May 152014

Saturday, 3rd May seemed to be a rather strange day… normally, we spend the first Sunday of the month getting ready to go to Heros, but in case anyone had missed it, May marked the first month that Heros would now be held on a Saturday.

After getting everything prepped and ready, my owner and I made our way there in two frames of mind wondering whether people would remember or how many new people we would see there. As it turns out, it ended up being quite a busy night.

It started off with the doorman making sure people were there for the right evening, and actually convincing those that were there for the wrong night to grab some Lycra out the bag and say for Heros … by the end of it there appeared to be a few converts 🙂

The evening progressed much as a Sunday night would, but with different faces and many of the regulars who had remembered that the night had changed… it was actually quite a nice evening to enjoy, and with it being summer, it was a pleasant evening.

It did still feel incredibly strange to be going on a Saturday, but I guess I’ll get used to it.



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