Jul 182010

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks for Spot recently … not entirely all Spot time, but I have managed to get Spot time in amongst a hectic life!

First Sunday of the month was heros and even though it was London Pride, it turned out to be a fairly quiet month … a bit of a shame really, but still gets Spot out able to play 🙂 *Wags Tail*
It’d be sad to see Heros close it’s doors if it becomes too quiet to make it worth while for the organisers to keep it going … so, please keep coming out on the First Sunday of the Month for Heros … keep it going for us all 🙂
Oh … Advanced warning, Spot won’t be at August’s Heros, since I will be away … *Nuzzles*

Friday 9th Spot went to FetishBound. Unfortunately due to a few long days prior to this, we arrived slightly later than intended, and then tiredness (and the heat of the day) caught up with us so we left early. Sorry 🙁
Anyway, whilst at FB Spot was being cantakerious *Wags Tail* *Puppy Eyes* … however revenge was sort of found, I was being allowed buttons, but since the weather was so warm the buttons were melting … they were placed in a dog bowl with ice cubes to try and chill them down. On trying to steal the bowl with buttons in, the ice cubes which had melted, I ended up tipping freezing cold water over myself … it made me jump, but in truth on that night it was very welcome since it cooled me down nicely …
Still, due to a long day out on the Saturday, we had to say our good byes early and we departed (*Nuzzles and Woofs* at Scamp)

Today was the Birmingham Bizzare Bazaar and on a random email I sent mid last week, I was offered to go help with the demo … OK, I had to talk to the demo organiser today before the event to confirm that it was ok to help, and he said yes 🙂 *Wags Tail*
I spoke to the trainer, Trainer Bryan, and arranged to come up 15 mins early and put my paws, knee pads and hood up. My brief was to be pup like and mischevious … Well I can do that easily 🙂 So 45 mins of being pup like, and barking at another pup involved.
My thanks to Bryan to allow me to join in … check out his website at North Downs Pony Club

Next weekend Spot’s out on Saturday for a random outing *Wags Tail* Then off to a party 🙂

The following Friday Spot will also be out, but as yet details are not confirmed.

*Wags Tail* *licks to all* Spot

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