Amsterdam Trip – Feb 2017

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Jan 032018

This post is somewhat ‘old news’ but still worth posting *waggles*

To follow up on my time at Mr Puppy Europe back in February 2017, I carried on for a short break afterwards ….


After arriving in Amsterdam (still dressed as puppy after leaving Antwerp 😉 ) and finding our hotel – puppy had a good sniff around to make sure that it was all safe…


I just had a chilled out night – well, we made use of the on site spa and sauna facilities and had some dinner… After returning to our room, we set about starting to plan our day out the next day.

Our initial plan was to visit some of the more adult shops, to see if there were things that we wouldn’t normally see in the shops in London. I’d decided, given that we were in Amsterdam, I was on holiday and the nature of the shops that we were going to go, that I’d spend the day out and about as Spot.

However, the first port of call was to see if we could find a sign similar to one I’d spotted at Schipol Airport when we’d arrived – a BIG “Amsterdam” sign… I’d also seen one when we drove past in the taxi on the way to the hotel the night before. As it happened, Google Maps had such a sign highlighted on it! It was my goal for this part of the holiday to be “pup on tour” so it was decided that this was to be a good starting point – assuming the weather stayed nice! My owner and I duly got in to the city on a tram, found where we were getting off and found the sign – it was quite busy but still managed a few photos.

Puppy then wanted to go from there to a number of adult shops in the city – having plotted a route out from the list of shops, to see what we could see. There was definitely more selection of some things in the shops in Amsterdam than there were in London. During this time Pup Turbo, the IPTC International Puppy 2016 (that we had met in Antwerp) came in to Amsterdam to join us, and we’d agreed to meet up with him at Mister B.

We arrived at Mister B, and after I was stopped by someone wanting to film me in the street we went in side to meet him. We had a look around, had a chat with The Puppeteer… and couldn’t resist the temptation to buy some bondage cuffs as well.

After visiting Mister B, and one other shop nearby, we decided it was time to do some genuine tourist things still dressed as puppy!!!

At this point, we decided to visit A’Dam Tower. Through a special offer we got some money off the entry … Turbo and I, decided we wanted to do the swing at the top of the tower (the highest swing in Europe!).

After we had finished on the swing, we went to get some dinner, said our goodbyes and we headed back to the hotel. After a long day out, it was good to be able to make use of the spa and sauna. We decided to spend some time taking some photos for a Twitter Challenge for DareSetter when we got back to the room, since we had the opportunity to.

We also talked about what to do on the Wednesday, including options with and without me being out as puppy. Unfortunately, most of those options ended up having to be the “without” ones due to the weather – it was too wet and windy. We ended up enjoying a canal boat tour around Amsterdam, went back to Mister B to visit Krizzly who was working there that day, and have a wander around the Red Light District. We decided we’d have to come back and do that later though…

After going back to the hotel (and using the Spa and Sauna again) we ended up going back out later, but again puppy couldn’t go – the weather was still not in my favour for being a white puppy!! 🙁 We had some dinner, and had a look around the Red Light District in the evening. I have to say, the one in Antwerp we found ourselves in by accident was a lot nicer!

Thursday was our last day and when we woke up the weather was not great, so ideas for the day were adapted. I left the hotel with puppy on under my clothes – hoping that the weather would either clear up, or once inside in the dry I could change to become pup. When we arrived at the Train Station in Amsterdam I decided to go for it and changed in to Spot and took a fairwell picture just outside the train station (The A’dam Tower is in the background and you can just about see the gantry of the swing we went on a couple of days earlier on the right side of the tower).

My plan was to travel all the way back to the UK as Puppy – Ok, without the hood and the paws on! After some photos, and a quick coffee and breakfast, we headed off to the airport.

Going through security was fun, as the security staff were asking questions about me and being a puppy in a light-hearted way. Given the weather, and on that day the UK was hit with Storm Doris, our return flight was delayed by a good few hours which meant I ended up wandering around Schipol Airport as puppy for longer than I thought.

