August Summary

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Sep 132012

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last blog update *paws over eyes*. Unfortunately, this has more been to do with not a lot happening due to various other commitments than anything else.

August saw Spot being out and about 3 times… the first of these was to a friends Birthday party, but due to the nature of the week before hand, I spent the majority of the time as a docile puppy, hiding under the table. I did pop out for squeaky toys and food though. The party also saw me meeting up with Gizmo, as he was going so was going to spend the night at my house before going with us to Heros the next day. It was a very pleasant evening, just I was a little tired.

The following day saw us making the monthly trip to Heros, although this time with Gizmo by our side (We took great care of him). Due to the Olympics, the decision was made to leave the house slightly earlier, and get in to London to try and avoid crowds etc. as Mile End is relatively near the Olympic Park. This meant that we spent some time wandering around Soho, and enjoying a pizza before heading on to Heros. Again, the effects of the week before were still affecting me, and I had a rather docile night but a good time none the less.

A couple of weekends after that, Gizmo, Max, Sam and a few others were meeting up at The BBB and as my owner and I were free, we decided we’d go along too. We attempted to go and watch the demonstration, but unfortunately, it was far too warm on the top floor so we decided not to, in the end. We had a good wander round, chatted to a few stall holders we know, and generally had a pleasant day out. We didn’t really buy anything of interest, although one product keeps taking our eye, we’ve just never had the cash around to buy it yet! We rounded off the day with a trip to a local eating establishment with the group to enjoy some food before we all went our separate ways.

The end of the month saw my owner and I take a few days break over the Bank Holiday weekend, with a trip to Teeside. This is mainly so I can enter a running race, but also gives us a few days away from home to be ourselves.

One of the rules that’s enforced on me during these trips is that the only clothing I’m allowed to take with me must be Lycra, and it must be suitable for going out places. This means that, from the first service station on our journey up until we get home, I’m generally only in Running Tights/Shorts and a Vest/T-Shirt. For the majority of the trip, we were meeting with a friend and doing domestic things, while relaxing and unwinding.

However, on the last night in the hotel, we managed to have a very enjoyable play session. The windup to the idea started before dinner, when I ended up tied to the bed with some sense-dep play, for about an hour. This left me wound up, but at this point, I was told it was time for food! The plan for the later half of play session evolved slightly, as my owner’s original plan was to take advantage of a double bed and a ‘sofa’ bed in the room and make me sleep spread-eagle on the bed… but as he did this and saw the reactions I was having, he decided it would be more fun to try other things.


As we were in a hotel room, and we didn’t have to be terribly quiet, we got the electo kit out, and started playing with different combinations of the kit. We eventually settled on a ring around the base of my penis, and an insertable penis plug. With the sensations and pleasure I was having, my owner was in control of the e-stim box and was turning the levels up a bit, and then back down again. This gave me a fantastic feeling and I was moaning in pleasure at the time. After about 75 minutes of this, I was eventually allowed to cum – the level on the e-stim was ramped up to an almost unbearable point, and it’s one of the first times I’ve managed to actually shoot out the penis plug rather than just dribble.

Unfortunately, from our perspective, we were unable to get to Heros in September, due to a work commitment. However, that doesn’t mean Spot has not been up to things 😉 but that’s a topic for a different blog post.



April BBB

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Apr 222012

There’s not been very much time for Spot time this month unfortunately, due to various work commitments on both the part of myself and my owner, however, we did make the trip up to Birmingham last Sunday (15th) for the BBB.

We didn’t really have particular reason to go, as we weren’t really looking to buy anything, but went along more for the social aspects and the chance of being Spot for the day…

Arriving just after the demo had started, I set off to the bathroom to get changed. The typical outfit for the BBB is the Dalmatian Zentai with the E-Stim remote box, harness, lead and the latex paws … which was exactly what I got changed in to. As it was relatively quiet, I asked if it would be possible to get a drink before we did anything else… my owner agreed, so it was off to the bar and outside for a quick chat.

