Birmingham Pride – 2014

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May 262014

Saturday 24th May marked the main day of this year’s Birmingham Pride, and like last year, a group of pups decided that we’d go for a walkabout after the parade around the Pride Village… well, we had decided this but the weather gods didn’t quite agree!

My owner and I did decide to do the sensible thing this year, though, and arrived by train rather than trying to drive in to Birmingham and park… It was a little wet on our drive to the train station we stated at (Warwick, but more of that in a later post!) so we weren’t holding out much hope, and FugaPup was also trying to coordinate everyones thoughts on what to do…

I was already travelling in my Zentai outfit, just with my trousers and a fleece over the top as it was a little chilly, and I’d go see-through in the rain! On arriving at Birmingham we met up with everyone in on one of the pubs in the village for a drink while people were deciding what to do. After a bit of time in the pub, it was decided that those that were going to be in Rubber would go off and change which left the rest of us to wander around while they were away…

Really, this meant sheltering in a doorway while it rained and rained… but eventually, the sun did come out, the rubber pups returned and the fun began. We headed back to the pub we were in earlier first so that people could fully pup up and change in to their gear first of all.. At this point, there were four pups: Me, @PupGizmo, @PupTyler and @MLatexM


We set off from the bar, and before we’d even got 50 yards from the bar, we were being approached for photos and pictures and being petted etc. We made a quick walk down to the Cabaret tent, where we then made a slower walk up from there so that people could see us etc. This was definitely a slow walk, as people kept stopping us and asking for pictures which was great fun 🙂

We ended up walking for just over 1hr on a stretch of road you could normally do in 10 minutes with so many people around, and so many people wanting pictures – young to old, male and female and even security guards and people representing the Emergency Services on site 🙂

We were later joined by a couple of other puppies who had just their pup hoods on and hadn’t changed, so by the end of the walk there was about 7 of us – all being stopped for photographs etc. As it was starting to get chillier, and @KinkyKKOB had an app on his phone predicting rain in 10 minutes, we headed down a side street to take a couple of group photos and head off. Even then we were still getting requests for photos though 🙂

We then went off and had a social meal with everyone and then it was time for us all to head home… but it was another fantastic day (despite the weather) and this pup had a great time *wags*