Once on the plane, there were still many people asking about me and why I like being a puppy, and I enjoy being me and talking about who I am.

This pup certainly enjoyed being on tour, but sadly once home the puppy holiday was over 🙁 … I’ll have to do it again some day soon as it was far too much fun to miss out on future opportunities!

Catch Up Blog Post – Part 2 – Oil Wresting

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Aug 202015

While we were away camping, I was introduced to another pastime that I hadn’t tried before, but it had been suggested I should try at some point… Baby Oil Wrestling. On our way to Norfolk, we stopped by a cash and carry and one of the things we saw on the shelf was a 6-pack of Baby Oil, which we decided to buy with the thought that it had been mentioned before.

I was slightly concerned on the Thursday evening going in to the Oil Wrestling as the temperature had cooled down a bit out side, and I had a feeling it was going to be cold but F0rester convinced me otherwise and so we headed down to the marquee we’d set up. While I was psyching myself up for it, Colin and F0rester had put down some mats, inflated a paddling pool and got the room prepped.

On my arrival, we were given a bottle of baby oil each to rub all over ourselves, while standing in the pool – well, 750ml of Baby Oil goes a long way! After we got ourselves oiled up, we proceeded to have a couple of wrestling bouts. F0rester had taught me a few things when we’d been filming our ‘Messy Wrestling – Spot Vs Forester‘ video, but when everyone is covered in Baby Oil, the technique sort of goes out the window – it becomes now more of a game of try to find something to hold onto that won’t slip away!!

We had to end the first bout slightly early when I managed to catch just above my eye with my fingernail and made a tiny hole and was bleeding … It was a tiny hole, but in the oil it looked like I’d made a massive cut! After patting it dry and allowing it to stop leaking, we had a quick rest as both F0rester and I were exhausted! We ended up having 3 bouts of wresting before just lying in the baby oil – in no way was I cold!

The wrestling was really fun, but the soft skin I had afterwards was also a fantastic feeling 😀 😉

During the day on Saturday, when I was setting up for something, I was pounced on by another pup on site, Huskin, and started wrestling with him on the ground… after a bit of persuasion, it was agreed to have an oil wrestle with him later on the camp. Again, with a pool and some mats, and about 600ml of Baby Oil each this time, we got each other oiled up… although with Huskin being a cheeky chappy he started squirting me with his oil so I had, of course, to reciprocate!

Again, we ended up having about 3 to 4 rounds, with no real clear winner – which it seems isn’t really possible anyway in oil, to be me as a new comer anyway! The ending of this also meant that I had the feeling of lovely soft skin – something I could get used to!

Enjoy the pics 🙂 … …

F0rester and I wrestling:

Huskin and I wresting:

Carry on Camping… a weekend in Norfolk

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Aug 032014

Through the Wet and Messy group, SLOSH, there’s an annual camping event held in Norfolk which my owner and I like to go along to as it gives him a chance to enjoy one of his fetishes and also for us to have a nice kinky weekend away.

This year, after chatting to a few people we also decided that we would extend the stay by having a couple of extra days with Forester and Jon, Marbles and AceyWoof giving us the chance to get away from home, have some time to relax and (more importantly) to have some kinky fun outdoors. *wags*

We left home on the Wednesday, with the car fully loaded with all the essentials for camping: Kink Toy Box, Dog Bed, Doggy Blankets, Dog Bowls, Bags of Lycra… oh, and we thought it best to take things like a tent too! I also started the time away as I intended to spend the majority of it – wearing Lycra.

I started off in a blue tri-suit for the journey there and got to show it off as we had a couple of comfort stops along the way. We arrived on site to find everyone else had arrived before us – a good thing, as it meant that they had started on their tents and the ‘relaxation area’ for the week, so we could work out where to position our tent. Our first mission was to get our tent up and my bed sorted for the week – the dog cage goes inside the main sleeping area of the tent, and much to everyones surprise, it’s where I sleep 🙂

Once we had the tents up, and we’d assisted others sorting out their ones, the decision was made that we had to go and get some provisions and some food for dinner. A debate was had, that we’d go off to Pizza Hut. As the temperature was still rather pleasant, I stayed in the Lycra I’d travelled up in. We arrived at Pizza Hut 15 minutes before it was due to shut. Thankfully, the staff were quite happy to stay open for us, and were also a good laugh… especially when she said she’d have to lock us in – although I did say we really would pay the bill! This was a nice social evening out and a very pleasant way to start the holiday off with.