After finishing the drink, and deciding it wasn’t quite as warm as it could have been, we started, as usual, by wandering around the ground floor and having a browse around the stalls… only one thing really caught my eye, and that was a giant ball weight, but the stall didn’t take card, so we decided to leave it for the moment, intending to browse their website. Unfortunately, though, it seems their website doesn’t work 🙁 If anyone has heard of FullOnFetish ( and knows Contact Details for them, please let me know!

We headed up the stairs to start looking at the stalls up there… we started off by talking to the people from E-Stim about various things, and after we’d finished that we started having a look around. Again, there was very little that specifically caught my eye – probably because we weren’t looking for anything in particular. However, after having a quick drink, we decided that we did actually want something from the people at EdgePlay so headed up to buy that.

We’d obviously been talking to people for a lot longer than we thought, as the end of the event came quite quickly… so after helping E-Stim load up, and talking about Landrovers outside (a subject I quite enjoy!) it was decided we ought to go for food. On the way to the usual pub where we eat in Birmingham, we walked past Clone Zone and went in for a browse around.

Initially, the only thing we spotted was a 20p postcard which had given me an idea… so while my owner was paying for that I kept browsing. I noticed a really nice looking neoprene harness (it’s a blue equivalent of this Neoprene Strap Harness on the Recon Store) hanging on the shelf, and thought about buying it, but decided against it. When we went outside, I was talking to Colin about this… and debating whether to buy it. We decided that I would get it, and I put it on before even leaving the shop – with the assistant even offering to cut the labels off for me. I put it on, then pulled my t-shirt back over the top, and became a very happy Spot *wags tail*

I kept the harness on during the meal, and right through until the next morning… and to this day, I still enjoy wearing it overnight as it makes me feel more pup-like when lying in bed.

May is looking like it might be quite a busy month for Spot too, but hopefully, will still be able to fit in some playtime!

*woofs and nuzzles*


Partying and the BBB

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Feb 262012

The weekend he 18th Feb saw a bit of Spot time, as I was out on the Saturday night at a friends party, and then on the Sunday at Birmingham Bizarre Bazzar.

The party saw me arrive slightly later than usual, but again with some lighting gear in tow. After getting that set up, and saying hello to the few people that had arrived by this point in time, I went off to the bedroom to change out of my normal clothes and in to my Zentai. After getting changed, I came back through and made myself comfy on the floor, and lay down to relax for most of the night.

There seemed to be a different crowd at the party this time, which was nice – but did mean I didn’t get to play tuggy *whine* I did get a chance to relax and unwind, though… and at least this time, the chilli wasn’t quite so hot (spice wise) which meant it was easier for me to eat out of the dog bowl *wags*

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to stay long on the Sunday, as my Owner and I had made plans to travel to Birmingham, to go to the BBB and pick up the Latex Spot suit which had gone off for repair after the zip had parted company from the latex. This, in itself, presented some domestic issues as we realised that Blackberry phones are a bit annoying and won’t charge off of non-blackberry car chargers, as far as we can tell!

We were, originally, going to be going to attend the demonstration, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the particular demo we wanted to see had been cancelled so we decided we wouldn’t rush to get their specifically in time for the demo. On arrival, we went to get some cash, paid our admission and I duly went to change – but this time I had the e-stim electrodes stuck on me as well. The latex paws were added, and we checked the bag in to the cloakroom.

We had a quick wander around the stalls before deciding it was time for a drink, so we went outside to have it. After having a drink, we went back inside and went to talk to a few stall holders, while we waited on being able to get food.

After eventually getting our food we decided now was the time to go and do a quick bit of shopping. We ended up buying was a couple of nipple suction cups, which we can use with our suction pump, and picking up the Latex Spot outfit from the guys at Latex 101. While we were there, my Owner decided I needed some more latex gear, and was pointed to their ‘sale’ bin – where he duly found a pair of latex thong’s for me, in Size S. We bought them, and when I tried them on later at home, they were the perfect fit. They were also in Spot’s Blue that I use for most things which was even better *wags*.

