday of this month saw this puppy attending two events, and having a fantastic time at both… but it was the last time Iโ€™ll be attending one of them in it’s current format – but more on that later.

The first event I attended was the London Alternative Market (LAM), which is an event that I don’t often get the chance to attend for various reasons… however, this month I made a special effort as the theme of one of the talks was on Pet Play. Additionally, there was also a “Best Dressed Pet” competition, which was also part of the reason for turning up.

Due to tube engineering works, and not feeling particularly well, we took the opportunity to travel in to London from our local National Rail station rather than driving, which meant it was a more relaxed journey in. Had I been feeling well, this would have been an opportunity to travel in Lycra but as it was, it didnโ€™t present the opportunity. We made our way to the LAM, and after arriving the format of the competition was explained – you had to collect vouchers from the other visitors and the one with the most won the competition – but we had limited time, because voting for collecting the vouchers closed about 45 minutes after we arrived!

To maximise collection opportunities, I went straight off to get changed in to full puppy mode then came back out and started wandering around. Very quickly, I started to collect the odd vote and by the time I moved back towards the entrance, I decided it might be better to wait (and beg?) there. *wags*

I continued to collect more votes, and towards the end of voting time, there was a parade of the pets around the venue, and an opportunity to collect last minute votes, at which I managed to collect a few more… We moved to just outside The Dogโ€™s Bolloxx stand where the count was to take place, along with the announcement of the prizes. First prize went to a latex cat with 76 votes… and second place went to….. me ๐Ÿ™‚ *wags tail rapidly* with 30 votes. Ironically, on arrival, and seeing the prizes Iโ€™d wanted 2nd place anyway, as the prize was blue ๐Ÿ™‚

After having a quick break to cool down, and a chance to actually look at the stalls with my hood off, it was time to go to the Pet Play demonstration, given by Leo from The Dogโ€™s Bolloxx, which was quite interesting and a good introduction to Pet Play for those that havenโ€™t experienced it and want to, or who are intrigued as to what it is. After this, we had to make a quick exit as we were meeting PupGizmo for dinner before going on to Heros. I changed back to domestic clothes, although I did put on my prize of my new blue collar ๐Ÿ˜€

This was to be the last time Iโ€™d ever be attending Heros on itโ€™s regular Sunday night because as of May, the event will now be held on the First Saturday of the Month at the same times. Please follow @clubHeros for more information and updates on the event.

This was a pleasant night catching up with Gizmo, Scamp and Mark and others that were there, and a good chance to relax and unwind. I did debate going home still changed, but decided against it just in case I ran in to someone…

It was a fantastic Sunday out, and below are a couple of pictures of me at the LAM by Scratch and Co.

Puppy Begging for votes *wags*

Puppy Begging for votes *wags*

Puppy near the front door

Puppy near the front door

Puppy with 2nd Prize

Puppy with 2nd Prize

February Heros

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Feb 232014

It was a rather special Heros this month, as John (the owner of the club) was making his first appearance at a Heros since his recent spell of bad health – and everyone was delighted to see him there and pass on their best wishes.

For me, the night was a chance to catch up and play with some other puppies – Scamp was there for the first time this year, and MlatexM was over from Russia, and was brought along for the night so it was nice to just pup out for a bit and catch up with friends.

After we arrived home from Heros, it was a chance for a different kind of relaxing time… I was told to put on the big set of Ball Weights that we have – but it was just marginally too long – so I ended up in 3 of our smaller sets, being tied to the bed and having the 2B Control Unit from E-Stim Systems connected up to the various electrode points.

This was actually a different sensation that what we normally have done since while I was wearing 3 ball weights, between the last set and the other two, I had a rubber loop to seperate the weights. The electro was attached to the bottom single weight meaning that the stimulation was from the very bottom of my ball sack as opposed to just feeling it all over the scrotum.

It was a very pleasurable experience and certainly something I would be experimenting with in the future.

3 Ball Weights and E-Stim