Fetishbound & Collared – March

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Apr 242016

I took advantage of having some free evenings, which coincided for once with events in London, to attend both Fetishbound and Collared recently(ish!) in March.

At Fetishbound on the Friday, I had a chance to meet some new people and catch up with some old friends… Although I wasn’t quite with it, as this week had been quite emotional one of self discovery. I did pup up and have some fun with squeaky toys though. I even found the time to curl up and have a ‘sleep’ in the dog cage *wags*. This was a nice relaxing evening where I got to just be a puppy and have some fun, but reflect on what I had learnt from earlier in the week πŸ™‚

At Collared on the Saturday, I went along earlier to meet with @PupBrock and @PupOnHisKnees for a chat before heading to the club to then met up with @MarblesWoofy and @CarlHuskin when we got there.

I started the evening off by chatting to someone about my Pup Life as they were quite inquisitive about my attire after a while, I noticed that Huskin was being tied up … and then I started being mischievous … but he had an opportunity to get his own back on me later in the evening!

I was taken by one of the pieces of bondage furniture they had in the venue, and ended up strapped on a bench that could tilt me almost upside down… now of course, while this was going on, Mark, Marbles, Huskin and my owner were teasing me at the same time. It was unfortunate that I didn’t get to spend as much time upside down as I may have wanted to as the others wanted a go, and we only had limited time, but it was still fun. I don’t think, though, that any pictures were taken of this πŸ™

As I was released, Marbles was strapped in… so I took some time to tease him before it reached the point in the evening where we had to go home, due to plans for the Sunday and also tube train schedules.

All in all, it was a nice few evenings, where I was able to reflect and be a pup for a few hours.

January 2016 – The start of a fun year!

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Feb 142016

Forgive me for the delay in writing about January, a lot happened and I’ve been involved in quite a few things since then which has delayed me putting paws to keyboard.

I actually had quite a busy January, managing to attend quite a few events, including a new one – more details later on that though.

January started off with a visit to Heros, although due to work commitments I arrived quite late with just enough time to wish people a happy new year, have a drink and then to go back home on the train. However, it was a great chance to chill out as me at the start of the year.

I then managed to make a visit, for the first time in a long time, to Fetishbound where I met up with quite a few puppies that I know – Huskin, Marbles, Acey, Hexyc, Flint. I had a good time playing with all the pups there batting balls around etc.

Then it was time for my visit to a new place… As part of winning Mr Puppy UK, I won free admission to Kink in Liverpool, an event run by The Kinksters. It was something I’d wanted to visit for a number of years, but work very often got in the way. However, this time it didn’t. We’d booked our hotel and our train and on the Friday, my owner and I travelled up, with me wearing my dog collar all the way there.

We got to Liverpool, and as we were taking our bag down on the train, we discovered the end pouch with all the bondage cuffs etc. had been ripped – thankfully, nothing fell out and we could fit it elsewhere in the bag… but that could have been embarrassing.

After getting in to the hotel, showering and having a spot of dinner, we took off for the club. As it was our first time there, we were allowed in 30 minutes early to have a familiarisation tour around the venue. We enjoyed the tour then I set about getting changed, and my owner helped a friend we met there get in to the rubber.

After a spot of wandering around, experiencing the venue and meeting people I’d not seen in a long time, I had a bit of a play in the puppy room with the pups and we enjoyed some of Sister Jacquei’s bingo game. Unfortunately, the one facility in the venue that I wanted to play with, a bondage wheel, was broken on this visit πŸ™ but hopefully it will be fixed when we return again.

My owner ended up locking me in to the isolation cell in the downstairs basement, a padded, darkened room for a good period of time, then when I was out I was attached to a stretching rack and stretched for a bit. However, all too soon the evening came to an end and it was time to head back to the hotel.

We both had a fantastic time, and when events and no work commitments coincide I’ll definitely be going back!