After having a quick chat with E-Stim, during which time I was approached by someone who has seen me before (and who I know reads the blog but unfortunately this pup can’t remember the name *paws over eyes*) and wanted to meet me. It’s always nice to meet readers of the blog, and do feel free to comment on this post if you’re a regular reader 🙂

At the end of the day, as I had domestic things to do at home, I changed and we drove home. I did get to be a bit more puppy like by having Ribs to eat in the Harvester we stopped at on the way home… and this is definitely a lot easier without the Zentai suit on!

I hopefully have a few more ‘Spot’ activities coming up soon, with 2-3 things happening at the beginning of March 😀

Also, I’ve done some question answering on the “ask me anything” page.

Oct 222011

Apologies for the delay in writing this, but my day job has had to get in the way of the post as I’ve been doing all the prep work for the lead up to a major event. *paws over eyes*

The Sunday just gone (16th October) was the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar held in the Nightingale Club, Birmingham. My owner and I had the day free, so we thought we’d go along for a visit – not because we wanted to buy anything specifically, but more because we thought we’d meet up with some friends there.

At least the plan was to not buy anything specifically, but earlier on in the week, we’d heard some good news … Latex 101 had finished making my custom-fit, custom-designed Latex Dalmatian outfit that I’d asked them to make… but more on that shortly!

We arrived at the BBB, and just as we were walking up so I could go and get changed, we ran in to Nemis and Jools – people we usually only normally meet at Heros! After a 10 minute chat with them, I went to get changed in to Spot, and wire up the E-Stim Remote Box while my owner went off to chat to Latex 101. He was shown a picture of the suit, but wasn’t going to tell me anything about it. *Grrr*

We went up to watch the “Introduction to Rope” workshop that was being run as the demo this month, as it’s something my owner isn’t terribly good at but wants to get better at. Whilst watching the demo, a text message arrived from a friend we’d planned on meeting there; so after the demo we met up and went for a quick drink. After this, we started wandering around the stalls, talking to those that we know and looking in to things that we wanted to get.

Every so often while wandering round the stalls, I got zapped by the E-Stim Remote Box – partially due to my owner having the remote key fob and at other times when E-Stim were demo-ing their kit, as my Remote Box is paired with the demo remote. Eventually, the time came and my owner and I went down to get the new outfit (since we decided it’d be worth waiting to the end of the BBB to pick it up).

When the package was unwrapped, I have to say that I was absolutely astounded with the quality and the look of the suit, I was as close as you get to being speachless!! I had to resist the urge to not try it on right away; as the BBB probably isn’t the best place to ‘rush and try it on’. I paid Latex 101 for the Dalmatian Latex suit and got some hints and tips for putting the suit on and how to care for it, then carried on with our last bit of shopping.

As the BBB was about to close, we quickly went and bought one thing from Edgeplay. Whilst buying the item, the E-Stim stall packed up and went!! I didn’t get to say Bye to them … *Whine* … however I knew where they’d parked, and so we left the BBB (I didn’t bother to change out of Spot) and went to say ‘TTFN’ to E-Stim. It was now time to walk back to the car, said goodbye to our friend and then start the drive home. 🙁

I was feeling really quite relaxed and pup-like at this point, and didn’t really want to come home, so we stopped up somewhere near home and worked out what to do from there. In the end, it was decided that we’d go out for dinner, but I’d need to pull some domestic clothes on over Spot. After dinner, we came home and it was finally time to get to try on my Latex suit.

It felt and fitted fantastically well, but was a little difficult to get on the first time I tried. However, once it was on, I absolutely loved it and didn’t want take it off again. Even though the paws are from a different company, and look different, you wouldn’t really notice when you look at it with the suit on. The picture below is a quick snapshot from a camera phone so that I could see the effect, and also so there is a ‘taster’ of what the suit looks like. I want to get some decent pictures of the new Latex Suit, and so when those have been taken I’ll post them on my blog too.

