Buster’s Birthday Bonanza

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Dec 272016

One of my last outings as Mr Puppy UK 2015 was to attend the Birthday Bonanza organised by Buster (@BirminghamPup) for his Birthday – a Puppy event being held at Underworld in Birmingham, designed to be a fun evening where you could be a pup or take part in other activities.

The event itself was fun, with a raffle, various games going on and many pups just chilling out and hanging out – as well as a fantastic buffet provided.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get many photographs of me as a puppy, but I did get some of puppy getting up to other things πŸ™‚

Kink – 29th April 2016

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Dec 182016

The end of April saw Kink, organised by the guys at The Kinksters and held in Liverpool, and as I was free, it was time to go and visit again.

When planning the journey, my owner managed to get us First Class tickets on the train, which meant we got to relax and I could have a free drink on the way – which was a great way to relax. We’d made plans in advance of what we might want to do, so we’d packed some of the things we’d need and headed off.

I decided, to save some time, to arrive at the venue pre-changed meaning that I could get straight in to the socialising and the play time. So, after some socialising it was time for my first “session” of the night – being secured in the bondage wheel in the venue – something we’d wanted to try last time but it wasn’t possible. I ended up having about 1hr playtime in the wheel room, most of it on the wheel. I was secured in the zentai, and had fun being upside down and at all angles on the wheel. It was then suggested that I strip off and be re-restrained so I ended up doing that – and the enjoyment might have been a bit more noticeable πŸ™‚

After coming off the wheel, it was time to have a drink and chill out again before going on to something else. Part of the socialising included chatting to people in the smoking area about all sorts of random topics; amusingly, with people that we see at events in London more often than not πŸ™‚

It was then time for a bit more play… this time I was cuffed up and with headphones on, and was put in the isolation cell… and just left. Unfortunately, that had to come to an end when it was nearly time to head back to the hotel room.

It was a great night though πŸ™‚

The Saturday saw us head down to Birmingham for Pup Social Mixed, where I had a very pleasant time being social with the attendees. Unfortunately, though, that had to come to an end (at about 2am!!!) then it was time to go back to the hotel and time to head back home on the first train in the morning due to already made plans for the Sunday!