On the Saturday after Kink I woke up still in full Spot outfit, as I’d been so tired once back at the hotel I must have sat on the bed and fallen straight to sleep … still with harness, knee pads on etc! In the morning – once re-dressed normally – for the journey home, I was wired up to the E-Stim Systems Remote Box with the sticky electrodes in a fun location πŸ˜‰ … and on the entire journey home from about 11:30 am I was tormented! nearly 2 batteries were flattened, and then once it was nearly bedtime I was then put onto the E-Stim Systems 2B power box and was eventually allowed to have a very happy ending to the weekend! *wags*

There has been other moments in January, mainly involving electro stimulation stuff from E-Stim Systems … It’s been a fun month! πŸ™‚

On top of this, there was the visit to the Pup Social, which I got heavily involved with playing with a laser pointer! I also had fun playing with other pups, batting a big tennis ball and puppy bowls between us! … There was also a Skype call with Bethany, which was fun too. … After the afternoon session, it was time for dinner …. then back for the evening. Time rattled past very quickly, and the next thing we know it had gone midnight, and it was time to leave! πŸ™ *whimpers* … Still, a great time was had, and looking forward to the next one.

*wags tail*

Now it’s February, and my main event this month is going to be going to Antwerp for Mr Puppy EU. Wish me luck!


Mar 242013

During March I’ve been up to a few things but haven’t had time to write them up until now due. So:

The first weekend of March saw in Heros at the Backstreet club in Mile End. Some of the usual visitors couldn’t make it for differing reasons, but Spot was there… All-be-it a bit shattered from an event that lasted 26 hours so very little sleep was grabbed prior to Heros, but I survived!
I wasn’t as playful as I would normally be, but that was not the end of the world. I took along my pictures from some recent photoshoots and actually had a good time chilling and relaxing.
It was quite a quiet month for numbers, but if you’ve ever been wondering if you should be visiting Hero’, then why are you waiting? It is a very calm atmosphere of like minded skintight wearing people. Have a drink in your favourite lycra / rubber / skin tight clothing and have a chat… Or if you want to, wander further into the darker corners πŸ˜‰ ….
Entry is still very reasonable, as are the drink prices… So come down, say “hi”, enjoy the night… Even this puppy doesn’t bite. I may be playful, but I’m well trained (or I think I am anyway)

The second Friday of the month then saw a visit to FetishBound. 3 times in 3 months! Unfortunately I can’t always attend due to work and various other commitments, but this has got to be a record for the beginning of this year!
FetishBound had it’s usual playful atmosphere and everyone was having fun. I also got to meet RexPup (Scamps owner) in person.
A sad point here to make, and a bit of a serious one! The March FetishBound saw a mark of respect towards Romper who sadly took his play a bit too far and so is no longer with us. It was really nice to see all at the club show their respect and I thank you for that. Be good when you play, and make sure it’s safe, and don’t make the same mistake as Romper… It can go wrong too easily, so please be sensible.
Play time resumed after this, and I turned Scamp into a squeaky play toy with the squeaker I’d extracted from a dead puppy toy (sorry Kye).
Max and Gizmo were there too, and it was really nice to catch up with them.
The evening went fairly quickly, and due to many reasons we left slightly before the end. Max And Gizmo left at the same time as us.
Not sure when I’ll next be at FetishBound, but soon I hope.

Mid March, I headed up to the Birmingham Bizzar Bazzar to say hi to a few people, as I haven’t been for months.
The other reason for heading there was to go see Latex101 to give them the Latex Spot back so that his zip can be repaired, since I had popped the zip last time I used him πŸ™ *whine*
I also went to see Art on Leather as they had just finished a painting that featured my hands πŸ˜‰ … I’m sure that over the next few months there may be more of these paintings appearing.
A quick catch up with Nick on the E-Stim Systems stand where I was allowed chocolate buttons as I’m a good puppy. I was also lucky since I’d gone wearing my E-Stim Systems remote box, but Nick’s remote had gone flat, so I wasn’t shocked too often that day.
We didn’t stay long there, and went wandering into Birmingham where in TK-Maxx I found some nice running capri (shin length) tights… So as you may have guessed, I bought them, though they will be primarily be used for their proper purpose.
When we left Birmingham, we texted Gizmo to see if he wanted to go out for a meal. He said yes with a bit of persuasion… So a nice relaxed meal rounded the day off nicely.

