Oct 172015

This is the first in a series of three mainly pictorial blog posts documenting what the puppy got up to around the Bank Holiday weekend in August; due to my visit to the vets, I was not able to do what I would usually do… so had to come up with some alternative plans. *paws over eyes for it taking so long* – there were lots and lots of photos taken and choosing them for the blog took longer than planned!

As it happens, these involved a beach, a camera (phone, mainly!) and some interesting clothing choices!

We started off by luckily finding a rocky outcrop on the beach, which was secluded enough to do some photos… but very quickly it was going to be cut off by the tide so we had to spend less time there than we had particularly wanted to, especially as we were just beginning to get into the swing of photos – both clothed (in running tights) and nude.

However, after heading back to the car to get some more interesting items of clothing ( 😉 ) we soon moved around the beach a bit and did some more photos with some white lycra… hoping it would go see through, but it didn’t go as transparent as we thought it might… this also gave a chance for a few more nude shots.

Finally (for part one) we thought we’d try out some other latex shots on the beach, so I changed into some of Latex 101’s Marble outfits …

(Oh and back at the hotel, we tried to see if the white N2N shorts might go more see-through if they were drenched in water from the shower, so I’ve included some ‘back at the hotel’ shots just for fun)

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for Part Two.

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