London Pride – Alternative View

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Jun 302013

Spot’s asked me to take write anything down that he didn’t cover in his blog post, because I could see more of what was going on…

I have to say, his post covered the majority of what was going on during the parade,but there were a few observations that I did spot.

Firstly, the group in front of us during the parada this year, from the Royal Bank of Canada, were definitely more friendly and pleasurable to follow than last years… no annoying music, and they spoke to us etc. during the walk. The other thing that Spot possibly didn’t realise was the crowds – there were fantastic numbers lining the streets, watching and cheering all the groups as they went past.

There were a couple of memorable moments throughout the walk… as Spot mentioned, he had a bit of a competition with a dog. The small dog did seem rather put out by having a large pup barking back at him and kept cowering away – we saw him more during the parade, and each time – he still did it!

Another incident was when we were walking down towards Picadilly Circus and there was a rather serious looking Police Women standing at the side of the road (she must have been VERY warm given her uniform!) and as the group of pups approached – a large smile appeared on her face πŸ™‚

The last thing that stands out is the fact that members of the crowd were quite surprised by the volume and realism behind Spot’s bark… at least I got peace at the end of the night as he could hardly talk πŸ™‚

Finding the sign when we were wandering to Soho was fantastic – it’s something we’ve often talked about doing, and it’s the first chance we’ve had to do something like that. Now we’ll maybe start doing photos outside Pound Lane etc. πŸ™‚ Wandering through Soho was busy, but lots of people kept stopping to get their pictures taken which meant it was a slow progress, but also nice to see…

It was a fantastic day out, hopefully everyone enjoyed it and we put a smile on their faces πŸ˜€