Aug 132010

*Woofs to all* This seems a long post – but mainly because I can remember a lot of it *Wags Tail*

Last Saturday was Brighton Pride, and at a last minute decision it was decided that we (myself and my Owner) would go.

After being thwarted at getting away from home at the time we wanted to, we got down to the train station that was 2 stops from Brighton … and realised neither of us had got any money out … luckily we could get the train tickets and car park ticket on card πŸ™‚

Waiting on the platform for the train to arrive … about 10 mins later the train came, and we did the last leg of our journey via train.

Arriving at Brighton, I went to put Spot on under my clothes, and then off to find a cash machine … which seem so few and far between at Brighton.

Cash in hand, we made our way to where the Busses did a shuttle service to the park, only to find they don’t start operation until 1:15 … so we walked it! Just as we arrived at the park, so did the first shuttle bus!

We were meeting Scamp and his other half there at the Cafe, so we sat down at the Cafe, with a bite to eat, texted Scamp, and then found there were two Cafes … *Paws over Eyes*

We moved outside, found a bench and waited … Just as I was about to remove the normal clothes to become Spot, Scamp arrived πŸ™‚ so as a group of 4 (2 pups and 2 handlers) we headed off round the Park.

I won’t bore you all with each and every stall, since to start with it seemed as if there wasn’t much there.

On the second lap (to do the other side of the ‘aisles’) we found Fudge Pup and co. After a few pics, and a quick chat It was decided to head to the Fun Fair with the usual β€œCan we take a pic?” en-route … Then came a major impulse buy!!!!

*Puppy Eyes* I really am sorry … There was a helium balloon seller there, and in amongst the vast array of floating balloons was a Dalmatian WITH a blue collar!!!!! Well, I could resist, parted with the money and the sting got tied to my harness so every where I went so did the helium balloon πŸ™‚

Scamp got alerted to the fact that TieMeUp and Co. were in the Cafe (the one we didn’t go to) just as we were about to get into the fun-fair area so we headed over there first … A really nice chat to all that were in the cafe, and equally I met Grommit (whom I’ve chatted to in the past on-line) … Not sure how long we stayed in the vicinity of the cafe, but we then finally moved off, and went round the actual Stalls (since earlier it turned out the top of the park was more info stalls rather than stalls selling goods).
I saw a few nice items there, but decided rather than impulse buying (like I did earlier), we would wait and think about things sensibly at home.

Onto the fun fair, and due to it actually being slightly later in the day than we’d thought, we only ended up doing 2 rides. Whilst queuing for the first ride Rover appeared and joined us.

After the first ride, well the usual inevitable happened … “Can we take our pic with you?” So now 3 pups and one lead holder (for Rover) and the inquisitive public person had their pics taken, and then as always, there was another “Can I take your pic?” … and another and another …

The moment we were able to, we very quickly (and not because we wanted to) said our goodbyes to Rover and co and we dissipated into the crowds.

The second ride we went on I decided to go hooded and with no shoes on … The poor unsuspecting person that got sat next to me … opening comment: “Are you a guy or a Girl?” ….. hmmm, can I take 50/50???? β€œNeither, I’m a pup!!!!” was my thought, but not knowing how much the person knew I just responded with the simple β€œGuy”

I enjoyed the ride, Scamp was OK with it, but I gather Scamp’s other half (who one of these days I’ll remember the name of) wasn’t overly keen.

Realising how late in the day it had become, it was decided to head off home … so walking back down the street, still as Spot … into McDonalds for a bite to eat, then onto the Train … We got off at the second stop, and Scamp and (*Paws over eyes* sorry) his other half carried on on the train home.

Our journey was well … LONG!!! They’d shut the M25 between J8 – 9 and it took over 3 hours to go from J7 – 8 … Never mind, we got home at 1:30 am, happy and had a great day out. Still dressed as Spot we curled up and went to sleep happy but tired *Wags Tail*

Pics haven’t been forgotten about from the previous event, and equally I’ve a few from Brighton that need to be sorted and upload a few … So watch this space πŸ™‚ … hopefully by the end of the Weekend

Updates now that I’m back from ‘holiday’

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Aug 042010

Well, since the last posts, the Paws haven’t yet arrived πŸ™
Now that that’s out the way I shall back track to the post prior and update you all on the events that I had planned πŸ™‚

Saturday the 24th July, there was a “Morph Meet” at Trafalgar Square, which I’ll be honest … was disappointing … On the Zentai walkabouts we normally only get 2 or 3 people to come join us, but it’s a good laugh and semi has a purpose … however on the “Morph Meet” there were 6 (or 7) of us … which is great for numbers, but there seemed no purpose, no true organisation and the atmosphere in general was well … meh, naff!!!
Ok, yes I should be grateful for the hour and a half outside with other sort of like minded people, but I didn’t come away with the same sense of achievement as I would normally.
There was another person who came along who (And please correct if I’m speaking out of turn) but I get the feeling he went away some what disappointed too… Like myself, we are not there to cause trouble, and equally he seemed to be concerned at the rest of the groups attitude.
Never mind; It was a few hours outside in Spot and it wasn’t raining πŸ™‚

That evening we had a party to go to, and after arriving, setting up the party lights I changed and became Spot for the evening πŸ™‚
Not quite sure if it was general tiredness or just due to disappointment earlier in the day, but I didn’t seem to be my normal playful puppy self … Yes I was in the pup head space, but just not overly active nor mischievous πŸ™ … Though having said that, over all the years I’ve been a pup, this is the first time I can truly say I wasn’t quite myself … I ended up curling up to sleep an hour or so before the rest, fully hooded, paws and in the Zentai (tbh, I wasn’t even aware that I’d fallen asleep early until I got told in the morning!)
Unfortunately, after breakfast and then tidying up the lights, I had to head to work … never mind πŸ™‚ It was a day and night out as Spot, even if I couldn’t fully commit and drop into the head space and be playful and silly.

Friday the 30th was the Hackney wicked outing … nervous ish and knowing it was a fair was to travel on the tube/overground to get there I wasn’t sure … still I went and did it … and glad I did πŸ™‚
On arrival, stood outside was a recognisable purple snake zentai-ist: “Pippin” so after saying a very quick “Hi” I went off and got changed πŸ™‚
Meandering around looking at the art and generally making people smile, as a group of 3 (since when I had first arrived I had not registered the purple zentai-ist) we headed outside to just cool of in the evening.
The purple zentai-ist decided he wanted a change and so came back a while later in a leopard (?) zentai and we just chatted and enjoyed the night.
There was a film crew (well, a few more than one and quite a few photographers who during the night chatted to us and took pictures) but the one specifically asked if we wouldn’t mind an interview … well by the way I was stood in the middle and Pippin and MWP (being the leopard zentai) looked at me I ended up being nominated by virtue of the looks … Well, a quick interview later we carried on with the night.
About 9:30 ish Pippin and I left. MWP had left about 15 mins earlier.

Since then until now I’ve been away hence the late blogging about this and appologies that I wasn’t at heros (first one missed in AGES!!!!!), but I have seen the interview that was asked of us, and yes it had been cut very short and equally at the end of the rest of the film clip but still, we’re there and we made it to the final cut πŸ™‚

Have a watch at: hackney wicked video clip

*Wags Tail* … Shall get some pics up from the last few outings hopefully this evening or tomorrow … *Nuzzles*