Recon Fetish Week – Unleashed

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Aug 272018

Recon held their annual Fetish Week London this year and again there was a pup night – this year hosted at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, a venue I’d never been to.

However, prior to this, there was a pre-meet at Fetch London which was also a place I’d never visited before… with a game of Pinata involving pulling strings out of a large Marshal (ouch!) starting the proceedings and just general socialising meant that this was a gentle start to the day.

After some dinner, we headed off to meet the pups at the RVT and get fully changed in to pup gear. A nice social event then happened where I got lots of time to meet up and chat with friends that I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 years!

One of the other highlights of the night was getting to thank That Sandy for the Recon singlet he’d found and I’d managed to buy and also getting to appear in a video with him!

I did, of course, travel home on the tube as a pup – but on the way to the tube station, couldn’t resist a photo next to a sign advertising a “Dirty Dog”!