Puppy’s Christmas 2014

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Dec 252014

Puppy attacked his advent calendar this morning …. but got caught in the act!! *sheepish puppy* *hides behind paws*





*WAGS* … Ironically, even though I’d been caught attacking my advent calendar, I still got given an christmas present!!




*wags* and *nuzzles* … Hope Santa Paws brought all the ‘good‘ 😉 puppies presents

Dec 242014

This year, E-Stim Systems Christmas Eve Sale is 25% off the 2B Power Box!

I’ve had many, many fun sessions using the 2B Power Box, and quite a lot of them are mentioned either here on the blog, or on posts to Twitter in the past. It takes time to work out the best settings for your personal preference – but once you do, you’ll find it becomes one of the best toys in the toy box!!

A direct link to the 2B:


The 2B will work with any of your current electrodes, as long as you have the appropriate cables – but these can be obtained direct from E-Stim Systems too (though if you already own some of their equipment, then you’ll already have the cables 🙂 ).