Another March event occurred, but I’ll write that up in the next few days.


Mar 072013

Sorry – though I’d posted this – but I must have saved it to draft as opposed to publishing it!!! I blame my paws …

During February, we have bought a couple of new toys, been to a couple of events, and I’ve been involved in a fetishy photoshoot.

We made our monthly trip to Heros, which was surprisingly quiet – we arrived a bit later than normal to find only one other person there – Scamp. Slowly the night built up in terms of numbers, but I ended up becoming a very ill puppy by the end of it, not because of a cold, but due to eating – I managed to eat the about 2/3rds (maybe more!) of a large tin of celebrations which were on the bar! I was on a major sugar high – over full but bounding all over the place at the same time, unfortunately that also means that there’s the “come down” period after it though, where I really did feel ill.

We also went out to Fetishbound later that week, where we met PuppyCal and gxusm for the first time. I ended up having a nice relaxing night, spending some time in the cage and being mischievous with another puppy. I unintentionally ended up chewing to death a doggy toy that Kye had brought, but I do now have a squeaker from inside it *wags* πŸ˜‰ .

The following Sunday, after Fetishbound, I dispatched my owner to Regulation with a shopping list – I’d wanted a Squarepeg Puppy Tail for a while, and when we were there in January, they didn’t have any left in the size I wanted, so I wasn’t able to get it. However, through the power of Twitter, we’d established that there were some arriving and that they’d now arrived, so he went off to buy one. He surprised me when he came back by finding a Stainless Steel chain collar (I used to wear a chrome plated one but became allergic to it) and a huge padlock which was quite nice πŸ™‚

Having a ‘real’ tail now means this means that puppy can now *wag* his tail a lot better.

During this month, I’ve also been involved in a fetish photoshoot, where I was suspended inverted and spun round, Fire Breathing was also happening around me and just generally acting pup-like with the other people involved in the photoshoot. This is sort of hard to explain in words, so sorry it seems a little open-ended and vague… I had a great time, and once the photoshoot had finished, I came home wearing my Royal Blue N2N Performance X Runner tights, and a blue running t-shirt. En-route home, we stopped at a service station to get food, and due to young people being around and not wanting to cause up-set to the public, I put a fleece on that was low enough to hide certain bits of me that, due to the nature of the N2N tights, was very obvious (ok, it was covered – but prominent) πŸ˜‰ … I knew I was in kinky attire, but the public saw a person in running tights and a fleece.

Heros and FetishBound Jan 2013

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Jan 172013


Despite having a cold which prevented me getting out and about as Spot to a New Years Party on New Years Eve, I had recovered sufficiently that I was raring to go to Heros on the first Sunday of the month.

As it happened, Gizmo was free to also go, and invited my owner and I to join him in London for some shopping and food before we headed off to Heros.

We decided we’d visit Regulation and also the shops in Soho during the day, so we met Gizmo at Angel so that we could head off to Regulation to see what bargains they had in the shop. A few things caught my eye, but I was generally a good puppy and kept my wallet in my pocket. The one thing I did end up buying was a second set of Suction Cuffs for playing in the shower, meaning that both hands and feet can be cuffed up. *whimpers* – that means I can’t run away from “Bath Time”

We headed from Regulation down to Soho, where we stopped to have a coffee before heading in to the other shops we wanted to go and have a look at. In Prowler, I was again taken with some of the clothing items they had, but decided I couldn’t really justify the cost of things. However, as we were walking back along, Clone Zone had a sale on in one of their shops, and this time, I saw a set of Blue N2N Lycra tights straight away as we walked in. After a quick browse round the shop, and with my owners encouragement (not that I needed it this time), I duly purchased them… and on heading to a cafe for a coffee and a chat, I decided it was worth changing in to them, all be it underneath my street clothes. I was impressed!! They were very comfy and I really really liked them *wags tail frantically* – though the one sad downside, is they’re probably not quite ‘public friendly’ enough to wear on their own.

