Mar 242013

During March I’ve been up to a few things but haven’t had time to write them up until now due. So:

The first weekend of March saw in Heros at the Backstreet club in Mile End. Some of the usual visitors couldn’t make it for differing reasons, but Spot was there… All-be-it a bit shattered from an event that lasted 26 hours so very little sleep was grabbed prior to Heros, but I survived!
I wasn’t as playful as I would normally be, but that was not the end of the world. I took along my pictures from some recent photoshoots and actually had a good time chilling and relaxing.
It was quite a quiet month for numbers, but if you’ve ever been wondering if you should be visiting Hero’, then why are you waiting? It is a very calm atmosphere of like minded skintight wearing people. Have a drink in your favourite lycra / rubber / skin tight clothing and have a chat… Or if you want to, wander further into the darker corners 😉 ….
Entry is still very reasonable, as are the drink prices… So come down, say “hi”, enjoy the night… Even this puppy doesn’t bite. I may be playful, but I’m well trained (or I think I am anyway)

The second Friday of the month then saw a visit to FetishBound. 3 times in 3 months! Unfortunately I can’t always attend due to work and various other commitments, but this has got to be a record for the beginning of this year!
FetishBound had it’s usual playful atmosphere and everyone was having fun. I also got to meet RexPup (Scamps owner) in person.
A sad point here to make, and a bit of a serious one! The March FetishBound saw a mark of respect towards Romper who sadly took his play a bit too far and so is no longer with us. It was really nice to see all at the club show their respect and I thank you for that. Be good when you play, and make sure it’s safe, and don’t make the same mistake as Romper… It can go wrong too easily, so please be sensible.
Play time resumed after this, and I turned Scamp into a squeaky play toy with the squeaker I’d extracted from a dead puppy toy (sorry Kye).
Max and Gizmo were there too, and it was really nice to catch up with them.
The evening went fairly quickly, and due to many reasons we left slightly before the end. Max And Gizmo left at the same time as us.
Not sure when I’ll next be at FetishBound, but soon I hope.

Mid March, I headed up to the Birmingham Bizzar Bazzar to say hi to a few people, as I haven’t been for months.
The other reason for heading there was to go see Latex101 to give them the Latex Spot back so that his zip can be repaired, since I had popped the zip last time I used him 🙁 *whine*
I also went to see Art on Leather as they had just finished a painting that featured my hands 😉 … I’m sure that over the next few months there may be more of these paintings appearing.
A quick catch up with Nick on the E-Stim Systems stand where I was allowed chocolate buttons as I’m a good puppy. I was also lucky since I’d gone wearing my E-Stim Systems remote box, but Nick’s remote had gone flat, so I wasn’t shocked too often that day.
We didn’t stay long there, and went wandering into Birmingham where in TK-Maxx I found some nice running capri (shin length) tights… So as you may have guessed, I bought them, though they will be primarily be used for their proper purpose.
When we left Birmingham, we texted Gizmo to see if he wanted to go out for a meal. He said yes with a bit of persuasion… So a nice relaxed meal rounded the day off nicely.

Another March event occurred, but I’ll write that up in the next few days.