We arrived back on site after food, and unpacked the shopping before joining a couple of regulars on the site, who are also members of the club, for a few drinks, but I had to retire to bed as I was tired. I was locked in to my puppy restraint kit before being locked in the cage – this is two ankle cuffs, two fist mitts and a strap that goes around the cock and balls. A chain is clipped on to one wrist cuff, fed through the wring on the cock strap and then clipped on the other mitt. The same is repeated at the legs. I was then put in to the dog cage, and the doors were locked – so there was going to be no escape for me until the morning.

I woke up on the Thursday morning and after an initial coffee, I was let out the puppy restraints and re-dressed in to the same outfit as the night before (with the addition of a sold blue cock ring) while we sorted out what the plan was going to be for the day. A casual chat over breakfast revealed that 3 of the group were going to go and get more shopping to cover catering for the other members of the group when they arrived on the Friday. My owner, Forester and I decided we would erect the messy marquee – where all the gungey games and things would take place – while everyone else was out, to save time. Admittedly, we also had a slight motive for doing this as we wanted to make use of it that afternoon 😉

By the time we’d finished erecting the marquee, the others had returned from shopping, and we were sat down to have some lunch and a drink. Puppy might have managed to consume a few pints of cider at this point, and ended up a little merry *paws over eyes*

We sorted out what the plan for the messy game we were going to play was, what clothing was required, and the things we would require for cleaning up… in addition to the clothing and cleaning materials, we also required bondage cuffs and 4 dog tethers. After everything was finished, we headed down to the tent to mix up the gunge that we’d required.

The game we were going to end up playing was a modified version of a game my owner found online, Messy Monopoly, but he had made some changes to the rules and procedures, both to make it work for 4 people playing, and also to work with Dog Tethers rather than a pillory – mostly for practical purposes. This meant that if a player ended up in jail, they would end up being staked out to the ground between the dog tethers, and left there while the game continued. We might have made a bit of a mistake in the positioning of these, because we forgot Marbles was a lot smaller than I am!

The game started off reasonably well, with everyone ending up being gunged for the various forfeits, until I ended up having to be the first person to visit jail… I think by the end of the game I had ended up in jail 3 times over! I think I’m going to have to stop playing games which my owner suggests, as they always seem to go wrong with me getting the brunt of any forfeits! There’s some pictures at the end of this post that show that I might have been enjoying the activities 🙂 Although the pictures don’t show it, part of the game did involve having swimming trunks on, but I seemed to keep losing them too!

We spent the time cleaning up the pool and getting ourselves cleaned up after this. Once we were finished cleaning up, Forester started cooking our dinner for the evening – freshly cooked chicken fajitas. When he’d cooked, we sat down and ate our food, and also having a social chat before we got down to the evenings activities – which was to be an E-Stim challenge.

The challenge was defined such that both Forester and I would be tied down and connected up to E-Stim Systems 2B with the same attachments and electrodes, with the challenge being to last 45 minutes without cuming while others tried to make us cum by tweaking the control boxes. We ended up staked out on the floor in our ‘social’ marquee (well, we were on air beds), while we started the challenge. However, mid-way though the time we decided to change it so that each person could have their own favourite setup – Forester prefers continuous, while I’m not a fan of that… he also prefers rubber straps which I don’t get on with.

There was also a matter of a forfeit at the end of the challenge, if we ended up cuming… but the exact details of this were kept quiet.

I suppose, to one extent – the good news is that neither of us ended up cumming so there was no forfeit forthcoming!

