Oct 312020

Understandably, the photos in this post all took place before the current pandemic situation around the globe; in fact, it was in it’s early infancy when we went to Darklands and Mr Puppy Europe. This was followed by a few days in Amsterdam, where the whether was not quite as nice as it could have been!

First stop in Amsterdam was the hotel to drop off the bags and make use of the on-site spa/sauna. But not without puppy having an inspection first…

The first day was bit damp, so we didn’t really do much except explore a few shops… and use the facilities at the hotel 🙂 We also found a fetish night in a club, so pup went along to check it out!

The next day, we made plans to attend the Science Museum and have a look around Amsterdam before we headed back home.

The journey back was done as pup as well… bringing the tour to an end.

I hope to be able to go back next year, but we’ll see where the pandemic leaves us.

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