On Wednesday, one of our friends, Gizmo was in the area for an interview, and asked if he could come round and see us – as I was free, he came round for a visit. I was completely spread out on the bed, in full sensory deprivation when Gizmo arrived (I didn’t even realise he’d arrived!), and I guess some 30 minutes later I was freed, and we had a cuppa, a chat and then I got in to the Latex suit so he could see it in person… he thought it was fantastic (or at least that’s what he said ;)) and after an hour or so, I changed back in to civvies, put my dog collar on (as I can’t wear metal in the suit) and we went out for dinner. This was a great day, being able to just relax and enjoy myself and overall, has been a welcome break from the stresses of work etc.



BBB – Sunday 17th July 2011

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Jul 212011

Following the trip to Regulation on Saturday, Spot went on another shopping trip – this time to the BBB in Birmingham.

We set off and arrived at Birmingham, in the rain – and wandered to get some cash out the cash machine before heading down to the club where the BBB is held. On arrival at the club, we paid our admission fee, bought tickets to the After Party and headed off so that I could get changed. After putting the E-Stim pads on, it was time to pull the Zentai on, put the harness on and the paws.

As I left the toilets, we worked out what to do and realised that it had just gone 1.30pm so decided that it was probably best to head up to the top floor for the demo. This month, the demo was on Mummification, and the person doing the demo had 3 subjects… and then three more from the crowd. The first subject was a ‘mummified pup’ who’d been wrapped up in pallet wrap, and was wandering around the floor. He then demonstrated the use of bondage tape on a willing ‘victim’ from the audience, before starting to pallet wrap his main participant. Part way through this, a mummy in a coffin made an appearance (and from the looks of it, scared Keith with the surprise ‘entrance’), demonstrating mummification in bandage. During the demo, he also demonstrated hanging someone with pallet wrap, and how to breath through pallet wrap. The demo was actually quiet interesting, and worth attending.

After the demo, we wandered down the stairs to speak to the people from the E-Stim stand, and purchase the two remotes we’d asked them to bring for us since my owner keeps losing them. After a quick chat, we then decided we’d go and have some food… braving the cafe inside the club. Thankfully, they seem to have improved, and taken on some feedback from us, and probably others, on their service so this was much more professional.

After food, we set off for a wander around the event and stopped at the Latex 101 stand, to discuss the suit they’re making for us… and ask for tips on cleaning White Latex. They usefully did a quick demonstration for me of a product they were selling… and promptly sold a bottle so that pup’s paws can be kept clean *wags tail* They also gave us some advice on storing our new vac bed between sessions. We didn’t actually see anything else that we wanted to buy downstairs, so after a quick drink we went back upstairs for a wander round these stalls.

We found that Fetters, where my ankle suspension cuffs came from, had a stall at the fayre, so we stopped and had a look. I tried on wrist suspension cuffs, and found they fitted but we decided not to buy them straight away. We did, however, end up buying a new electrode for our E-Stim kit – an Electro Whisker.

As it reached the end of the day, we headed up the stairs to the After Party, and after my owner got changed, we sat down and had a quick drink. My owner started scratching my head and I lay down and managed to fall asleep – oops! When I woke up, I had a bottle of coke, and managed to fall asleep again – *paws over eyes*! This time though, we decided we’d head off after that for safety sake. So although we attended the after party, we didn’t actually get any chance to play with the things *whimper*. The one thing I had hoped to be there, which is the electric winches which are often there, weren’t so I was slightly disappointed on that, as I’d brought the suspension bar and suspension ankle cuffs to the After Party to have a play with.

It ended up being quite a fun day, with lots of time for Spot- so in the end I was a happy pup! … This didn’t finish there though, since I’d travelled home in the Zentai. When home I was pawed up with the lockable leather paws rather than my latex ones, and put to bed in my cage.

This is where the E-Stim 2B box had an outing for the day!!! … With the pads still stuck to me from earlier, the remote box was detached and the 2B connected… Over the space of about an hour and a half I managed to get to a long way up the power scale, though the contractions in the muscles were powerful enough to start to bend my cage … NOT an experience to be repeated any time soon. I think this was more a bit of luck with where the pads were located and the mindset I was in … the location for the pads is not something that is easily re-creatable, so every experience with E-Stim is different for that and how the body reacts to the Electro play is never going to be the same from day to day … My backside is still very ‘tender’ from it 🙁