Jan 262013

Just a gentle reminder that the January BBB is on the 27th (Tomorrow).

Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar

It’s their annual fashion show, and there will also be the vast array of traders too.

The BBB on 20 January will be a Flash of Fashion and some absolutely incredible items for your adult shopping pleasure! Models will be wearing a mixture of the best in fetish-wear and accessories available from the BBB stallholders and some of their own personal favourite party gear. Male and female models will be strutting their stuff on stage and the Kinky catwalk of the UK’s premier fetish market. Teasing your fantasies and pleasing your eye, or giving you some fashion ideas of your own! This will be a great way to take the chill out of the month of January!

BBB (Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar)

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Jan 162011

Today Spot has been out to Birmingham … To the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar 🙂 *wags*

I’ve been to the B.B.B. before, and taken part in a previous demo that was about on Animal Play, though that was mainly focussed around Pony Play, and when there it was mentioned that I ought to take part in the fashion show in January.

At that time I made no promises, as I had no idea what work situation would be like at that time, but made some form of comment that if I could be there I would be.

Well, work panned out in such a way that meant I could go *bounds round excited*.

So in advance we sent our ‘application’ to Keith (the organiser) and we got back the details of what time and where to meet etc.

So to today: Well, I arrived at 11:45 and after saying a very quick hello to a couple of people, I went and got changed and headed to the top floor of the Nightingale Club, where Keith took a register and then explained the days proceedings. After this, we were free to go wandering and then to meet back upstairs around 1pm.

I went back downstairs to meet my handler and grab a drink. During this time the person I was paired with to do the catwalk walk arrived and said her hellos and we’d catch up shortly. Equally whilst waiting Missy came over and gave a really nice back scratch *wags*. Well, the time passed quickly, so I put my paws on, hood up and went to the top floor. At this point I realised I was a touch early, so Gambit9606 kindly took my mask/hood down and then I took my paws off and headed to find a metaphorical tree.

Upon returning Keith wanted to have a quick chat, so I went over and he asked if I’d like to do a solo walk too, which I was more than happy to do (tbh, this was semi pre-arranged). So I was to come on with Mysteri for the first walk in the 5th slot, then to loop back round and come down to ‘interrupt’ proceedings after the 15 slot. Then again at about the 25th slot ish. Then to wait around for the finale.

The time came … beginners were called, and so being 5th on stage, Mysteri (BelleDameSM on I.C.) and I headed off down the long walk of stairs to the stage entrance. … Oddly I’m by no means one to be on stage, I would rather curl up in a corner than be on a stage in front of an audience … but this was different, this was Spot on stage.

Our time came, we were announced … and on we walked … I headed straight to the crowd … looking for treats, new smells, head scritches …. then a sharp tug on the lead, and I came back to Mysteri and went past the commentator. Something was said, but I’m away as Spot now, so I have no idea what … Another sharp tug and I knew my playtime was over. Back I came, and behaved. I was told to beg, so I did, both paws on Mysteri. A pat on the head and I dropped back to the floor, nuzzled in (and got too close) so got a slap across the shoulder. *whine* I cowered to the floor. Another tug on the lead and up I got, where upon we walked off stage, through the crowd and to the ‘artistes entrance’ to upstairs (or in real speak, the second fire exit to upstairs).

My real handler met me there and de hooded/masked me and we went upstairs. A quick chat then realising I’m on again shortly, hood back up and I wriggled my way through the other people back down to find my un-official slot.

This time I’m solo, the 2 models before me left stage and I bound on … This time round I’m not concentrating, I have no idea what chaos I caused, but I knew I loved it … If anyone was at the BBB and saw this part I’d love to know what it looked like, as this time I really disappeared into being a pup and being Spot and so have no recollections as to what I really did!

After being sent off stage, I head back upstairs, where I now head back down the stairs to join the finale crowd … Well the time came and all 60 ish models made their way onto stage and the thanks were all done, to the organisers, the venue, Keith, the photographer etc etc. The time had come to an end.

From here my real handler and I went to get food then off to have a chat with the stall holders and then with the shopping completed we head home. A really happy, but somewhat exhausted, hot Spot *Wags* *Curls up in bed*