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Spot Goes For a Walkabout

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Jan 132019

I’ve been quite busy recently at work, and combined with having had a horrid cold before that, life has been a little slow. I thought, since it was a new year, it would be a time to reflect on some of the things that I’ve done in the past.

Over the years, Spot has participated in some walks for The Zentai Project around London. These pictures are a selection of some of the walks I’ve done. These started way back in 2008 and most of these photos are from 2008 – 2010. These may not always be the best photographs, but they are memories of a great time!

Visiting Friends

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Jan 122019

Following the Mr Puppy UK event back in October, it was decided that we would meet up with someone that had wanted to meet me for a while – @aquailafterdark


The photos from the visit are below… I’m going back to visit him soon as well, so hopefully there’ll be more photos 🙂


Brighton Pride

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Oct 132018

Puppy made the annual journey to Brighton for Pride, this year watching the parade and having a wander round and my photo taken a bit!

The weather was actually quite warm, so it was a very good day out but at little uncomfortable at times.

As we don’t pay to attend the actual event (and we’re glad we didn’t when we saw the news later) we still had some fun… in fact Pup got to go down the Zip Wire as a pup (minus hood and paws) and also had a trip down the Volks Railway as well.

A few pictures from the day are below!

Prowler Porn Awards – May 2018

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Oct 132018

The Three Mr Puppy UK’s were all invited to join the Prowler Porn Awards team for their awards night back in May 2018.

There was only one condition… we all had to be dressed similarly. This meant that I wouldn’t be able to go as Spot usually does but I had to come up with another idea…

This spurned me on, and a more naughty side to Spot was born… with an Oxballs Tail, Fort Grunt Jock, Neoprene Harness and a WruffStuff hood.

A couple of photos of “the look” are below!

The night was actually really enjoyable and fun… no, not just meeting Porn Stars, but getting to be up on stage just sitting as a good dog should!

Recon Fetish Week – Unleashed

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Aug 272018

Recon held their annual Fetish Week London this year and again there was a pup night – this year hosted at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a venue I’d never been to.

However, prior to this, there was a pre-meet at Fetch London which was also a place I’d never visited before… with a game of Pinata involving pulling strings out of a large Marshal (ouch!) starting the proceedings and just general socialising meant that this was a gentle start to the day.

After some dinner, we headed off to meet the pups at the RVT and get fully changed in to pup gear. A nice social event then happened where I got lots of time to meet up and chat with friends that I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 years!

One of the other highlights of the night was getting to thank That Sandy for the Recon singlet he’d found and I’d managed to buy and also getting to appear in a video with him!

I did, of course, travel home on the tube as a pup – but on the way to the tube station, couldn’t resist a photo next to a sign advertising a “Dirty Dog”!