Feb 062014

At the end of January, my owner and I went to an event organised by a Wet and Messy club that he is a member of, and now, so am I. I became a member so that I can enjoy going to the events from a social side, although some aspects of WAM I do find I enjoy *wags*.

We decided that due to the environment and the nature of people that are there and know me, that it would be worth going in Lycra – in fact, I’d even had a request for an outfit. Additionally, there was an offer of going out in the evening, so we duly packed a bag of Spot and kink stuff, and then domestic lycra, towels etc. as well.

I travelled to the event in a fully body Adidas Swim Suit, but unfortunately, few people saw it as it ended up being a lot colder on the way to the venue than I expected – but it was there never the less. After arriving, I got changed in to the requested outfit (a blue leotard – as worn at the SLOSH Camping Weekend in Norfolk) and started giving a paw getting the venue set up – cutting polythene, sticking it to walls etc. I also ended up being nominated for an initiation … which I think happened and was agreed to before it clicked on me!

They did, however, agree to make an exception for me as I am not a fan of food substances, but don’t mind natrasol (TV gunge) so it was agreed that would be used. However, before the event kicked off proper, one of the other members, @MarblesWoofy, was dressed in full puppy gear for a gunging… and this sparked something in me. I dragged my owner up the stairs, and very quickly got dressed in to my full rubber spot outfit and paws and hood – about 10 minutes at the most! After getting changed, I bounded back down stairs and made my presence known with a bark.

I was called over to the pool where Marbles was going to be gunged and tucked myself in to the corner, while he was promptly gunged… but then it was my turn. I was made to read a bit of paper (don’t people know dog’s can’t talk *wags*) and then was promptly gunged with some green natrasol. The problem being, of course, that because I breath through the nose tubes on the puppy hood, I managed to slightly inhale some of the natrasol – so when I exhaled, it sent small blobs of green out my nostrils *paws over eyes*. After the gunging I moved to the side while other members were initiated and then Marbles and I went off to get showered – it’s surprisingly easy to clean the rubber, and it came out quite well!

As I was showering, the main event of the day started, and I decided I’d spend some time in the steam room instead… so various people came and went during the time I was in there, and when I finally came out, heading back to potentially join in, I discovered I’d been in there about an hour or so and the event was actually winding down!

I assisted in the tidying up, and talking to people about the pup life and stuff while plans were made to go out to dinner… A group of us went out to a local pub for a meal before heading on to a club in Birmingham – unfortunately, I didn’t feel particularly wide awake at this point, and was expecting to be going out early the next day, so my owner and I declined the invite to attend.

However, a fantastic Saturday was had and it was nice to meet up with friends and relax and unwind – and I don’t hold too many grudges … just watch your ankles next time *sulks*

You can see some pictures of my initiation below 🙂

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