Friday saw the rest of the club members arriving who were only coming for the main event. As the weather was so hot, I thought I would try having a dip in the pool. I changed in to a more suitable Lycra option and we wandered down to the pool – and climbed in. As the pool is in a polyprop tunnel, the tunnel was quite warm but the pool was nice and refreshing.

Towards the late afternoon, Forester and I ended up back in a swimming pool, awaiting the results of the Head 2 Head vote which had been running for a few weeks across a couple of websites. The only thing we had been told in advance was that the people voting had voted for both of us to be gunged naked (although I kept the cock ring I had on for most of the weekend on).

As we were sitting waiting in the pool, Colin showed the results to Jon and started the camera filming… the first thing we knew who had “won” the vote was when a bucket of blue gunge was slowly poured over my head. I thought it was finished but then yet more blue came over me, before stopping – and the remaining half bucket going over Forester; this was deemed only fair since someone had actually suggested this in advance of the results being announced.

You can see the video on my site.

I got cleaned up after that and changed outfits before coming out to enjoy a social dinner – although, unfortunately, I ended up with a weird feeling due to not consuming enough liquid during the day, so was not as happy and cheerful as I could be. There had been plans for Oil Wrestling at this point, but dinner ended up being a bit later than intended, so this was postponed.

Saturday saw the main day of messy activities, but before the main activities, I was more interested in a plan that was created the day before… My owner and I have wanted to take Spot swimming properly in a pool for a while, and we decided it would be easy to use the pool on site for this 🙂 After chatting to others, it was decided that we would look to do this on the Saturday morning before the messy activities.

I was chatting to Marbles about the plan, and he asked if he could join in with it – I readily said yes, as then puppies could play in the pool *wags* However, as he had to go off site in the morning to arrange food provisions for the group for the lunch and evening meals, we decided we would wait until he got back to go swimming. As lunchtime came, I thought I’d make an entrance, and got dressed in the Zentai suit, hood, paws, harness and kneepads and wandered over to the social area for lunch. As Marbles finished his lunch, he went off to get ready for the swim. Michael, one of the other members of the group, had earlier indicated that if I needed walking he would be happy to take me… so he was put in charge of walking me to the swimming pool area – and Marcus took Marbles over.

As we set off across the camp site to the pool, I was walking on all fours like a puppy, and we were getting attention from the other campers on site – and my poodle friend from last year started barking at us as well. We completed the short walk to the pool, to find there were people already using it, so we had to be respectful to them. I think they were a little unsure of what to make of it, as Marbles and I ascended the step ladder and climbed in. It turns out, I discovered, that wearing my full suit and latex paws, that you are just about able to do the doggy paddle and also to swim under water! As fun as it was, we weren’t able to spend much more than about 10 minutes in the pool as there were other people and also we had the afternoon’s activities to prepare for. We climbed out, and Michael expertly led us back to the camp (me now in wet white lycra 😉 ) so we could get ready for later on, again on all fours.

I decided that I didn’t really want to get involved in the main messy activities, as I had enjoyed being a puppy and wearing my lycra – I’d changed in to a leotard after the swimming. However, as I was down watching the activities, I was thrown the video camera to record the messy games that had been devised. I was also nominated to take pictures during the main messy activities as well for the club website and magazine. That wasn’t to say I stayed clean though! As I have a petrol jet wash, I said I would bring it along to make the cleaning up of the pools and marquee easier… I wasn’t quite expecting the amount of gunge and mud (Bentonite) that was being thrown around making this a harder task! I spent about an hour jet washing the pools and tent – getting wet and messy from the spray back… but I wouldn’t have been doing this if I didn’t enjoy it. One of the comments relayed back to me at the end of the event from one of the other residents on the site who’d been talking to the group was that “it is not often you see a puppy, wearing a leotard, jet-washing” 🙂

Unfortunately, not long after the end of the washing, we had to pack up and go home as I had a photo-shoot to do on the Sunday – in Birkenhead near Liverpool, which is about a 3hr drive from home – and home is about a 3hr drive from where we were!

I did have a fantastic time and enjoyed the chance to unwind and relax, and also to pup-out at times!