The 3 of us then headed off for some proper dinner, then on to Heros, where we met LycraSteve and Mortice outside waiting on it to open as we were all slightly early. When it came to opening time, we headed inside to get changed for the evening. After having consumed my drink and showing of pictures from recent photoshoots, I settled down on the floor to become a puppy for the evening. Slowly, more and more people arrived, including a couple of friends of mine that I haven’t seen in ages, so in between being a puppy on the floor and chatting to them, I had a good evening.

One of the few things I do remember doing during the course of the evening was pulling Scamp around as he was holding on to my lead as I was being mischievous… although I did get ‘punished’ for this as I banged my head on one of the hanging cages again πŸ™ I was also up to my usual tricks of untying shoe laces and wanting belly rubs etc. We left, just after the 10pm ‘finish time’ of Heros, to get the tube back home (as it takes about an hour, and we don’t want to wait on last trains) and gave Gizmo a lift back to his car in a different station car park.

During the course of the evening, discussion was made about whether we were going to the FetishBound event on the following Friday, but we said we were not really sure if we would be or not. After we got home, and over the next couple of days, we spent some time discussing whether it was practical and feasible to go … as it happened, we were free on the Friday night, and quite a few people we knew of were going to be going, so we decided that we’d probably be heading along on the night.

Minor whoops injury on the Thursday before Fetishbound … I attempted to cut the tip of my index finger off on my right hand, and probably should have gone to hospital to have it looked at. Though the Friday morning, although throbbing slightly, the cut was beginning to heal – PHEW!!!!

We set off on the Friday night to head in to London and arrived outside Central Station about 6.45 – but as we’re not pass holders (and can’t really make it often enough to justify being ones) we had to wait outside until 7pm when the event opens to the ‘general public’ … so just before 7pm, we set off down the stairs to pay and get changed (which more meant dropping our street clothes as we both had our gear on underneath), and putting the finishing touches on me – the hood, paws and knee pads and harness.

After getting changed, I spent most of the night in the area most appropriate to me – the KennelBound area of the club primarily for pups. During the course of the night, quite a few people came up to me and spoke to me while I was there, one of which was Scamp – who spent the night trying to be dominant rather than sub/pup – but it failed, as everyone kept giving him scratches behind the ear πŸ˜€ It also didn’t take that long before he dropped on the floor to say hello to me at our usual level. Part of the reason for always giving him scratches was because it is what both my owner and I are used to – he’s a pup πŸ™‚

About an hour into the night, I had to take my paws off since my finger was starting to hurt – but it didn’t stop me being a pup, I still stayed on the floor!

I spent much of the night observing what was going on, mainly as I didn’t want to bang my poorly paw on anything, and chatting to a few people we knew – some from FetishBound, some from Heros and some just in general. We had planned to leave at about 10:30 but as I had ventured away from the KennelBound area and was being stroked and having ear scritches which in turn made me so relaxed, we decided to stay a bit longer.

I became a bit more mischievous was told by to sit, as I was attacking shoelaces. I didn’t react to “SIT” straight away, and so was corrected by someone in the club (sorry I didn’t know who, but in pup mode I don’t pay much attention to names etc). This correction of my behaviour was a bit of a surprise, but deep inside me I felt amazing. This led to me being petted, stroked and I became so relaxed and peaceful I really deeply dropped in to pup-space; to the extent I was showing even more pup qualities than I have in the past. For an example, I was semi-aware that I was nuzzling into the crotch area of the person stroking me, which isn’t one of my more usual traits, though in this instance it just came naturally and I didn’t feel threatened or worried by doing it.
(Sorry – this paragraph may not read easily, but I can’t work out how to write down how I felt, since I was so calm and relaxed and amazed and happy all at the same time, and all-in-all I can’t describe it in words)

Hmmm – there’s a thought: is it worrying that some people now wear velcro shoes just so I can’t undo their shoe laces??? I think I might have a reputation *paws over eyes*

At 11:30 when the club finished we finally left, but it was definitely worth staying for the extra time. I decided it was best to take my Zentai off as it was dirty, and my poorly paw was probably best out in the open to heal – so I had to change back in to full civvies for the journey home. It was a good night, and one that we would quite happily go back to when everything aligns and I can get the chance to go!

FetishBound 1