Dec 062013

Better late than never – so here’s the post about Erotica 2013

After a one-year break, Erotica returned to London this year but with a change of venue. Instead of being held in Olympia (Earls Court), it was now being held at Tobacco Dock; and another change for me this year is that I was helping out E-Stim Systems on their stand this year as Bound 4 Bondage were not exhibiting. This also meant getting involved in a stage demonstration with them. It turned out that we also knew that Gizmo was going to be there as well helping on another stand.

We arrived on the Friday morning, and collected our passes and headed off so that I could get changed straight away. We found the changing rooms (with no working light – which made getting changed awkward), and happened to bump in to Gizmo and another pup – Shadow – in there, who were also getting changed. I started by putting Blue contact lenses in, and then changed in to the Zentai – making sure to put the two sets of sticky pads in the locations we determined the night before in preparation for the Demos I’d be involved with. We then headed up to the E-Stim Systems stand, and said hello, and made my space for the pup bed *wags*.

It turned out that the stage demo was not really practical to do on the Friday as the organisers had scheduled 2 demos to run side-by-side at the same time; so partially due to that, and also no tech from the organisers showed up, we returned to the stand… I was also relieved to hear that the Car Jump Lead clips were not the latest E-Stim Systems product; but were just to demonstrate with so the audience could see! Once back on the stand, it turned out that I was still going to be doing demonstrations – just on the stand as any time someone came up enquiring about the remote box, it was promptly demonstrated on me – I think I ended up with 3 remotes paired to it on the Friday, and 5 by the end of the weekend. However, Friday was actually very quiet, with very few members of the public wandering around. So apart from being used for the on-stand demos, I had the chance to curl up and doze, or to be the source of amusement to others – seeing how I reacted to all the other various control boxes that E-Stim Systems do!

The main areas of Saturday and Sunday basically followed the same as Friday, but in addition to the remote box, I was having other things demonstrated on me too now. I ended up, at one point, with a Series 1 box connected to the pads on my thighs, and another one connected to the pads on my ass cheeks, with both being turned up! I think at some point I had a 2B attached as well! Later on during the Saturday afternoon, I was taken for a wander around the venue in full pup mode, and even managed to negotiate the stone stairs down to the lower level on all 4s (not sure if Caz has forgiven me yet for this).

On the Sunday afternoon, Caz from E-Stim Systems took all 3 of the puppies on site out for a walk – Me, Gizmo and Shadow. The walkies was fairly leisure-able as we stopped fairly frequently to allow pictures to be taken – All pictures were taken with the permission of all 3 pups and Caz. The stone stair case was then negotiated again, and I think I scared not only Caz, but also surprised a few members of the public coming up the stairs! We then stopped down in the stand which Gizmo and Shadow were helping “The Dogs Bolloxx” / “Puppy Pride” , where a member of the public was asking “Why do they (the pups) do it? What do they get from it? How much like real puppies do they act?” – It’s lovely having these sorts of questions being asked …
– because normal life is constantly on the go / etc etc – pup life is simple and calm
“What do we get from it?” – a break where we can just be ourselves with little of no worry about the world around us
“How much do we act like real puppies?” – as much as possible – simple things please us, we do like to eat from dog bowls when possible, fetch is GREAT fun to play, etc ………… think of how calming having a real bio pup is to a human, now look at it the other way round, we find it calming to be able to ‘disappear’ into our own world.

We stayed around at the end on Sunday and gave a hand to pack up the E-Stim Systems stand, and also roped in Gizmo and Shadow to help, as they were travelling back to the exact same station we were. With the stand packed up and the van loaded, that was the end of Erotica 2013. My owner and I were both good this year, and only bought a pair of underwear for me (if you can call it that!) – though we did see something we might consider buying one day, but perhaps £2000 on a bed is a bit extreme!

All in all, a good weekend – and I’ve been invited back next year *wags*

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