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Birmingham Pride – May 2018

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Jul 132018

Apologies for this post being so late… I’ve been so manic recently that I haven’t had time to write the post or get some of the photos edited.

The late May Bank Holiday weekend saw me going to Birmingham to join in Birmingham Pride, as I’ve done for the last few years. Thankfully, the weather was a lot better than I was expecting, as the early forecast was for rain… and I go a bit see-through in the rain!

I joined the Midlands Pups walking group again who were, perhaps ironically, placed behind The Dogs Trust walking group. This caused some amusement in the crowd but we didn’t really get up to any mischief – although I did manage to get a snappy wristband!

The parade, as ever, was enjoyable and the crowd fantastic. I managed to do quite a bit of it on all 4s, but not all of it as most years. I do prefer to do it on all 4s but sometimes, needs must… from the pictures, it also looks like I had a sleep half way through!

After the parade had finished, and after queuing to get the wristband, I went in to the village to have a wander round and also to join @Puppai_Buumi‘s Club Scritches outside Clonezone. Buumi roped me in to helping him with a contest as well for the pups that were there, so we had some fun with that as well 🙂

I had a little rest here as well, but for some reason I seemed to end up half in the tent and half outside it!

During the time in the village, I also took a wander around, looking at what else was happening and posing for photos with people as they requested. The village had a different layout this year, which meant things weren’t quite in the same place, but it was still enjoyable and I ended up chatting to a few people – including the Chief Constable who was quite cheerful!

Of course, as is becoming traditional – Spot had to go on the funfair!

As I got off the funfair ride, a couple of the staff came up and asked if they could have some photos with me as well as they aw my owner taking some as well.

Pup on Tour – Antwerp & Amsterdam Feb 2018

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Mar 262018

This pup has been allowed to go on holiday… Passport in paw, my handler and I went off for a weekend away in Belgium and Netherlands, and thankfully, we got the right weekend what with the snowy weather we’ve had since!

Well, OK, there was reason to the trip… I was one of the judges for the Mr Puppy Europe competition this year. My massive congratulations to all who entered (HackHeroTeckNoxMattBuumiMakker and Zaush) but particularly to Pup Matt from France, who won 🙂 This trip also gave us a chance to catch up with some people including The Kinksters, Latex 101 and some of the team from Recon as well as many random people. With this catch up with people I haven’t seen for quite some time – something may be occurring …. watch this space later in the year 😉

Around the area of the Leather Pride event, which Mr Puppy Europe is part of are some historic cranes, and while I had a moment spare, we thought we’d take some photos.

Also the stand just opposite Camp-K9 (Camp-K9 is the area that we use in Darklands for the pups) there was some HUGE dog status, so it had to be done … a quick photo beside one of them

After the contest and Pup Matt being awarded the title of Mr Puppy Europe 2018, we all descended upon a local pizza restaurant for a celebratory meal. The staff there were very accommodating, considering it’s such a small venue, and over 40 of us pups and handlers, judges and helpers arrived!!! … Due to the numbers, we had to sit outside in -4 deg C having food and drink … but that certainly didn’t take the chill off the fun … and to keep warm, I put on my Dalmatian print onesie, then my Mr Puppy UK 2015/(16) jacket over the top, so I still basically resembled the same pup that had arrived at the restaurant *wags*

For logistical reasons with travel, we knew we would end up having a few hours to spend in Amsterdam. So before leaving Antwerp we visited Mr-B (Antwerp) after leaving the hotel, before walking down to the train station. Once at the train station, a quick bite to eat and then a few pictures as puppy in the train station. (and we also bumped into ZaushPuppy who was also making his way home.

Once on the train in the warm, I couldn’t resist but to travel as puppy

Sadly with how chilly it was, I covered back up with Combat trousers and Fleece as we arrived in Amsterdam. I stayed dressed over the top of puppy whilst we did our wander round town and we did manage to take a look in a few shops, including Mr B and ROB before we had to head for the plane home. However, once in Amsterdam train station and knowing that for the next while I’d be inside, I changed back to become puppy and put my domestic clothes in the bag, before taking a few pictures outside the station.

After the pictures, a coffee in the train station to warm up before catching the train to Schipol Airport.

With my puppy hood in my paws…

I managed to travel from Amsterdam Train Station to Luton Airport as full puppy (minus hood) – stopping for a bite to eat in the Schipol airport though.

Being almost full pup causes great merriment with security at the airport and they even remarked that dogs can’t come through security… and some staff were inquisitive and asked a few questions, which I happily answered explaining who and what I am 😉 . Being puppy on the plane also was fun 🙂

… the airline crew asked, once we’d landed, to see me with the pup hood on, so I happily agreed *waggles* – but so as not to cause trouble in Luton airport, I took the hood back off and carried it with me in my paws.

… Sadly though when back at Luton, I had to put my fleece back on as it was just too chilly waiting on the bus to the car park!

A PAWESOME weekend away, and hope to have more pup time this year and keep my paws typing in my blog as I know I ended up a bit distant from the blog and pup time during 2017 … so here’s to a more enjoyable pup-filled time of 2018. *wags*

Some random vac bed pictures

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Jan 032018

Whilst browsing through pictures to put into the previous post about my Puppy holiday back in Feb 2017, I came across some images of me in a vac bed …. must recreate them some day soon 😉 … but for now, here are some for you to enjoy *waggles*

Amsterdam Trip – Feb 2017

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Jan 032018

This post is somewhat ‘old news’ but still worth posting *waggles*

To follow up on my time at Mr Puppy Europe back in February 2017, I carried on for a short break afterwards ….


