Jan 012013

*Wuffs* to all my followers, readers and fellow pups … HAPPY 2013 to you all!

Now, you may be wondering what mischievous things this pup got up to on New Years Eve going into New Years Day ……

Well …… I’m going to disappoint …… Nothing happened – this puppy has had a cold since the day after Xmas, and it still hasn’t shifted fully.

I was supposed to be going to a New Year’s Party as Spot, but I felt sooo bad yesterday, I decided that it wouldn’t be fair on those at the party to have to look after an ill puppy too. Also I wouldn’t have been able to relax and unwind and become Spot as I’d have been coughing and snivelling all night …

However, what it has meant is that by taking it easy last night I actually feel a load better today!

Sorry to disappoint, but health comes first (even I have to remind myself that at times!)