After arriving in Amsterdam (still dressed as puppy after leaving Antwerp 😉 ) and finding our hotel – puppy had a good sniff around to make sure that it was all safe…


I just had a chilled out night – well, we made use of the on site spa and sauna facilities and had some dinner… After returning to our room, we set about starting to plan our day out the next day.

Our initial plan was to visit some of the more adult shops, to see if there were things that we wouldn’t normally see in the shops in London. I’d decided, given that we were in Amsterdam, I was on holiday and the nature of the shops that we were going to go, that I’d spend the day out and about as Spot.

However, the first port of call was to see if we could find a sign similar to one I’d spotted at Schipol Airport when we’d arrived – a BIG “Amsterdam” sign… I’d also seen one when we drove past in the taxi on the way to the hotel the night before. As it happened, Google Maps had such a sign highlighted on it! It was my goal for this part of the holiday to be “pup on tour” so it was decided that this was to be a good starting point – assuming the weather stayed nice! My owner and I duly got in to the city on a tram, found where we were getting off and found the sign – it was quite busy but still managed a few photos.

Puppy then wanted to go from there to a number of adult shops in the city – having plotted a route out from the list of shops, to see what we could see. There was definitely more selection of some things in the shops in Amsterdam than there were in London. During this time Pup Turbo, the IPTC International Puppy 2016 (that we had met in Antwerp) came in to Amsterdam to join us, and we’d agreed to meet up with him at Mister B.

We arrived at Mister B, and after I was stopped by someone wanting to film me in the street we went in side to meet him. We had a look around, had a chat with The Puppeteer… and couldn’t resist the temptation to buy some bondage cuffs as well.

After visiting Mister B, and one other shop nearby, we decided it was time to do some genuine tourist things still dressed as puppy!!!

At this point, we decided to visit A’Dam Tower. Through a special offer we got some money off the entry … Turbo and I, decided we wanted to do the swing at the top of the tower (the highest swing in Europe!).

After we had finished on the swing, we went to get some dinner, said our goodbyes and we headed back to the hotel. After a long day out, it was good to be able to make use of the spa and sauna. We decided to spend some time taking some photos for a Twitter Challenge for DareSetter when we got back to the room, since we had the opportunity to.

We also talked about what to do on the Wednesday, including options with and without me being out as puppy. Unfortunately, most of those options ended up having to be the “without” ones due to the weather – it was too wet and windy. We ended up enjoying a canal boat tour around Amsterdam, went back to Mister B to visit Krizzly who was working there that day, and have a wander around the Red Light District. We decided we’d have to come back and do that later though…

After going back to the hotel (and using the Spa and Sauna again) we ended up going back out later, but again puppy couldn’t go – the weather was still not in my favour for being a white puppy!! 🙁 We had some dinner, and had a look around the Red Light District in the evening. I have to say, the one in Antwerp we found ourselves in by accident was a lot nicer!

Thursday was our last day and when we woke up the weather was not great, so ideas for the day were adapted. I left the hotel with puppy on under my clothes – hoping that the weather would either clear up, or once inside in the dry I could change to become pup. When we arrived at the Train Station in Amsterdam I decided to go for it and changed in to Spot and took a fairwell picture just outside the train station (The A’dam Tower is in the background and you can just about see the gantry of the swing we went on a couple of days earlier on the right side of the tower).

My plan was to travel all the way back to the UK as Puppy – Ok, without the hood and the paws on! After some photos, and a quick coffee and breakfast, we headed off to the airport.

Going through security was fun, as the security staff were asking questions about me and being a puppy in a light-hearted way. Given the weather, and on that day the UK was hit with Storm Doris, our return flight was delayed by a good few hours which meant I ended up wandering around Schipol Airport as puppy for longer than I thought.

Once on the plane, there were still many people asking about me and why I like being a puppy, and I enjoy being me and talking about who I am.

This pup certainly enjoyed being on tour, but sadly once home the puppy holiday was over 🙁 … I’ll have to do it again some day soon as it was far too much fun to miss out on future opportunities!

SLOSH – Live Show and Gunge Tank

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Jun 302017

Those who follow me on Twitter have probably already seen the details of this, but I thought I’d also write a Blog Post as well.

Over the last year or so, a club I’m a member of, SLOSH – for guys in to Wet and Messy play, have been planning a live show and as part of this I was tasked with building a Gunge Tank as part of it. I took this challenge head on, and did quite a bit of research online about them – and even took to drawing the designs for the tank in a CAD program before starting building it. Others in the group were involved in the game aspects of the show, while I got on with the tank.

With the day of the show rapidly approaching … it was time to test it – OK, actually this happened the day before the show!

Suffice to say, it worked – which meant it could be packed away in the car with the rest of the equipment for the show.

Everyone from the club was impressed with the tank, and members of the audience seemed equally impressed – especially those that ended up in it as part of the evening! I’ve been really appreciative of all the nice comments from people following the show and I’m glad everyone had a good time.

*woofs* and *wags*